Jim Lantern at Gmail, Facebook and Twitter

Announcement and Invitation to WordPress Readers and Writers

by Jim Lantern

Sunday 26 June 2016

Jim Lantern via Gmail jimlantern1956@gmail.com

Jim Lantern via Facebook.

Jim Lantern via Twitter @TimeglassZone

Several years ago I was more social on a variety of common interests with other users of Facebook and Twitter. Then since making changes to those accounts in March 2014 I’ve mainly used Facebook and Twitter for sources of news and other information.

Now online at the apartment I moved to in November 2015 I have the means and time to be more social – to interact with others on a variety of common interests. Therefore I’m inviting readers and writers using WordPress to join me at Facebook and/or Twitter. Further, for any preferred private communications it is acceptable to contact me via my Gmail address (as long as it does not amount to spam). Otherwise you may continue to post Comments under any of my postings here at my https://timeglassjournal.wordpress.com/ “Lantern Timeglass Journal” site. I do prefer that all Comments stay on the subject of each posting rather than using Comments under any posting for any personal communications about other subjects. I’m otherwise relaxing some of the restrictions I’ve imposed in the past for posting Comments.

I’ll also be inviting Facebook followers via posted invitation to join me at Twitter and here at WordPress. Likewise, same for Twitter followers to join me at Facebook and here at WordPress. Some may prefer one over the other, and might use only one of those, which is of course acceptable. I’ll try to be more active at all of those – Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress.

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