Nationalist Patriot Populist vs. Globalist Poll + JibJab’s “Big Box Mart” – You can say that again!

Editorial Article and Special Report with a Poll by Jim Lantern, 5:00pm CT Tuesday 28 June 2016

BREAKING NEWS: As I’ve been working on this special posting, CNN (and the others) are reporting a major terrorist attack on an airport in Istanbul Turkey – so far reporting 28 dead 60 injured. Make no mistake about it: Terrorists are Globalists (like ISIS of radical Islam who want to control the world) – but not all Globalists are terrorists. There are some good Globalists – and among them are some science fiction authors as well as sone scientists. This is now Terror Tuesday. Even so, on with this special report, a bit long (as usual), and I promise you some of it will be like a Fun Friday!

First a few definitions, and then the poll…

  • Nationalist: “A person who advocates political independence for a country. Of or relating to nationalists or nationalism.”
  • Nationalism: “Advocacy of political independence for a particular country.”
  • Patriot: “A person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.”
  • Populist: “A member or adherent of a political party seeking to represent the interests of ordinary people. Of or relating to a populist or populists.”
  • Populism: “At its root, populism is a belief in the power of regular people, and in their right to have control over their government rather than a small group of political insiders or a wealthy elite. The word populism comes from the Latin word for “people,” populus.”
  • Globalist: “A person who advocates the interpretation or planning of economic and foreign policy in relation to events and developments throughout the world. A person or organization advocating or practicing operations across national divisions.”
  • Globalism: “A national policy of treating the whole world as a proper sphere for political influence — compare imperialism, internationalism.”
  • Globalization: “Is the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas and other aspects of culture.”
  • Free Trade: “International trade left to its natural course without tariffs, quotas, or other restrictions.”
  • European Union: “A political union, often called the EU, to which the member states of the EEC are evolving. Based on the Maastrict Treaty, it envisions the eventual establishment of common economic, foreign, security, and justice policies.”
  • Brexit: “Is an abbreviation of “British exit”, which refers to the June 23, 2016 referendum by British voters to exit the European Union. The referendum roiled global markets, including currencies, causing the British pound to fall to its lowest level in decades.” – It is said that Nationalist Patriots Populists won the vote that day, and is what Trump wants to see happen here in the United States and around the world. Trump is a Nationalist Patriot Populist, or so he claims – but night he be a wolf in sheep’s clothing fort his issue?

OMG! Sangglepuss (that royal creature) has escaped from the European Union!

POLL: Would you describe yourself as being a Nationalist Patriot Populist, or a Globalist? Not everything is black or white, so I’m allowing additional colorful answers to the poll. You could be so extreme with being a Nationalist Patriot Populist that you are actually an Isolationist. Maybe you’re more of a Nationalist Patriot Populist than a Globalist, but you believe in countries working together like globalization for some common interests. Or maybe you are more of a Globalist, but you believe countries should maintain independence for their own internal interests. Or perhaps as a Centrist you believe in a good balance – the best of both worlds. Or you might be an extreme Globalist, seeking a one-world government to abolish all countries. Another possible answer is you don’t presently know which you are. Finally, maybe none of the above – you are something else entirely.

By the way, I describe myself as a Nationalist Patriot Populist. Even so, I might believe in some globalization for common interests, as long as countries maintain independence for internal interests. Kind of like the delightful relationship between the U.S. Federal Government and individual states – that our states have their own authority and rights for internal interests, but work with other states or the whole country for common interests.

As a fan and writer of science fiction I favor limited globalization. I average out to be a Centrist by agreeing with Liberals on some issues while agreeing with Conservatives on some issues, similar to Libertarians. It may be described that my Liberal side is anchored in science fiction while my Conservative side is anchored in science. I’m registered as an Independent voter. I’m a fan of Dr Michio Kaku…

Twas October 2007, a year and a month before madness embraced the United States for 8 years, turning the majority of voters into Walking Dead zombies, when JibJab put the truth out there. Now as we prepare to extend the madness for another 4 to 8 years, keep in mind that what was true in 2007 is still true now in 2016 if not more so…

Presidential Republican candidate Donald Trump is promising to “Make America Great Again” in part by bringing businesses and jobs back to the United States – such as those that have gone “overseas” for tax breaks. Of course he’ll have to lower or put an end to the offensive taxes. Trump claims to be a Nationalist Patriot and a Populist (as am I by the way). Presidential Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson SHOULD agree with Trump on this and related issues, BUT DOES NOT – he leans FAR LEFT on this issue, perhaps further left than most Democrats! Hillary Clinton, the presidential Democratic candidate, who I believe to be more of a Statist (likely to favor a totalitarian dictatorship) than the “Progressive Democrat” she claims to be, isn’t too far off the mark on this issue…

“Free Trade” – So I have to ask: What’s “free” about it? When “free” is political smoke and mirrors really meaning the opposite, it amounts to an Orwellian SNAFU on its way to becoming FUBAR. Hillary Clinton has been described as being quit fond of the “1984” world in the novel by George Orwell, reported to having written about it during her college days long ago – in this same galaxy according to birth certificate and college records. Wrapping aluminum foil around your head will not save you if she gets elected. Can we trust her on the Free Trade issue to do the right thing for the United States? No. She’s more likely to do the Left thing than the Right thing. Can we trust Trump on this issue? No. As a businessman he has done business with other countries and companies in other countries, almost like an arms dealer who profits by selling to both sides of a conflict. At least Johnson is being honest about his position on this issue, although one I don’t completely agree with.

