Discrimination in Housing – Police Takeover Targeting Low-Income No-Income People, not just Black Citizens

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern, Lantern Timeglass Journal, Tuesday afternoon 12 July 2016

Discrimination in Housing – Police Takeover Targeting Low-Income No-Income People, not just Black Citizens

Landlords can’t discriminate against me because of my disability, but they can discriminate against my low level of Social Security disability benefits income! Likewise, landlords can’t discriminate against black people, but they can now (with the help the police and their ideas) discriminate against any low level of income (whatever source) of African-Americans – for example.

…I’ll get to the Housing issue in a few minutes, or if you are in a hurry then scroll way down to “HOUSING” – but first I want to present some important background and related issues…

Police targeting African-Americans, black citizens? Perhaps. Certainly appears to be true. But that would be illegal discrimination. Hunting down and killing so many people who are black. Of course the murders are just a fraction of those who are being harassed by police every day and night.

I’m just surprised some of the most extreme police officers are not sneaking into graveyards at night to continue to disrespect victims after they’ve been killed . . . or maybe they just haven’t thought of doing that yet. Death and taxes are certain. I’d expect Police would at least still find a way to fine you after your time has expired. For example…

As a Spiritual Universalist (my own somewhat unique religion), I believe the human body is like a car, and the human soul is the driver. We spiritual souls need a physical vehicle for transportation while living a life on Earth. We are all “Just Visiting This Planet” – as stated by a car bumper sticker I saw about 30 years ago. When done here, we return to the spiritual realm we came from. Think of Earth as being like a Virtual Reality for spiritual beings living in the spiritual heaven. So maybe God did create the heavens and earth in only six days, and did so on his personal desktop computer!

…More about cars of color in a minute, and then the Housing issue. Meantime…

As for that other better-known religion, here are a few words of truth in an image I acquired from a person via Facebook today. Maybe because the Christian religion is missing in action or has been forced to take a backseat by a politically correct President Obama who appears to favor a different religion, the Light has gone out of the United States of America, leaving only darkness, hate crimes, and terrorists. Maybe for “Black Lives Matter” to make a real difference they need to Bring Back Jesus…

…I now believe that is what the United States of American is in greatest need of. Otherwise, restore and maintain that other Light that has gone out, so that We The People can maintain our Freedom, Liberty, and Rights…

We the People do have something we can believe in together, and no terrorist or hate crime can ever take it away from us…

What can you do?

Help Light the Way with Your Words at WordPress, Facebook and Twitter, as well as elsewhere. Exercise your Constitutional Rights, especially First Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”


Now, back to the subject of cars – attracting bulls…

If Jesus were black and driving a red car today, then he could end up getting into serious trouble with the boys in blue!

When we humans buy or rent actual cars for our physical bodies to drive (or just ride in now with Google doing the driving), we don’t all buy the same color of vehicle. By the way, did you know? – I read there are statistics to indicate police pull over more red cars than cars of any other color! Kinda like bulls attracted to the color red used by matadors during bullfighting, police are also attracted to red. Just so you will know and be warned, if you are a black male driving a red car then you are double-screwed, even if a red taillight isn’t damaged.

Hey in the hay! If we can tolerate cars of different color, then why can’t we tolerate drivers of different color? You prefer blondes, brunettes, or redheads? Oh, that’s hair color differences people do tolerate. Must be something else. How about skin color? So what’s the problem? Maybe it’s not just color of body – of skin. Maybe it’s something else, too, without some people realizing it. Maybe it is more about those gold and silver coins clanking round in your pocket. Or the green bills in your wallet. Or not.

Twas the night before payday, and all through the wallet not a dollar was stirring not even a dime! Know what I mean? Know the feeling? Most of us have been there. Barely surviving paycheck-to-paycheck (or whatever source of money whenever paid). But we are surviving. We are survivors. Not yet among the Walking Dead. With money in your pocket, don’t you feel more alive? More freedom, too.

