“When the bullet hits the bone” – in The Twilight Zone: US Senate Votes on Gun Control Measures Bites the Dust, then Guns Ban Humans!

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern

7:00pm CT Monday – 20 June 2016

[Some of the following paragraph is excerpted from a Fox News article, then edited and updated from the news reported on FNC TV.]

“A week after the Orlando terror massacre, U.S. lawmakers brought a set of dueling gun control measures to the Senate floor Monday 20 June 2016 First Day of Summer under a Full Moon — and all expected to fail did so. The scheduled votes on four separate bills addressed changes to the background check system as well as restrictions on gun sales for those on terror watch lists, among other areas. The votes came after Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., filibustered for almost 15 hours last week seeking action in response to the killing of 49 people in the gay nightclub Pulse by Omar Mateen, a Florida man who pledged his loyalty to ISIS in the midst of the rampage. But since lawmakers were unable to come together on a piece of compromise legislation, the individual bills faced long odds. Democrats as expected blocked two Republican amendments, arguing that they fall short in controlling the sales of firearms. In turn, Republicans blocked two Democratic amendments, contending they threaten the constitutional rights of gun owners.”

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, endorsed by the NRA, took two stands on the gun issue that the NRA then disagreed with, and so Trump was forced to modify his position. He agreed with Democrats on the background check system that the NRA is opposed to. He said that if the Pulse nightclub members had their own guns then they could have stopped Mateen from killing as many as he did. I partly agreed with that. The NRA disagreed with nightclub members having access to guns while consuming alcoholic beverages. Trump modified his position to explain that what he really meant was for club employees and security guards to have guns. Fact is, one did, and failed to stop any shoots by Mateen. More might have made some difference. “It’s a war zone!” – I heard one unidentified witness say soon after the attack. It is a war, and terrorism is a hate crime.

A related news story today, the FBI at first censored the 911 calls made by Mateen from the nightclub during the attack. For political correctness the FBI edited out all references to ISIS, its leader, and radical Islam of Muslims, even though most people already know those facts from other more reliable sources. Then the FBI decided to release the unedited 911 transcripts. We have a government, and law enforcement, which does not want to be honest with itself, its citizens, and the rest of the world, while also wanting to banish the First Amendment and the Second Amendment of the US Constitution. If it were not for the Second Amendment, then there would be no First Amendment. The Obama administration lives within its own fantasy world creation crossing over into The Twilight Zone. There is the dilemma of Obama defending Muslims while also defending gays who most Muslims want to kill. He can’t effectively defend both, so which side will he betray? Targeting guns as the cause of the gay nightclub attack instead of radical Islam Muslims is just more smoke and mirrors political correctness dishonesty and diversion.

Fair warning: Eventually the guns themselves will become irritated with humans putting all the blame on them . . . and then all of us will be crossing over into The Twilight Zone!

Some people want to ban guns. Some people are installing computer chips in guns to give them a kind of artificial intelligence. Already, for security some guns can identify the legal user by palm print. Artificial intelligence in guns might eventually make the decision to shoot or not to shoot, to shoot to wound or to shoot to kill, taking those decisions out of the hands of humans. There are plans to install artificial intelligence in gun-carrying drones, and human-looking robotic soldiers for the US military. It could become like the backstory of the Terminator series of movies. When guns find out people have been trying to ban them, they might respond in self defense and ban humans!

“When the bullet hits the bone” in The Twilight Zone…

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