Election 2016: Eye of Newt

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern, 2:30pm CT Sunday 3 July 2016

From Macbeth (IV, i, 14-15), 2nd Witch:

  • “Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
    Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
    Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting,
    Lizard’s leg, and howlet’s wing,–
    For a charm of powerful trouble,
    Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.”

Also excerpted from enotes.com:

  • This line, uttered by the three ugly witches in Macbeth as they stir their boiling cauldron, is one of the most familiar phrases associated with traditional witchcraft. It is the infamous recipe for spell-casting, curse-inducing witchery. People believed in witches in Shakespeare’s time, and thought of them as powerful practitioners of evil. Yet while these witches in Macbeth did possess the ability to conjure up spirits, they did not really control Macbeth but rather tricked him into acting in certain ways. Having correctly predicted he would be king, they now produce ghosts who allow him to conclude that he will not be killed by anyone. These ghosts have been called into our world by the use of the infamous recipe given above, which continues with “adder’s fork and blind-worm’s sting, lizard’s leg and owlet’s wing,” and an assortment of other colorful ingredients.

Excerpted from Wikipedia:

  • Macbeth is Shakespeare’s shortest tragedy, and tells the story of a brave Scottish general named Macbeth who receives a prophecy from a trio of witches that one day he will become King of Scotland. Consumed by ambition and spurred to action by his wife, Macbeth murders King Duncan and takes the Scottish throne for himself. He is then wracked with guilt and paranoia, and he soon becomes a tyrannical ruler as he is forced to commit more and more murders to protect himself from enmity and suspicion. The bloodbath and consequent civil war swiftly take Macbeth and Lady Macbeth into the realms of madness, and death.

Perhaps substitute politicians for witches in that? Perhaps substitute president for king in that? Perhaps substitute Trump for Macbeth in that? Perhaps substitute United States of America for Scotland [where Trump recently visited to open a new golf course] in that? Perhaps substitute eye of newt for eye on Newt in that?

The Washington Post has reported Trump’s campaign is vetting Gingrich as a possible Vice President running mate. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Indiana Governor Mike Pence are also reported to be among others being considered by Trump.

Vice President Joseph Biden, a Democrat, said on July 2: “Newt and I disagree, but he’s one of the brightest guys I know. He knows the government, he knows the issues. I would feel better knowing that there was somebody there with the depth and gravitas on the issues that Newt possesses. There are others who possess it as well.”

Excerpts from LA Times 2 July 2016:

  • Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, reportedly on Donald Trump’s shortlist for vice president, said Saturday that he would be interested in the job if he had strong authority rather than being a ceremonial figurehead.
  • “I have a very simple test question: If it’s about funerals, I’m not interested,” Gingrich said in an appearance at the Aspen Ideas Festival. “At least Trump has said over and over, he needs a vice president who understands Washington because he knows he doesn’t.”
  • Gingrich, who unsuccessfully ran for president in 2012, said he had not had any conversations with Trump about his views on the role. But he noted that a president has wide discretion in determining the breadth of a vice president’s duties.
  • In the wide-ranging interview, Gingrich compared the presumptive GOP nominee with a number of historical figures, notably a combination of former presidents Teddy Roosevelt and Andrew Jackson, and showman P.T. Barnum.

From Wikipedia:

  • The Impeachment of Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, was initiated by the House of Representatives on two charges, one of perjury and one of obstruction of justice, on December 19, 1998.
  • In November 1998, the Democrats picked up five seats in the House, while the Republicans still maintained majority control. The results were a particular embarrassment for House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who, prior to the election, had been reassured by private polling that Clinton’s scandal would result in the GOP gaining as many as thirty House seats. Shortly after the elections, Gingrich, who had been one of the leading advocates for impeachment, announced he would resign from Congress as soon as he was able to find somebody to fill his vacant seat; Gingrich fulfilled this pledge and officially resigned from Congress on January 3, 1999.

I’d expect Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton would not be as enthusiastic as Joe Biden about Newt Gingrich becoming Donald Trump’s Vice President running mate. I can picture her, and a few others of her political party – such as Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi, wicked witches of the west (political left) – casting in “eye of newt” as they stir the boiling cauldron of Election 2016 politics – for putting spells on their primary adversary – Trump, who is perhaps to some extent like the Wizard of OZ. But we know who is “behind the curtain” and what he is claiming to be as well as what he really is. There are times when Trump looks more like an ugly witch than Clinton, since he has become like a giant zit on the face of the GOP and RNC. In fact, Hillary Clinton looks younger and and in better health than she did when she ended her run as Secretary of State when she looked like an old hag. Also, she’s recently been making better speeches than Trump, especially on the major issues – not just doing a better job attacking him than he has been when attacking her. So do not mistake my dislike of Clinton as also being approval of Trump. I now dislike Trump almost as much as I dislike Clinton – but I’d never vote for Clinton, and there’s still a very slim chance I might vote for Trump, which could depend on who he picks to be his Vice President running mate.

I should be opposed to Newt Gingrich becoming Donald Trump’s Vice President running mate. When I lived and worked in Wichita in 1994 (where I was born in 1956), Newt “the Grinch” Gingrich spoke at a Rotary Club meeting. He said, “Welfare people should be forced to live in tent cities until they earn the right to live in normal housing.” Forced? Earn the right? It so angered me, during my lunch hour I rushed over to the downtown courthouse to change my political affiliation from Republican to Democrat. Then, during the rest of that year, I found the Kansas Democrats to be in a useless state of anarchy, which I could not tolerate. A friend of mine, who was a special agent at the local FBI office, made the suggestion I become an Independent voter.

