Golf – Business, Government and Politics – Obama, Clinton and Trump

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern

Monday 27 June 2016

Although there is the past good relationship between the Clintons and Donald Trump, there is no doubt now that they are enemies via Election 2016 – or so it appears. There has been speculation that Trump made a deal with Bill and Hillary Clinton to sabotage the Republicans in order to help Hillary Clinton win this time. Although Trump and Clinton have been exchanging blows recently, Trump’s behavior otherwise indicates it is possible.

It is known that many business deals as well as political deals are made on golf courses while those involved are playing golf.

Do we want another President like Obama who chooses to play golf during a crisis?

It may also be noted that sometimes enemies meet on golf courses instead of on a battlefield of war.

Is Donald Trump like Goldfinger?

Trump Clinton Golf May 2015

Donald Trump and Bill Clinton at Trump National Golf Club 14 July 2008, in Briarcliff Manor, New York.

Excerpts from CNN – 5 August 2015:

  • Bill Clinton called Donald Trump in late May [2015], an aide to the former president confirmed to CNN on Wednesday.
  • The call, the aide said, came after Trump reached out to Clinton “a few times” before the businessman decided to run for the Republican presidential nomination. Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton’s wife, was already running for president at the time.
  • The Washington Post first reported the call, noting — according to Trump allies — that the conversation came while the reality TV star was making his final decisions about a presidential run.
  • The call is the latest chapter in the intriguing relationship between the Clintons and Trump.
  • The Clintons attended Trump’s third wedding in 2005 and the businessman is a donor to the Clinton Foundation.


Donald Trump speaks at his revamped Trump Turnberry golf course in South Ayrshire, Scotland.

Excerpt from Mother Jones 24 June 2016…

  • Donald Trump, who this week is in Scotland hyping his golf course there rather than campaigning in the United States, has cheered the British electorate’s decision to say goodbye to the European Union.

Obama Golf

President Obama and golf – a few news stories…

Obama admits golfing amid crisis was a mistake – USA Today 

USA Today
Sep 7, 2014 – President Obama admits it was a mistake to go golfing on Martha’s Vineyard immediately after condemning the beheading of American …

During Times of Crisis, President Obama Goes Golfing, Fundraising

Aug 29, 2014 – ( — President Obama was recently criticized for playing golfimmediately after giving a speech about the brutal beheading of …

The Obama Golf Counter – I will not rest until…

The Obama Golf Counter web site lists the Golfer-in-Chief’s golf outtings as well as the … Fort Belvoir – As Crisis Unfolds, #GOLFTUS Sets Personal Golf Record.

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