Terror Tuesday – 28 June 2016 – attack on airport at Istanbul Turkey

Breaking News on TV on CNN late afternoon today – Terror Tuesday – 28 June 2016.

Istanbul airport in Turkey attacked by terrorists – at least 3 suicide bombers and maybe others with fully automatic guns.

Now 7:00pm Central Time U.S. the death toll is 36 and 147 wounded, being reported on CNN live on TV.

CNN has just been showing unedited uncensored video of the attack, showing the explosions – showing at least one terrorist blowing himself to bits and into pink mist mixed with flames and smoke. Victims being blown off of their feet int he airport.




Initial indications are ISIS is responsible for the terrorist attack.

I’m watching CNN on my 13-inch TV, while monitoring NBC on my 26-inch TV for U.S. Olympics Trials, and local KFOR severe weather updates as an area of storms is headed south through central Oklahoma just west of Oklahoma City. Also using my HP Notebook for writing this. View to the south from the French doors windows near my desk is of a clear blue sky here in Norman, about a 30-minute drive south of Oklahoma City. Olympic Trials is on for an hour 7pm-8pm CT. Then on NBC at 8pm is 2 hours of America’s Got Talent.

The Summer 2016 Olympics in Rio are likely to be a target for terrorists in August. Before that, concern for terrorists attacks here in USA on Independence Day holiday weekend from Friday July 1 through the Monday July 4 holiday.

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