“Money” by Pink Floyd, lyrics…

  • Money, get away
    Get a good job with more pay and you’re O.K.
    Money, it’s a gas
    Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash
    New car, caviar, four star daydream,
    Think I’ll buy me a football team
  • Money, get back
    I’m all right, Jack, keep your hands off of my stack.
    Money, it’s a hit
    Don’t give me that do goody good bullshit
    I’m in the hi-fidelity first class traveling set
    And I think I need a Lear jet
  • Money, it’s a crime
    Share it fairly but don’t take a slice of my pie
    Money, so they say
    Is the root of all evil today
    But if you ask for a rise it’s no surprise that they’re giving none away

More about “money” (or lack of) in a moment…

At least no one is being pulled over yet by Men In Black instead of Blue – demanding proof of species and planet of origin, which could be a whole new world of discrimination. But seriously…

Further, by the way, it appears the police are nationalizing themselves – perhaps to save money on their new cars coming from one source – or there is a greater conspiracy for other purposes. Before I explain that, here’s some related background about me…

May 2015, I traveled via Greyhound Bus to Reno, Nevada, for a motel kitchenette low-rent deal. That was after the apartment I’d lived in for 7 years was sold and torn down to make way for new housing – more housing – for Oklahoma University students. Then I could not find affordable housing. I was a motel manager for many years before ending up on disability, and I knew other motel managers via Facebook. That was my way out, but it didn’t work out as well as expected or planned.

My Greyhound trip to Reno first took me to Dallas, then up to Denver, and then the final transfer at Salt Lake City before going on to Reno. I was there until end of August 2015. The deal didn’t go as planned or expected. After leaving Reno, I was on a very long Greyhound route to Los Angeles, then south eventually to Corpus Christi. My health got worse there, so I took a Greyhound to my home city (born there in 1956) Wichita, to reconnect with past doctors. Again the bus went through Dallas on the way to Wichita. I was treated for a week in a hospital for bleeding stomach ulcers. Then I was homeless in Wichita for the rest of that month – September 2015, except for part of a week at a motel. Word reached me there about how former tenants, where I lived in Norman, who became homeless like me, were finally getting help to acquire affordable housing. Therefore, I returned to Norman, where I was homeless through all of October 2015, then getting an apartment in November 2015. During my travels, I made a discovery – hinting at a possible national police conspiracy.

Congressman Joe Barton said during a recent interview, “There’s no national conspiracy by police against any group.” Meaning, no national conspiracy by police to target black citizens. My opinion, that’s not exactly true. There might be a national conspiracy by police. Blacks being targeted might just be part of a larger picture for who all are being targeted. For the first chunk of evidence, I must return to the subject of cars…

When I lived in Reno from May 2015 through August 2015, the motel I lived at was near the police station. I’d walk past it nearly every day between the motel downtown and the 7-Eleven store just past it. I noticed more than one kind of police vehicle I’d never seen before, including jeeps and pickup trucks being used as police vehicles. At that time, I assumed them to be used there because of the mountains and weather conditions. Then, at the end of August, having left Reno, the bus went through Los Angeles. On the edge of the city the bus went past a field, at least a mile square, that was like a parking lot. On it were hundreds of thousands of new police vehicles never before used, all with the same blue and black colors and overall design – but no city or county name signs on the sides. Including the kind of jeeps and pickup trucks and other kinds of vehicles I thought to be unique to Reno Police. Obviously, the new design was made to be shipped to police all over the country.

It appears the old “black and white” police cars are slowly across the country being replaced with basically the same new “black and blue” or “blue and white” colors for various vehicles. Similar to…

1 police vehicle blue and black



The transition began to take place about the same time I left Norman in May 2015, but I did not see them in Dallas or Denver or Salt Lake City. Reno was the first. Then the massive field of them on the edge of Los Angeles. Next I saw the same new kind and design of police vehicles in Corpus Christi. Then I did see them in the Dallas area on my way to Wichita. I saw them in Wichita. I’ve seen them in Norman since returning here. Uniformed city police officers driving the new police vehicles. I recently noticed the change also applies to Sheriff vehicles – where it simply is marked “Sheriff” instead of “Police” on the side of the vehicles.

This all raises one question: Why make all police vehicles the same – especially with the blue and black or blue and white colors. Did the maker of the vehicles offer a really good deal to all or most police departments across the country, or did police departments join together to seek a single source of new police vehicles to save money? Is there another reason? Is it possible that by making all police vehicles look the same – make, model, and colors – it is one of the steps in nationalizing police, so that all police departments become one national police force?

