Disability, Homeless, Medicare, Welfare People being Fingerprinted, Photographed, Monitored and Tracked by Police

Editorial Article and Special Report by Jim Lantern, Lantern Timeglass Journal, Monday afternoon 11 July 2016

Disability, Homeless, Medicare, Welfare People being Fingerprinted, Photographed, Monitored and Tracked by Police

MONITORING and TRACKING you, everything you do, everywhere you go, everything you say…

The NSA – National Security Agency (aka “No Such Agency”) has wanted to monitor the phone conversations of all Americans, not just suspected terrorists and other threats, claiming it is necessary to do so in order to catch terrorists and other threats – necessary to give up privacy for security. To some extent, they have legally been blocked from doing that – so far as the general public knows.

Police have found a way around it by providing the phones and service, so no legal action is required to force a phone company to cooperate. The police are the phone company. Soon, the only phone company.

It has started with giving free cell phones to those people who police consider to most likely be engaged in illegal activities – people of low-income or no-income. Crime statistics acquired by police prove that is true, and to some extent it is kind of obvious – common sense to reach that conclusion. This does not mean middle class and upper class people do not engage in crime. Eventually, the police will find a way into their worlds too.

In Kansas, if you get food stamps, on welfare, or are covered by Medicare, you can get a free “Kansas Lifeline” cell phone. What you don’t know is those phones are now being handed out by people contracted to do so on behalf of police departments of cities in Kansas – such as Wichita. I was born there in 1956 – age 60 now. I was briefly homeless there during September 2015 when I returned to reconnect with some of my past doctors for emergency treatment for my bleeding stomach ulcers. The original “Kansas Lifeline” phones and service were for free for people with health problems, and mainly to have a phone they can call 911 from. Now it is a law enforcement tool.

On Medicare, I qualified to get a free cell phone. A few minutes after I received it, I was walking down a sidewalk with another homeless man, engaged in conversation about future plans. Then my new cell phone rang for the first time. How is that possible? I just got it! I’d not yet given the number to anyone! I answered – the call turned out to be Voice Mail. Two 30-second recordings. I played them. They were recordings of me engaged in conversation with the other homeless man, and the background sound of us walking down the sidewalk. The caller ID number had been blocked to prevent me from finding out who produced the Voice Mail. Whoever did that wanted me to know my new phone is being monitored, but did not want me to know who was letting me know by that means. Why me? I’m an independent journalist. Let me know, and I write about it where others can read about it. Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech are not dead yet.

Logically, physically and financially, it is impossible to employ enough people to watch all other people or to otherwise monitor their phone conversations. Therefore, the NSA solution. A massive super-computer with some artificial intelligence is used in Utah to monitor phone conversations of millions of Americans. Only when certain key words are “red-flagged” does the computer alert a live person to review it. The NSA is only indirectly responsible as a service used now by police to do the monitoring of Americans – especially low-income and no-income people (of which the majority are black citizens), who they are now giving the special cell phones to for free.

Of the people who have the free “Kansas Lifeline” cell phones, the master super computer can monitor everything you say, and track your location. It’s free. You have nothing to hide. So why should you care? About loss of your civil rights? Loss of your privacy? But knowing how much police care about your security and welfare.

While I was briefly homeless in Wichita during September 2015, I got some help at a day shelter for homeless people. In past years it was a private charity or otherwise United Methodist Urban Ministries overseeing it. Now it is controlled by Wichita police with participation of other branches of law enforcement.

To be able to enter the day shelter building requires thumbprint or fingerprint ID. Actually, the sensor works on thumbprint or your pointer finger or your middle finger. You put the tip of you finger on the sensor, and then a computer identifies you from your print. The computer then displays on a screen your photograph and your profile for the reception desk security clerk to review, and then press a button to let you through the next secure-locked door into the interior of the shelter. Homeless people are required to be fingerprinted and photographed to be able to use the services there, as well as to enter the building.

There is a thumbprint or fingerprint sensor pad for each service used internally, not just as a means to ID each person entering the place. Such as to access meals, showers, laundry, use a locker, and to see the nurse. A master computer therein keeps track of every homeless person, what they do, and when, therein.

By that means, police have caught some homeless people wanted for past crimes. No more “going off the grid” to avoid Big Brother.

Imagine if this were extended to hotels and motels. Also, every store you shop at, every service you use. Not just homeless people. Not just low-income or no-income people. Eventually, everyone. Except the police of course, in a Police State. Instead of a Drivers License or a State ID you will simply use your thumbprint or a fingerprint, perhaps first provided at a government office, or police station, or any business location. For example, you want to enter Walmart, you use your thumbprint at the entry door sensor pad. You want to use the water fountain in the store, put your thumb on the sensor pad. Use the restroom, put your thumb on the sensor pad. Make a purchase, or use a service in the store, put your thumb on the sensor pad. Eventually, it will not just be for identification and tracking. It will be for making and paying for purchases. No more credit or debit cards. No more food stamps cards. No more writing checks. No more paying cash – it will be abolished – illegal. You can’t buy anything, even a drink of water, without it being recorded by the master super computer, for government and law enforcement monitoring.

The use of the thumb or fingerprint system will as result be similar to the purpose of the biblical so-called “Mark of the Beast” applied to all citizens. Without it, you will likely die from lack of food and water. In this case the “Beast” is of course a police state government. Total control. You do what they say, or find a way to live without food and water. Perhaps you can find and join an underground movement organization to help you avoid being tracked and to provide you with basic human needs to stay alive.

Some day shelters and some night shelters for homeless people, including families with children, take it a step further. At the entry you are searched and a wand is used to check you for metals, like the TSA at airports, and now at some Greyhound Bus stations. Mainly the shelter security people are checking for alcohol, illegal drugs, some kinds of prescription drugs, pornography or any other objectionable material you might be carrying (if the shelter people are also religious fanatics), and of course any weapons. The one I stayed a single night at, they took my nonprescription meds including Excedrin and Tums. They also confiscated my toenail and fingernail clippers. I never got those back and was not compensated for their loss. But of course I got a free meal with live roaches on the side for entertainment, and a free cot for the night – mattress and pillow infested with those delightful bedbugs.

So it has started with the targeting of the most vulnerable people in our society, taking away all or most of their constitutional rights, dignity, freedoms, and privacy. Why should you care? You’re not one of them. You should care because eventually that kind of security and loss of privacy will be applied to you. No more freedom – or at most just the illusion of freedom.

I predict the worst of it will come soon after Election 2016 results, perhaps early in 2017. Even so, I doubt it will matter much who you vote for – Democrat, Libertarian, or Republican. The police will not care. They will not discriminate in that way. All will be treated the same, like criminals. Most cops today believe there are only two kinds of people – cops and criminals. If you are not a cop, you are a criminal. No such thing as a good citizen – except the cops themselves. There are only two kinds of criminals – those who have been caught and those yet to be caught. With the new means to monitor, track, and control the flow of money and purchases, it’s over. I expect all of this will include the declaration of Martial Law. Welcome to the United Police States of America.

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