Happy Independence Day Holiday Weekend – Friday 1 to Monday 4 July 2016

Happy Independence Day 2016

United States of America

Holiday Weekend
Friday July 1 to Monday July 4
* * * * Four days for The Fourth * * * *

4 July 1776 – 4 July 2016
Celebrating 240 Years of Freedom 

Happy Birthday!


Posted by Jim lantern at LANTERN TIMEGLASS JOURNAL, 12:00pm CT Friday 1 July 2016

The following video is certainly in the Top 10 of My Favorite TV Commercials, and is ideal for this holiday. I’m interested in history, and especially “alternate history” drama and science fiction stories. The drama is usually a “What if…” kind of story at a key turning point in history leading to a totally different outcome – like “What if the British won the Revolutionary War back then?” Some such stories have been written. The science fiction kind usually involves time travel and time paradoxes. George Washington acquiring modern cars and using them in battle is an amusing, humorous, and interesting twist. We The People need something like that now for the usual and unusual enemies we are facing in 2016 and beyond.

I’ve completed errands and shopping early this Friday July 1st – paid the apartment rent, prepaid OEC for electric, bought food and supplies at Homeland, Walmart, and Dollar General. I prepaid $100 to OEC for electric – should be enough to last until next payday August 3rd, if I don’t use the air conditioner too much. However, I’ll have some reserve money if I need to pay more. By Thursday of next week – July 7th – the local high temperature is forecasted to be 100F or higher. Even so, I’m more concerned about the potential for severe storms that could knock out the power here, and how long it might be until it is restored.

By the way, I’ve got new neighbors in the apartment same 2nd level next door, and new neighbors in the apartment on the ground floor below my apartment. I have more in common with the new tenants than the previous tenants – age, race, language, species, and planet of origin, as well as possibly sharing some common interests. So I feel less alien and alone, no longer a Stranger in a Strange Land. The massive apartments complex where I’ve lived since November 2015 has been like The Twilight Zone beyond The Outer Limits. Looks like it is mellowing out some this summer. I thought the heat would bring trouble, but it is quieter now – fewer visits by police for mainly domestic disputes and violence. Finally being able to get on the Internet at my home, as well as getting CATV, has also helped to make me feel less isolated. Also, I have a couple of cats to keep me company. The hot weather will keep me in more than usual. I’ll usually go out only during the early cooler mornings. Maybe nap during the hottest time of the late afternoon, and then stay up later as well as starting days earlier.

I’ll be exercising the First Amendment this weekend – Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech – but more along the lines of writing more than usual – editorial articles and other kinds of postings to some extent – when otherwise not consuming ice cream, cake, BBQ baby back ribs, as well as extra butter popcorn and Dr Pepper while watching movies on CATV or rented or bought on DVD at Hastings, watching on my 26-inch TV – while monitoring various news sources on my 13-inch TV and with my HP Notebook accessing the Internet. I wonder what kind of fireworks we’ll have between the Election 2016 presidential candidates during this holiday weekend.

Considering the possibility of a major terrorist attack in and on the United States this holiday weekend, I doubt it – because that’s when we would expect it from our perspective – but terrorists are more likely to pick a date for which we would least expect an attack or a date with special meaning to them rather than to us. So, relax, have a good time, but keep one eye open for what might be unexpected. In other words, use common sense. The enemies we face today are quite evil, and so we need a special kind of hero to vanquish them…

Independence Day was my favorite holiday during childhood. Mainly age 4 (as far back as I remember) to age 9, which was 1960 to 1965, having been born 5 March 1956 – age 60 now. It was a favorite mainly because the family could shoot off all kinds of fireworks anywhere on July 4th, including in our own backyard. My father would put on quite a fireworks display show lasting at least an hour after sunset. There were daytime fireworks as well as nighttime fireworks. I was taught how to handle the daytime fireworks – most of which were considered to be safer than nighttime fireworks, although a few nighttime fireworks like “sparklers” I was allowed to handle. My father handled all of the major and more dangerous nighttime fireworks. I remember only one time when one of those malfunctioned, of which the result was a neighbor’s house roof catching on fire – but was easily put out with minimal damage (my father paid for). My father was in the oil business during those years, an independent with wells in Kansas and Oklahoma. We had relatives all over the United States, who would come to our home on July 4th for a kind of family reunion each year. We moved in 1966, after which all of that ended. New laws limited fireworks, and relatives were less willing to travel. Also, the wells went dry and then my father entered a new profession. My sister, 8 years older than me, finished high school, went off to college, and eventually moved to England. I need not mention that they do not celebrate our Independence Day over there!


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