Just because FBI Director Comey does not recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton does not mean there won’t be!

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern, Lantern Timeglass Journal, 3:30pm CT Tuesday 5 July 2016

Excerpts from The Washington Post today…

  • FBI Director James B. Comey said Tuesday that his agency will not recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server as secretary of state but called Clinton and her staff “extremely careless” in handling sensitive material.
  • The announcement means that Clinton will not have to fear criminal, legal liability as her campaign moves forward, though Comey leveled sharp criticism at the past email practices of the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee and called into question many of the defenses she has raised in recent weeks.

…The Washington Post is wrong “that Clinton will not have to fear criminal, legal liability as her campaign moves forward…”

Just because FBI Director Comey does not recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton does not mean there won’t be!

It’s not his decision to make! He can only recommend or not recommend charges. The decision to bring charges against Clinton is in the hands of the Justice Department.

Another excerpt from the same article at Thee Washington Post…

  • “Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case,” Comey said. He said that while the ultimate decision would be left up to the Justice Department, the FBI was expressing its view “that no charges are appropriate in this case.”

From a recent USA Today article…

  • Still, at least somebody seems worried, as possible future First Gentleman Bill Clinton had a very non-standard meeting with Obama administration Attorney General Loretta Lynch, on board her jet at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor airport. (Bill’s own private jet just “happened” to be there days before the FBI interviewed his wife.)
  • What did they talk about? Officially, grandchildren and golf. (No word on whether yoga came up.) But nobody arranges a secret meeting with the attorney general of the United States — a local TV reporter revealed the story and reported that the FBI was enforcing a no-cellphones, no-photos rule — just to talk about grandchildren.
  • And no reasonable attorney general meets secretly with the husband of someone under investigation by the FBI, but that’s what happened. Loretta Lynch has gotten a lot of flak for this from across the political spectrum, and with good reason. It’s not just that the “optics” are bad, to use a favorite Washington phrase. It’s that the actuality is bad.

It is my understanding that the final decision to bring charges or not to bring charges is in her hands – at this time. Loretta Lynch has not recused herself, although clearly she should because of having a close encounter of the third kind with Bill Clinton. Even so, I must raise a few questions…

  1. How much longer will Loretta Lynch be U.S. Attorney General? Until the next President is elected – takes office in January 2017?
  2. What then happens if Hillary Clinton becomes our new President? Or another Democrat such as Bernie Sanders? What happens if Donald Trump or another Republican or a Conservative becomes our new President? What happens if Gary Johnson as a Libertarian and former Republican becomes our new President?
  3. How long does the Justice Department have until a decision must be made to bring charges or to not bring charges against Hillary Clinton – and any others who were involved and should have known better? What is the statute of limitations if any on such a case as that?

…So there is at least one foreseeable scenario in which charges could eventually be brought against Hillary Clinton, if not before the election on Tuesday 8 November 2016 then soon after we have a new President and in turn a new U.S. Attorney General.

“The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am.” – Darth Vader in an opening scene of Star Wars – Return of the Jedi.

More from The Washington Post…

  • It is unclear who will make the ultimate decision not to charge Clinton. On Friday, Lynch announced that she would accept recommendations from career prosecutors and FBI agents leading the probe — a decision that she said had been made before her impromptu, social meeting with Bill Clinton but one that was surely meant to quiet criticism about the independence of the probe.


  • Comey also revealed new details about the system’s setup, undermining Clinton’s promise that she had already been fully transparent about her system. For instance, Clinton and her aides have routinely referred to the server that had been maintained in her home. Comey for the first time revealed that Clinton had used multiple servers during her time in office.

The most damning revelation by Comey today is as follows – in this additional excerpt from The Washington Post…

  • Clinton assured the public that there was no evidence her server or devices had been hacked. Comey agreed there was no such evidence but concluded that the lack of a clear intrusion should give no confidence that the system had not been breached. He specifically noted Clinton’s practice of sending and receiving emails while traveling in foreign countries with sophisticated surveillance technology. He also said that multiple people with whom Clinton regularly communicated on the system are known to have been hacked and that the private setup was not protected by government security staff assigned to protect government email. “Given that combination of factors,” he said, “we assess it is possible that hostile actors gained access to Secretary Clinton’s personal email account.”

