U.S. Voters Fire Trump, Trump Fires Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski – 20 June 2016

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern

2:00pm CT Monday 20 June 2016

A national poll, conducted by Langer Research for ABC News and The Washington Post, shows 70 percent of U.S. voters hold a “somewhat or strongly unfavorable view” of Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee. Likewise for Clinton, 55 percent. Nothing in the poll about how unfavorable Bernie Sanders is. Republican voters supported Trump during the primaries, firing all other GOP candidates, but for the general election in November 2016 the majority of voters no doubt would fire Trump and hire Hillary Clinton – although slightly more than half would fire her too. No wonder Sanders is staying in the race, Republicans are fantasizing about finding a better candidate before it is too late, and the Libertarian candidates are starting to look like a real option.

Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s campaign manager, has been fired by Donald Trump. Could this mark a major turning point for the Trump campaign? Who is the new campaign manager? Trump himself? A member of his family? Someone else?

I just watched the live interview of Corey Lewandowski on CNN after he was fired.

My first reaction was “WOW! That was fast! Live interview on CNN so soon after being fired.”

Then I wondered “Why CNN?” CNN has been more hateful toward Trump than MSNBC and FNC (Fox News). My impression, FNC was most hateful toward Trump (more so than MSNBC or CNN) beginning with the attack on him by Megyn Kelly at the first debate. Then after Kelly met with Trump to end their conflict and Trump accepted, FNC began to treat him right. CNN took over as the primary hater of Trump – of the three – CNN, MSNBC, and FNC. I’d have expected MSNBC to be a Trump hater, but MSNBC coverage of Trump has been surprisingly reasonable – and I find that to be extremely suspicious. So, why CNN? Of those three, the “fired” campaign manager goes to the primary hater of Trump. Kinda makes sense, IF Corey Lewandowski were to raise hell about being fired to find sympathy with a Trump hater. Not so – instead he praised Trump, but clearly he had been shook up by the event of being fired by Trump.

Of course, he was asked WHY he was fired. His answer “I don’t know.”

That someone does not know why they are fired, especially when fired by Trump, is hard to believe. Corey Lewandowski lied when he claimed to not know the reason? Or he just didn’t want to say? If so, then he should have said that – that he does not want to say why he was fired. Or, is he ignorant – willfully blind? Living in a fantasy world?

MONDAY – A “manic Monday”?

FULL MOON – Full moon madness?

FIRST DAY OF SUMMER – A new season begins. A time for change?

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