Trump has become a real politician – flipflopping on issues and embracing political correctness!

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern, 1:30pm CT Tuesday 28 June 2016

The businessman has become a real politician by flipflopping on issues and embracing political correctness.

Put a businessman in the White House instead of a politician? Not going to happen now. Trump is just another odd politician who can’t be trusted.

This does not mean I’d vote for Hillary Clinton. No chance I’d vote for her. Better Trump than Clinton. So if the “Anyone But Trump” movement means to include Clinton than I don’t agree. If it means any Conservative Republican but Trump, and the GOP finds a better candidate who can get on the ballot in all 50 states, then I might agree with that. As is, I’m now leaning in favor of Libertarian candidates Gary Johnson (for President) and William Weld (for Vice President). As former state governors, Republicans twice elected in Democratic states, I believe they are more qualified than Clinton or Trump. As an Independent voter, who averages out to be Centrist, I’m closer to being like Libertarians than like Republicans or Democrats.

“CRIPPLED AMERICA – How to Make America Great Again” – book by Donald Trump, released Tuesday 3 November 2015 – a year before the Tuesday 8 November 2016 election.

Crippled America” – Wikipedia article.

The 5 things you need to know about Donald Trump’s new book” – CNN, 3 November 2015.

Before that book was published, Trump had already changed his position on several issues. Since the date the book was released, Trump has continued to change his position on several issues.

I can’t hold it against someone for changing position when more or new information comes to light on any specific issue. That’s known as using common sense and making a better informed decision.

Trump has spoken against political correctness, which is one of the things that gained him so much support as a presidential candidate in Election 2016. Now, caving in to political correctness, Trump has backed off on his plan to ban all Muslims from entering the United States until there is better understanding of the potential threat and how to otherwise put a stop to the danger from them for terrorist attacks. The issue includes immigration, Muslims (Islamic radicals), and terrorism. It would have been a difficult (if not impossible) and expensive process that likely would have failed to solve the problem. Now, he has changed his position. He now wants to block immigration of people from known terrorist supporting countries. Problem is, that too would likely fail, as they would simply travel to a country not on the ban list, and then from that other country travel to the United States. There is also the problem of those who are already here in the United States – some of them born here, who might convert to radical Islam and then engage in terrorist attacks.

Trump isn’t becoming more Conservative as he changes his position on issues. Instead, he is becoming more Liberal, or more likely becoming a Statist (for a totalitarian dictatorship). He is becoming more like President Obama and Hillary Clinton on some issues. So I’m beginning to dislike him as much as I dislike them. Like Obama, Trump is likely to spend more time on golf courses during crisis than working on solving major problems.

I do not believe the problems with the issues of immigration, radical Islam and terrorism, can be solved. It would be like trying to eliminate the crime of murder. As long as humans are willing to embrace and engage in willful evil, it can’t be done, and those problems will always be with us. We can’t stop them, but I do believe we can find ways to adapt and survive, to reduce those threats by exercising common sense and being well informed. It’s better to be a “low-information voter” than a no-information voter. The same is true for candidates, politicians, and people working in government, as well as law enforcement and military needed to handle some problems. I mean it is better to have some information than no information on which to make a decision or take a position. We The People must become better informed and exercise good common sense, rather than to live in ignorant bliss.

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