Attorney General Lynch being evasive at hearing of House Judiciary Committee

Breaking News…

Attorney General Loretta Lynch facing questions – this Tuesday morning 9:30am CT 12 July 2016 – from the House Judiciary Committee in her first appearance on Capitol Hill.

As I’ve been watching LIVE on TV on CNN – now nearly 10:00am CT as I write this – Lynch has been extremely evasive – refusing to answer most questions – referring most questions back to FBI Director James Comey for desired answers. My opinion, she’s very close to being in contempt of Congress – although it is hard to hold that against her since most Americans feel contempt for our useless Congress.

Further, while the Republicans on the committee are focused on the Clinton issues the hearing is intended for, the Democrats at the hearing are using the opportunity to bring up the guns issue, as well as the recent conflicts between black citizens and white police officers – recent shootings of black males by white police officers, and the retaliation by a psychotic black male targeting innocent Dallas police officers and others who were in downtown Dallas during the sniper attack. The Democrats are refusing to address the Clinton issues – except one who stated that the matter is already closed. Now, CNN – not happy with the way the hearing is going – is breaking away from covering it. I’ll now also check MSNBC and FNC (Fox News) reactions and coverage, as well as other news sources via the Internet… I see MSNBC and FNC have also broken away from coverage of the hearing. Apparently, without the cooperation of Lynch, and Democrats focusing on other issues, they are not interested. Understandable. It’s almost like watching a guilty suspect repeatedly take the fifth.

The mainstream news media is now shifting to other Breaking News – apparently Bernie Sanders is about to endorse Hillary Clinton.


Attorney General Lynch performance at House Judiciary Committee hearing amounted to a Left Cheek Sneak

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