One of the known facts is prices went down on some products when businesses like Walmart started buying them from overseas to sell here for low prices most Americans can afford. Therefore, even though Americans have lost jobs and therefore income, they have been compensated by lower prices – a lower cost of living – for income from the jobs that have remained here in the United States.

There is the immigration issue of people coming here from Mexico and other countries to get jobs – said mainly to be jobs most Americans don’t want anyway – including jobs that can’t go with businesses moving to other countries to take advantage of lower taxes. So figure this: If so many businesses and jobs are leaving the United States, moving to other countries, then why are so many people from those countries coming here to look for jobs? Sending jobs to other countries should be helping to end part of the immigration problem of illegals by keeping them in their own countries. However, now many are coming here to take advantage of Obama’s welfare country. Talk about “Dire Straits” – here’s a couple of excerpts from the lyrics of “Money For Nothing” – followed by the music video…

  • Now look at them yo-yo’s that’s the way you do it
    You play the guitar on the MTV
    That ain’t workin’ that’s the way you do it
    Money for nothin’ and chicks for free
    Now that ain’t workin’ that’s the way you do it
    Lemme tell ya them guys ain’t dumb
    Maybe get a blister on your little finger
    Maybe get a blister on your thumb
  • We gotta install microwave ovens
    Custom kitchen deliveries
    We gotta move these refrigerators
    We gotta move these color TV’s

Yes… I want my MTV!!! I mean the MTV that existed when it first began in June 1981, which also happened to be when I first got cable TV. That was years before the Progressive Liberal Democrats on political correctness steroids totally screwed it up with so much social madness.

Socialist Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders believes in MONEY FOR NOTHING AND CHICKS FOR FREE!!! No? Right. I mean, MONEY FOR NOTHING AND COLLEGE FOR FREE!!! Keep in mind, they don’t teach Common Sense in college or any university. Some people are educated beyond their intelligence, and some people are intelligent beyond their education. Intelligence is not limited to what we learn in school – what we are taught in school, thank God.

[I didn’t post anything for Music Monday (yesterday) so I’m making up for it today. Now back to the subject at hand…]

I do believe in apprenticeship, on-the-job-training, for hands-on experience. I believe college should be a natural extension of high school, but with streamlined education so that “college” is done by age 21 – “high school” done by age 16. I believe “college” should be morning classes, followed by afternoon apprenticeship to make use on a job what was just learned in ma classroom. So I’m more extreme than Bernie Sanders wanting college to be free. I believe students should get paid while they learn. No more college debt, but a surplus upon completing apprenticeship to then work full time in a profession. Considering Donald Trump’s former reality TV series “The Apprentice” he should like this idea, known as “Earn While You Lean!” The afternoon job pays for the morning classes, your living expenses, and more. By the time apprenticeship is completed you have some money saved up.

The work ethic here in thee United States has been in decline at least since 2008. I at first thought it to be a local problem here in Norman Oklahoma, where I moved to in May 2008, but my moving then was just a coincidence to the sudden decline. I did see an indication of it before leaving Wichita Kansas, and then confirmation of it in other cities of other states during my May 2015 to September 2015 travels. Cell phones are partly to blame. Not just talking, but also texting, as well as access to games and various other interests…

A vacated apartment was being repainted by a man who has his own business, hired painters to do the job, rather than by anyone working directly for the landlord. The boss would stop by once-in-a-while to check their progress. I expected them to be fired for lack of progress, but the boss appeared to be satisfied as if he wasn’t expecting much anyway. I remarked about it to one of the maintenance men employed by the landlord. He said, “We don’t care how long it takes because they work cheap. A professional, who gets the job done faster, would cost more.” What I witnessed was them taking about 45 minutes of break time for every hour – working only about 15 minutes out of every hour. What they did during the 45-minute breaks was smoking cigarettes, talking on cell phones, texting on cell phones, playing games on cell phones, or otherwise just staring off into space with a look of ignorant bliss on their faces…

Problem is, it’s not just them. It’s wasn’t unique. It’s like that all over the United States now. To be clear about it: All of them I’ve seen with such a horrible work ethic as that are young to middle-aged white males. The people I’ve seen during the past 8 years who have the best work ethic – working hard, with few if any breaks – are Hispanics, Mexican-Americans, who are here legally or illegally, “doing those jobs most (lazy) Americans don’t want anyway.” By the way, I’m a white male, age 60 now. If I had ever had such a bad work ethic as those painters I saw, and others since then, then I’d have been fired from my job. While on the clock, American workers are regularly talking nearly nonstop, using their cell phones for personal calls. My conclusion, my opinion: Cell phones (especially the cheap ones) might be a Chinese plot to destroy the work ethic here in the United States, and have become a major addiction. China is taking everything else anyway, so far. If Trump is elected, I hope he does put a stop to the China threat, and others who threaten the United States of America and We The People. Otherwise, we’ll have an apocalypse worse then The Walking Dead…

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