“Zero Gravity” Recliner Chair

Special Personal Interest

Sunday 26 June 2016

Jim Lantern


They come in various colors and designs. I recently bought one for about $64 via Amazon, free shipping on orders over $50, delivered to my door. Walgreens and Walmart sells them too.

I bought my first Zero Gravity Recliner Chair early in 2012. There are several reasons why I bought it…

1. Low price.

2. Free delivery (shipping).

3. Light weight, easy to move around.

4. Simple design.

5. Comfortable.

6. When the meds fail and I get acid reflux at night, I can’t sleep horizontal. The chair reclines just enough for me to be able to sleep on it without getting the acid reflux attacks.

7. There was a bedbug invasion at the apartments complex where I lived 2008-2015, first during 2011 and then again in 2012. The first attack infected not just the bed but also the couch, which had to be discarded because sprays failed to stop the bedbugs. The sprays kill the adults but not the eggs for the next generation. About 100 of the 226 apartments were infected. About 50 tenants moved out. About 50 (including me) stayed but had to toss out most of their furniture. I replaced my discarded furniture with camping, lawn, and patio kind of furniture – of materials that can’t be infected by bedbugs. The “Zero Gravity” Recliner Chair is one of those. Now, at my new apartment in 2016, it’s mainly for comfort, as there are no bedbugs here (so far), and acid reflux attacks are rare now. By the way, the second invasion in 2012 was stopped by the landlord spending about $40 thousand dollars on special heating equipment for the heat treatment – heating apartments to about 135F for about 7 hours kills the bedbug eggs.

I don’t really know why they are named “Zero Gravity” Recliner Chairs.

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