Twas the night before payday, and all through the wallet not a dollar was stirring – not even a dime! #ThursdayThoughts

Twas the night before payday
and all through the wallet
not a dollar was stirring
not even a dime!

At least I’m not in debt. Not totally broke the day before payday but nearly so – a few cents in bank, a couple of dollars in quarters in pocket, but nothing in wallet for cash.

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I prepay OEC for electric service at my apartment. Was averaging $40 to $50 per month to cover my usage. Since the air conditioner was repaired and I started using it, the cost has increased – I’ve prepaid OEC $70 this June. My balance is now down to $9.41 total remaining – likely to be about $7 when I go to the nearby OEC office at 8:00am tomorrow to prepay my estimate for all of July and to August 3rd next payday. I like to keep a reserve balance of at least $20 so I’ll likely write a check for $100 this time – that’s what I’m putting into my July 2016 budget. Should be enough. I use to monitor it. Yesterday – Wednesday June 29th – cost $2.55 (24 hours) for 19KWh energy usage. Yesterday’s temperature high was 90F and low was 66F. Weather forecast for today is for a high of 93F, low tonight of 71F. Should be 73F to 81F (feeling like 74F to 86F) while I get my morning shopping done, paying OEC, and paying my apartment rent. Not using the air conditioner during the peak hours 3:00pm to 7:00pm Monday through Friday when the price of electricity is higher does save me some money.

I thought the gas bill (for heating) would be the “minimum $15” according to the landlord, but it is nearly $40 due July 15th, and I didn’t use the heat during the past month – just the pilot on. So the pilot flame burns up about $25 gas. My mistake. It’s been so long since I’ve lived in an apartment where I’ve needed to do that. I’ve turned it off now. I’ll relight the pilot when cold weather returns in November 2016. Hell is expected to freeze over on November 8th, Election Day, so I’ll have it back on by then.

I’m expecting to pay about $114 to Cox soon after the July 4 Independence Day holiday weekend – July 5th bill posting date, due by 15th, for “Economy” TV and “Essential” Internet.

I’m going to buy a black leather office desk armchair – swivels with height adjustment, via Amazon, about $60, free shipping to my door for over $50 purchase. I was going to buy a desk, but am using my dining table – good enough. I might eventually get a desk when I find the right deal, but not for July 2016 budget. I’d like to get through July 2016 and have some money left over at the end of the month – see if I can manage that this time. Anyway, I need a more comfortable chair for as much time I spend each day writing and on the Internet now.

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