Is this the beginning of a national police state? Is this a police conspiracy in part targeting low-income and no-income people, of which the majority of criminals are according to statistics, and of which the majority happen to be black citizens? Do police intend to control their housing, sources of food, health care, other basic human needs, and communications in part to track them – their locations and activities? No privacy, just security, in the new black and blue or blue and white world of the United Police States of America.


I’ve compared the human soul to a driver of a car, and the human body to a car being driven. Do you live in your car? Are you homeless? Do you park your car (if you have one) at a homeless shelter? Or a motel? If not homeless, do you park it at a home – an apartment or a house?

It is an unlawful to discriminate against any person because of that person’s age, race, gender, national origin, religion, physical or mental disability, medical condition, pregnancy, marital status or sexual orientation.

Therefore, police (and others) can’t legally discriminate against black people.

However, there is no such law against discrimination based on (low) level of income or not having any income. That’s a fact.

Raises thee question: How much income does the majority of black people have, compared to the majority of white people – and people of other races and nationalities?

Money. And who has it. I believe that in part is what this is really about. And “class” – targeting Lower Class people, as Middle Class people are pushed further down by Upper Class people (like Trump), taking up the living space where Lower Class people previously lived – in turn forcing Lower Class people to become out-on-the-street homeless, or living in their cars – those who still have cars.

However, this does not mean a rich man who is black and drives million-dollar car isn’t going to be pulled over and harassed by police – especially white cops. Right?

Even so, I believe nothing is more divisive in this country than difference of income – tied in with difference of class, such as lower class, middle class, and upper class.

Donald Trump is an upper class blue book social snob, whose only interest is money, so please keep that in mind while you are voting for President on Tuesday 8 November 2016. This in no way is meant to imply you should vote for Hillary Clinton. There’s as much corruption involving money on the political left as there is on the political right. Perhaps electing the Truth instead of More Lies might be somewhere in the political middle.

Election 2016 aside, an important point to make: You don’t see white police officers, or black police officers, or police officers of any other race, species, or planet of origin, hunting down and killing upper class blue book social snobs of the political left, political middle, or political right.

There is a conspiracy by law enforcement across the United States – but the target isn’t just black citizens. I have reason to believe the target is low-income and no-income people, including people on welfare or unemployment or disability benefits. I believe the reason why black citizens are perceived to be the target is because they amount to be the majority of such low-income and no-income people. Level of income or no income makes them the primary target, but not the only target. Police have statistics to prove low-income and no-income people are more likely to engage in crime than are people of the middle class or upper class. That’s just common sense anyway. Even so, this doesn’t mean people of higher income do not engage in crime. Police, and others, can’t legally discriminate against black people.

It is an unlawful to discriminate against any person because of that person’s age, race, gender, national origin, religion, physical or mental disability, medical condition, pregnancy, marital status or sexual orientation. However, there is no such law against discrimination based on level of income or not having any income.

The national law enforcement conspiracy targets low-income and no-income people, not black citizens – but they happen to be the majority of those citizens who are being targeted based on income or lack of income – to profile them as potential criminals – people engaging in or likely to engage in various illegal activities.

The “Us and Them” mentality cops have had for many years is now engaging in a new kind of strategy and tactics against not just people of the black communities but also all low-income or no-income people via housing. First, they created the Crime Free Lease Addendum to take away rights of tenants, to take away Civil Rights, to take away our constitutional rights. Now a tenant need only be suspected of any kind of illegal activity – no proof, no arrest, no conviction required – to be given a notice for immediate eviction – not even 30 days – more like 3 days at most. Then, police pressured landlords into setting a minimum income rule of three times the rent – so, for example, $500 monthly rent requires a minimum net income of $1500 per month. Police have statistics to show low-income and no-income people are more likely to engage in crime than tenants of higher income. Landlords, and people in real estate – like Donald Trump – happily go along with it to get better tenants who are less likely to be late paying rent and less likely to engage in crimes or to damage the property of the landlord. So that idea has been spreading across the country. The end result is “loss of affordable housing” – now the “number one cause of homelessness” including families with children – accounting for at least 51% of people who are out-on-the-street homeless. Further, police in some cities are making it a crime to be homeless, as well as a crime for any charity to give food or any other kind of aid to homeless people. In 1994, at a Rotary Club meeting, Newt Gingrich said, “Welfare people should be forced to live in tent cities until they earn the right to live in normal housing.”

