In this shocking photo, which is the threat – military-armed police thugs or the single unarmed calm peaceful female protester in a dress?

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern, Timeglass Journal, Monday morning 11 July 2016

In this shocking photo, which is the threat – military-armed police thugs or the single unarmed calm peaceful female protester in a dress?

The “overkill” is so absurd that it demands justice. Who will police the police? I would not want anyone to attack, harm in any way, or kill such evil cops – even if they deserve it, because doing so will only make the bad cops worse than they already are – and give them more justification from their warped psychotic perspective for being the bullies they are. What would I do if I had the authority? I’d fire all of them. I’d charge them with treason against the United States of America – treason against the U.S. Constitution – treason against We The People, for violating the rights of U.S. citizens. I’d not fine them. I’d not put them in jail or prison. Instead, I’d take away their U.S. citizenship. Then I’d banish them from the United States of America – deport them from the country that they want to turn into a nationalized police state. Send them to a country where that behavior is acceptable and is the norm – they’ll feel right at home in their police state.

What is her “crime” there in that stunning photo? She was simply exercising her U.S. Constitution First Amendment rights – in particular: freedom of speech, the right to peaceably assemble, or petition for governmental redress of grievances. Nothing more. Just that simple.

Where is the threat? Where is the danger? Who is the greater threat? The cops armed and dressed up like soldiers about to engage in combat like military in a war zone? Or peaceful unarmed protesters?

Where are the guns? Who has the guns in this photo? The Liberal Democrats want to take guns away from who? Not the police using military weapons against good citizens.The hypocrisy is blatant. No respect for the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

The protesters are not seeking to have a conflict with police, but the police are there to confront the protesters. Police have absolutely no respect for the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment – mainly: freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the right to peaceably assemble, or petition for governmental redress of grievances. Many it is uniformed cops who sneer at all of that. Not others in law enforcement like plainclothes detectives who do an excellent job.

While the dumb viscous dogs with badges are at protest locations confronting peaceful protesters who are not doing any harm, those cops are not where they should be – protecting people and property of businesses and homes elsewhere – leaving those people and places vulnerable to criminals who might try to look like they are protesters. The reality is they are just criminals taking advantage of the police not being where they should be.

Further, police bully the press, journalists, members of the mainstream news media there to report on the protests. They don’t want the general public to know the truth about their own bad behavior to grossly disrespect the rights of citizens.

It’s not just black citizens being targeted, but of those being targeted they happen to be the majority. Police have been targeting low-income and no-income people. They are certainly not hunting down and killing upper class blue book social snobs. Police have crime statistics showing most crimes are committed by low-income and no-income people, so that is overall in general who they are targeting. Black citizens are the majority therein, but it does not exclude other races.

One thing I don’t like about some protesters is when they go too far in such a way as to hurt innocent people and businesses – to block access or to otherwise interfere with flow of traffic. There’s a right place and time to engage in marches and protests in such a way as to get the message out there, but without making enemies out of people who might otherwise support their cause. Further, for some causes, even some police are willing to support protesters and walk along with them rather than stand in their way – however rare that is I’ve seen it happen, so not all cops are bad. I consider plainclothes detectives to be the best. It’s the bad behavior of some uniformed police officers that I’m most concerned about.

Read the article about this at Daily Mail: 

EXCLUSIVE: Woman captured silently confronting heavily-armed Baton Rouge police in powerful photographs is a 28-year-old mom and nurse who spent 24 hours in jail for her ‘crime’

  • Woman who was captured in iconic arrest photo from Baton Rouge has been revealed as 28-year-old Ieshia Evans
  • Evans, a licensed practical nurse and mother to a five-year-old son, was attending her first protest on Saturday
  • Friends told that she was arrested as police tried to push demonstrators back from their building
  • Evans found their actions unjust, as the protest was peaceful, so crossed her arms and stared them down
  • She was held for 24 hours but has now been released and is recovering in a hotel room before traveling home 

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