…When watching and listening to Comey’s live report on TV, that revelation had the greatest impact on me – causing me to have the greatest concern. Why? It goes to “actual damages” needed to be proved in most kinds of civil cases as well as most kinds of criminal cases. Further, it helps to identify who the additional criminals are, as well as who the victim or victims are – primary and additional. If it wasn’t willful misconduct – potentially treason to do that in a foreign and/or hostile country, then it was gross incompetence – stupidity on steroids. Security is bad enough here with China and Russia constantly hacking everyone, so imagine how much easier it is for them to do that to someone with no security over there. No security. Kinda like Benghazi. Security appears to be an alien concept for Hillary Clinton…

What difference does it make? Saving lives? Security? The truth? There’s another alien concept for Hillary Clinton – telling the truth. In her case, the truth is just another lie not yet found out. Is Donald Trump any better? No. For him it’s about which gains him the most money or property or other goals – the truth or a lie.

Hillary Clinton’s behavior is like President Obama complaining about use of the words “radical Islam” as if those words are not the truth. Eight years of Hillary Clinton will not be like eight more years of Barack Obama. It will be worse. However, electing Donald Trump is no guarantee anything will get better. It might depend on who he picks to be his Vice President running mate – if it will be someone who Trump will accept advice and guidance from for the duration of the campaign and after being elected. Maybe the better choice will be the Libertarian candidates – former Republicans who were twice-elected governors of blue Democrat states – Gary Johnson for President and William Weld for Vice President.

Especially impressive, excerpts from Wikipedia for William Weld…

  • William Floyd Weld (born July 31, 1945) is an American attorney, businessman and Libertarian politician who served as the 68th Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He is the Libertarian Party’s nominee for Vice President of the United States in the 2016 election.
  • A Libertarian Republican, Weld served as the United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts from 1981 to 1986 and as the head of the Department of Justice Criminal Division from 1986 to 1988.
  • He was elected Governor of Massachusetts in 1990 and served as the 68th governor from 1991 to 1997. He was re-elected by the largest margin in Massachusetts’ history in 1994 and was the Republican nominee for the United States Senate in 1996, losing to incumbent Democrat John Kerry. He resigned as governor in 1997 to focus on his nomination by President Bill Clinton to serve as United States Ambassador to Mexico, but because of opposition by the stridently social conservative Senate Foreign Relations committee Chairman Jesse Helms, he was denied a hearing before the Foreign Relations committee and withdrew his nomination.

Excerpts from Wikipedia for Gary Johnson…

  • Gary Earl Johnson (born January 1, 1953) is an American businessman, politician, and the Libertarian Party nominee for President of the United States in the 2016 election. He served as the 29th Governor of New Mexico from 1995 to 2003 as a member of the Republican Party.
  • He was the Libertarian Party’s nominee for President of the United States in the 2012 election.
  • Johnson announced his candidacy for president on April 21, 2011, as a Republican, on a libertarian platform emphasizing the United States public debt and a balanced budget through a 43% reduction of all federal government spending, protection of civil liberties, an immediate end to the War in Afghanistan and his advocacy of the FairTax.
  • On December 28, 2011, after being excluded from the majority of the Republican Party’s presidential debates and failing to gain traction while campaigning for the New Hampshire primary, he withdrew his candidacy for the Republican nomination and announced that he would continue his presidential campaign as a candidate for the nomination of the Libertarian Party. He won the Libertarian Party nomination on May 5, 2012. His chosen running mate Judge James P. Gray of California won the vice-presidential nomination. The Johnson/Gray ticket received 0.99% of the popular vote, amounting to 1.27 million votes, more than all other minor candidates combined. It was the best showing in the Libertarian Party’s history by vote count.
  • On January 6, 2016, Johnson announced his candidacy for the Libertarian nomination once again in 2016, and in May he selected former Republican Governor of Massachusetts William Weld as his running mate.
  • On May 29, 2016, Johnson won the Libertarian nomination on the second ballot with 55.8% of the delegates.

…So Election 2016 has not come down to choosing the lesser of two evils. We have a reasonable third choice this time: Vote for the truth instead of the usual lies.

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