How to end deadlock in U.S. Congress on Gun Control Reform Debate and Voting: Invite Trump to Make The Deal

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern

Saturday 25 June 2016


This is my idea, proposal, suggestion.

Donald Trump wrote the book on The Art of The Deal.

Donald Trump wants to be President of the United States.

How will he handle U.S. Congress?

How will he handle the gun issue?

Trump has been endorsed by thee NRA. After the terrorist attack on the Orlando gay nightclub Pulse, Trump expressed opinions on the gun issue that the NRA did not agree with, as well as most Conservative Republicans, but were partly in agreement with what the Liberal Democrats want.

In the past Trump has been a member of the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and the Reform party, as well as being registered as Independent. He might average out to be Centrist.

Trump, in business, is a deal maker, diplomatic, a negotiator.

So let’s see what he can do for real in government, in politics, with this gun issue. Give him a shot at it. Invite him to U.S. Congress, House and Senate, to function as a mediator, a moderator, a negotiator, to end the deadlock between Democrats and Republicans on this issue, so that they can move forward on it. Perhaps handle it like a debate. Televise it on CNN, and/or FNC, and/or MSNBC, as well as C-Span. Allow viewers to participate online via Facebook and Twitter, for opinions and live real-time poll voting.

By allowing Trump to handle this issue in that way, U.S. voters (and the rest of the world) will get to see an example of his abilities, what he might really be like as our future President.

Perhaps, in all fairness, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson could participate in the proceeding. Who can make the best deal between Democrats and Republicans in U.S. Congress on this issue? Clinton, Johnson, or Trump?

If this were a reality TV game show, they would be the contestants, and each given tasks to perform. We can guess how Clinton will perform based on her past experience in government – although having some diplomatic experience as former Secretary of State, she might demand Liberal extremes. We can guess how Johnson will perform based on being twice-elected Governor of New Mexico – a Republican elected in a Democrat state, so he knows how to work well with both sides to get the job done. It’s harder to guess how Trump will perform because of a lack of government experience, even though it may be compared to his business experience – but from what we’ve seen so far he might demand to get everything his way. So the main purposes of this is to try to make progress on the gun control issue while putting Trump to the test. Better to find out now by this means to know if Trump will be a potential failure or potential success as our future President.

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