Microsoft Edge with Windows 10 slow at WordPress – Google Chrome works better with WordPress

Special Report by Jim lantern

Friday 24 June 2016

The HP Notebook I bought has Windows 10 Operating System and the Microsoft Edge browser on it.

When writing at WordPress – like as I’m writing this report, when using Microsoft Edge there is a time delay between keyboard and the words showing up here – I have to wait a few seconds for the words I just typed to show up here, which is very irritating. Worse than that, frequent connection loss – or as if it can only handle a few letters or a few words at a time and then it drops out with a chime and that running circle. Then I have to reposition the cursor to get it back. It partly reminds me of the time delay caused by distance of communications, as if it is being sent from here to Mars and then back to WordPress on Earth. [Assuming WordPress really is on Earth and it’s not being run by aliens on another planet]. So for example if I press the H key on my keyboard then it is about 5 seconds until the letter H shows up in what I’m writing at WordPress.

It’s taken a couple of weeks to figure out the problem is with the Microsoft Edge browser, rather than Cox Internet Service Provider – speed and connection. I’d done a speed test and found the upload and download speed is what it should be for the deal I got with Cox. So I ruled out Cox being at fault. I checked the CATV line connections from wall to wireless modem. At first, I thought they were not tight enough – knowing that can cause connection and speed problems. I tightened them, and the problem appeared to be fixed – but that was just a coincidence – as the problem then continued next day. So I began to consider the HP Notebook itself, Windows 10, and the Microsoft Edge browser. I also used a website like Down Right Now  to see if there are any problems with WordPress and then ruled that out. I don’t know why there is this problem between Microsoft Edge browser and WordPress, but not so much other websites, gmail, Facebook, and Twitter. However, other things were slow, not just keyboarding.

I downloaded the Google Chrome browser, installed it, and then discovered the connection and speed problems using WordPress have vanished. Connection is now good. Speed is instant – keyboard to this window. All of the connection and speed problems have vanished now, not just those with WordPress.

Also, my HP Notebook came with McAfee – 1 free month. When that expired, I was harassed several times daily to pay for a subscription, which would not have been in my budget until next month. Then there’s the cost of the protection vs. the value of a $200 HP Notebook. I also suspected McAfee might have been causing some connection and speed problems – not just the Microsoft Edge browser slowing down and dropping out with WordPress. Then came two bizarre virus attacks, which I suspect were faked by McAfee to try to frighten me into paying for a subscription. The words in the attacks were similar to words used by McAfee for some of what it protects users from. It happened a couple of times when I rejected the subscription demands. Similar to a ransom virus, but not as aggressive and not as severe – easily bypassed as it appeared to be faked. It did not completely block or lock the notebook. I simply found it and removed it by Internet Properties – Browsing History – Delete – checked boxes for deleting Temporary Internet Files and website files [most important for this problem], Cookies and website data, History, Downloaded history, Tracking Protection Active X Filtering and Do Not Track – Delete. Restart. Doing all that while the modem is disconnected. No more virus – faked or real. So I uninstalled McAfee. Then I installed AVG Free – works good – I’ve used it on past personal computers.

Eventually, I will buy an Acer Chromebook with the Chrome Operating System on it, and an Ethernet port for direct connection instead of wireless modem or Wi-Fi, like what I had during 2013-2015, but I’ll buy one with a larger screen than the one I had before. The wireless modem I have from Cox also comes with an Ethernet port ans cable. I can continue to use my HP Notebook for wireless, while using the Ethernet for the new Chromebook. I know from experience, and from claims made by Google, that it is impossible for the Chrome Operating System to get a virus. Nothing can be stored on the Chromebook using the Chrome Operating System. All is stored online in a cloud, so a virus can’t infect it. Google handles all security for free. Also, it doesn’t have any of the other problems the Windows Operating System has. I hadn’t planned to buy the HP Notebook when I did. I was at Walmart buying other items, and was checking prices to possibly put one into my budget the following month. The price was right, I had enough money, and didn’t want to wait another month to get online at my new apartment. However, for one month I used it with the free Wi-Fi at the public library, before finally getting the right deal with Cox for CATV and Internet.

Also, the “long running script” problem I was having at the TV Guide website, causing it to freeze up, vanished after switching from Microsoft Edge to Chrome.

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