While I was briefly homeless in Wichita during September 2015, I got some help at a day shelter for homeless people. In past years it was a private charity or otherwise United Methodist Urban Ministries overseeing it. Now it is controlled by Wichita police with participation of other branches of law enforcement. To be able to enter the day shelter building requires thumbprint or fingerprint ID. Homeless people are required to be fingerprinted and photographed to be able to use the services there. There is a thumbprint or fingerprint sensor pad for each service used internally, not just as a means to ID each person entering the place. Such as to access meals, showers, laundry, use a locker, and to see the nurse. A master computer therein keeps track of every homeless person, what they do, and when. By that means, police have caught some homeless people wanted for past crimes. Imagine if this were extended to hotels and motels – guests to be fingerprinted and photographed. Also, every store you shop at, every service you use. Not just homeless people. Not just low-income or no-income people. Eventually, everyone. Except the police of course, in a Police State.

When using thumbprint or fingerprint for ID becomes the national norm, it will also become the means of payment. Instead of running your credit or debit card through a sensor for payment, you simply apply your thumb or tip of a finger for the print. Eventually, it will be required. Cash will be banned. Even just to get a free drink of water, your thumbprint or finger print will be required. In that way, the thumbprint or fingerprint will become the biblical so-called Mark of the Beast. Of course the “beast” is the police as the government.

Houston police were the first to create “HOT” – Homeless Outreach Teams. Also, special courts and judges to handle homeless people and some crimes unique to being homeless or otherwise usually associated with being homeless. One of the good things they do is a kind of hypocrisy. After causing some people to become homeless because of the new minimum income rule spreading across the country – causing loss of affordable housing, the officers of those teams help some homeless people to get housing aid – to get into Public Housing (city is landlord) or Section 8 Housing (under private landlords who are willing to accept it). HUD and the city end up paying up to two thirds of the rent, the tenant – former homeless person or family – pay only one third, and therefore then becomes an affordable place to live.

The NSA – National Security Agency (aka “No Such Agency”) has wanted to monitor the phone conversations of all Americans, not just suspected terrorists and other threats, claiming it is necessary to do so in order to catch terrorists and other threats – necessary to give up privacy for security. To some extent, they have been blocked from doing that – so far as the general public knows.

Police have found a way around it by providing the phones to those people who they consider to most likely be engaged in illegal activities – people of low-income or no-income. In Kansas, if you get food stamps, on welfare, or are covered by Medicare, you can get a free “Kansas Lifeline” cell phone. What you don’t know is those phones are now being handed out by people contracted to do so on behalf of police departments of cities in Kansas – such as Wichita. I was born there in 1956 – age 60 now. I was briefly homeless there during September 2015 when I returned to reconnect with some of my past doctors for emergency treatment for my bleeding stomach ulcers. I qualified to get a free cell phone.

A few minutes after I received it, I was walking down a sidewalk with another homeless man, engaged in conversation about future plans. Then my new cell phone rang for the first time. How is that possible? I just got it! I’d not given the number to anyone yet. I answered – the call turned out to be Voice Mail. Two 30-second recordings. I played them. They were recordings of me engaged in conversation with the other homeless man, and the background sound of us walking down the sidewalk. The caller ID number had been blocked to prevent me from finding out who produced the Voice Mail. Whoever did that wanted me to know my new phone is being monitored. Why me? I’m an independent journalist. Someone guessed correctly I’d write about it eventually – to inform other people about what is happening.

Logically, it is impossible to employ enough people to watch all other people or to otherwise monitor their phone conversations. Therefore, the NSA solution. A massive super-computer with some artificial intelligence is used in Utah to monitor phone conversations of millions of Americans. Only when certain key words are “red-flagged” does the computer alert a live person to review it. NSA is only indirectly responsible as a service used now by police to do the monitoring of Americans – especially low-income and no-income people (of which the majority are black citizens), who they are now giving the special cell phones to for free.

Welcome to the United Police States of America!

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