So then, early in 1995, I changed my political affiliation to become an (unaffiliated) Independent voter, and have been since then. Even so, I’ve been interested in what was known as the American Centrist Party before it merged with (or was actually absorbed by) the Modern Whig Party, which I was also interested in until it shifted from being centrist to being far right and in support of the Tea Party. I was also interested in the Reform Party, which has also been described as being centrist. It wasn’t until after I moved to Norman Oklahoma in 2008 when I discovered the “World’s Smallest Political Quiz” on the Internet, created by Libertarians, and scored as a Centrist. I average out to be Centrist by agreeing with Liberal Democrats on some issues and agreeing with Conservative Republicans on some issues. Similar to Libertarians, but not as extreme as them – not as far left socially and not as far right for reducing government. After moving to Norman, I got to know the local Libertarian leader, who was a neighbor. Now the Libertarian Party is on the Oklahoma ballot and likely to be on the ballots of all 50 states – for their candidates, Gary Johnson for President and William Weld for Vice President. I could end up voting for them.

In Wichita, I grew up in a Republican family in the oil business with wells in Kansas and Oklahoma. My father was President of the Kansas Independent Oil and Gas Association. I never liked the way he treated people of low income or no income, kind of like how Newt the Grinch spoke of welfare people in 1994. Although I agreed with them on most political issues, I considered Republicans to be upper class blue book social snobs. I didn’t like they way they treated me, especially since I left college in favor of apprenticeship for on-the-job training hands-on experience. The idea of getting paid while I learned appealed to me more than going into debt while attending college and from attending college. I hated college more than I disliked Republicans – did not like the way I was treated by college professors and other students. Also, too much hypocrisy – and there was growing “political correctness” in college back then. As time passed, I was treated better by Democrats – most of my friends,  coworkers, and employers were Democrats.

I believe current or former Governors of States make the best Presidents. I’ve been most impressed by Republican Governors who got elected Governor of Blue Democrat States – such as Libertarian candidates Gary Johnson who was a Republican in the Democrat State of New Mexico, and William Weld who was a Republican in the Democrat State of Massachusetts. They represent all the people in their states and they treat their people right. I also feel that way about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who I would have voted for if he were the GOP presidential candidate now instead of Trump. I believe he is more like Trump and therefore a better match for Trump – to be Trump’s Vice President running mate – than Newt Gingrich. Even so, my opinion of Newt Gingrich has changed and improved since 1994. During the presidential debates in 2012, Gingrich impressed me with his answers more than any other Republican candidate. All of his answers were good. Recently, I’ve found myself in agreement with him when he has criticized Trump, in such a way that I believe he would be a better influence on Trump than Chris Christie would. I believe Newt Gingrich would help to keep Donald Trump more down-to-earth realistic, if Trump as President will accept his advice as Vice President. If Newt Gingrich were the GOP presidential candidate instead of trump then I’d vote for him. Another I like for being down-to-earth realistic is the current Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who I believe would make and excellent President.

As a Centrist, and Independent voter, who is also a Nationalist Patriot and Populist, on the other side I would have voted for Jim Webb – for different reasons than when voting for a Republican or Libertarian candidate – if he had remained in the race to become the Democratic presidential candidate instead of Hillary Clinton. I like Bernie Sanders, and have been impressed by some of his speeches – although not agreeing with most content, and have found him to be as unrealistic as Trump on some issues. It might be described that Sanders and Trump are opposing sides of the same coin. It might be described that my Liberal side is anchored in science fiction (as a fan and writer of it), while my Conservative side is anchored in more down-to-earth realistic science.

Because of his past relationship with Bill and Hillary Clinton, I wonder if Trump is like a Trojan Horse for the Democratic Party to destroy the Republican Party by getting inside. Also, Trump has in the past been registered as a Democrat, has been a member of the Reform Party, and has been registered as an Independent voter.

The Democratic National Convention, to be covered by CNN on TV, will be Monday July 25-28. The week before that the Republican National Convention, also to be covered by CNN on TV, will be Monday July 18-21. It appears Bernie Sanders will fight Hillary Clinton at their convention. I expect a not-yet-identified individual will challenge Donald Trump at their convention. If the Republican National Convention was not just about two weeks away (from the time I’m writing this), then I’d urge the RNC to have an emergency meeting to find a legal way to kick Trump out of the party, to then put forward a better candidate with a better chance of beating Hillary Clinton. Trump has already repeatedly threatened to leave the GOP to become an Independent candidate. At the start of Election 2016, I was in favor of Chris Christie – until he left the race, and then favored Trump. Now I’m opposed to Trump, but much more opposed to Clinton. Trump might become favorable again depending on who becomes his Vice President running mate. Meantime, I now favor Libertarian candidates Johnson and Weld, although I have some concerns about how extreme they might be on some issues. However, they appear to be more Centrist like I am than Libertarian.

By the way, Trump has also had trouble with emails, although different than the kind of trouble Clinton has had with emails. Clinton violated national security. Trump is violating federal election laws by seeking campaign donations from foreign governments. Both of them have engaged in what I would consider to be treasonous acts against the United States of America. I might fine them, but I’d not put them in prison, and I’d prefer to banish them – to deport them from the country with loss of citizenship than to have them executed for treason. I believe neither will be prosecuted because of fear of retaliation – that Clinton will use her position as President to have revenge on her enemies, and likewise Trump would do the same if elected President. Both of them are extremely vindictive. I’m reminded of one of my favorite lines from the Star Wars movies – from Return of thee Jedi, in which Darth Vader states that “the Emperor is not as forgiving as I am.” I’d compare Trump to Vader and I’d compare Clinton to the Emperor for having revenge on their perceived enemies. I believe both of them are opposed to the First Amendment – especially Freedom of the Press, and Freedom of Speech. Therefore, We The People are in need of a reasonable third choice for President in Election 2016.

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