Sanders endorses Clinton

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern, Lantern Timeglass Journal, Tuesday morning 12 July 2016

I’ve been watching Breaking News LIVE on TV – CNN, FNC (Fox News), and MSNBC – coverage of Bernie Sanders endorsing Hillary Clinton, Democratic Party presidential candidate for Election 2016.

Sanders has endorsed Clinton.

Sanders has pointed out what he agrees with Clinton on, and briefly mentioned that he is not in agreement with her on all issues.

Sanders has pointed out the differences between what Clinton is offering compared to what Trump is offering.

Sanders makes good speeches. I can respect him for that, and for his position on some issues – although I certainly don’t agree with him – or Clinton – on at least half of the issues being covered.

Hillary Clinton is increasingly making better and more convincing speeches than Donald Trump is. I can’t respect Clinton mainly because of statements she has made regarding such issues as the Benghazi and emails controversy. Those are significant and can’t be forgotten or forgiven. There are other controversies too, which will come out after the dust settles from the RNC July 18-21 and the DNC July 25-28.

Trump has lost my respect mainly because he has been flip-flopping on issues to such extent that I believe he can’t be trusted to represent the will of We The People – not Republicans or Conservatives, not Democrats or Liberals, not Libertarians, and not Centrists, as well as not any unaffiliated Independent voters. Trump represents only himself, and it amounts to more smoke and mirrors than all the politicians together have used throughout the history of our country. I’ll be blunt – Trump is bullshit on steroids. I believed he was transforming from a businessman into a typical politician, but because of the kind of businessman he is and has been he now exceeds that. I believed in the idea of putting a businessman (or woman) in the White House instead of a typical lying politician. Elect the truth instead of continuing the lies. Trump is not that businessman. His only interests are his own, and all of his interests are associated with the goal of making him more money. If he had a rats ass to give for the American people then he would probably sell it.

Trump is inf act the kind of upper class blue book social snob I have always despised. I was born into a Republican family in the oil business with wells in Kansas and Oklahoma. I never liked the way they treated people of lower class and lower income. Over the years, most of my friends, coworkers, and employers have been Democrats. Why? Because they treat me right, and they treat other people right. Even so, it has not been enough to cause me to become a Democrat. Instead, I average out to be Centrist in such a way as to be similar to Libertarians, and I’m registered as an unaffiliated Independent voter. I’m a nationalist patriot and a populist.

I’ve always believed current or former governors of states make the best presidents. The Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson and his VP running mate William Weld have that qualification. At this time, I intend to vote for Johnson-Weld on Tuesday 8 November 2016. It no longer matters to me who Clinton or Trump pick to be their VP running mates, and if the choice is a current or past governor of a state or not. Such a VP candidate would have counted in their favor, but both of them have become so extreme that I can’t support them. I’ve had enough of both extremes, as (hopefully) most U.S. voters have (according to polls). We’re looking for stability and improvement from somewhere in the political middle.

The difference now, compared to a month ago, is I now suspect Trump might be worse for the country than Clinton would, which is the reverse of my impression a month ago. Even so, there’s not a snowballs chance in hell that I’d vote for Clinton.

I do predict Hillary Clinton will win, will be our next President. I do not believe Johnson, short of a miracle, can get more than 20% of the popular vote. The only chance the Republicans have is if they dump Trump at the convention July 18-21, to come up with a better candidate who has a better chance of beating Clinton. Even so, I believe it is too late for that now. If it were to happen, then I predict Trump would go Independent, and get about 20% of the popular vote, same as Johnson. That leaves 60% of the popular vote after accounting for them. I believe a new Republican candidate would at most get 30% of the popular vote. I believe Clinton will get at least 30% of the popular vote. So I believe the Election 2016 result will be very close, nearly be a tie – maybe coming down to just a few thousand votes difference – in favor of Clinton.

Then what happens? The future isn’t written in stone yet, but the future of this country might be a tombstone. I can’t be certain Clinton will destroy the country, or take away our freedoms with a dictatorship. There is a chance she might surprise everyone by doing the job of President better than expected. Fact is, people change – can significantly go through changes – changed by sitting at that desk in the Oval Office. Once she sits in that chair and the full impact of the responsibility slams into her, then she might do the job well and good for the majority of Americans. Or, she could be like another Barack Obama to finish digging the grave he has been digging for our country.

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