Speaker Paul Ryan sounds more Presidential than Clinton, Trump, or anyone else!

Editorial article by Jim Lantern

10:30am CT Friday 17 June 2016

Watch the video at USA Today in which Speaker Paul Ryan talks about guns and terrorism…


…Speaker of the House Paul Ryan sounds more “presidential” than does Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or anyone else! If he were running for President in Election 2016 then he would get my vote.

However, I’ve always believed and still believe current or former governors make the best Presidents because they have the right kind of experience from managing whole states – some of them larger and with bigger budgets than other countries.

I’ve also believed its time to put a businessman (or businesswoman) as President in The White House as President instead of a traditional politician. The right kind of business management experience could possibly be just as good as the experience of a governor. Even so, I’m quickly losing confidence in Donald Trump. It’s got nothing to do with being “conservative” enough or not, or that he is even a real Republican rather than something else. Maybe that’s the issue – what he really is, or not. Of the major issues, I can no longer trust him for what he will do or will not do to solve the problems. It’s not just agreement or disagreement with his positions, which appear to be in constant change for whichever way the wind is blowing. He’s doing more flip-flopping than most politicians. By the negative meaning, he’s becoming more of a politician than the worst of politicians. He’s not acting like a “businessman” at all.

Meantime, Hillary Clinton is making better and better speeches – even if I don’t agree with all of the content of those recent speeches, and will not vote for her. She looks and sounds “born again” (more so for politics and government than the religion meaning) – looking younger and in better health than when she left office as Secretary of State. Now for the first time I have no doubt she can mentally and physically do the job, but what she will do – in my opinion – will mostly be bad for the country. So I agree with Speaker Paul Ryan – better Trump and Hillary Clinton, even if Trump isn’t the ideal Republican or Conservative. The lesser of two evils, once again.

However, back to my preference for current or former governors of states to be President, the Libertarians – who will not get on the ballots in all 50 states and have a real chance with Election 2016 – have got two former governors of states, Gary Johnson for President – former Governor of New Mexico, and William Weld for Vice President – former Governor of Massachusetts. [MPR News reported:Johnson first ran on the Libertarian ticket four years ago and won only about 1 percent of the popular vote. This year, he tapped Weld, another socially moderate ex-governor, to help him spread the Libertarian message. “Our platform of the Libertarian party is economic and fiscal responsibility and social and personal freedom,” Weld said after his nomination. The selection of Johnson and Weld was contentious. It took a second ballot for both men to win a majority of delegates. And some die-hard party members remain skeptical that the two former Republicans are Libertarian enough.] As an Independent voter, I average out to be Centrist – by agreeing with Liberal Democrats on some issues and agreeing with Conservative Republicans on some issues. I’m not as far-left Liberal on social issues and not as far-right Conservative on government issues as most Libertarians are. Even so, Johnson and Weld are a worthy option (third choice) for Election 2016.

Some of what I like about Speaker Paul Ryan is he acts more down-to-earth and more mature, more trustworthy, more honest, more stable, more consistent and reliable, than anyone else involved with Election 2016. He has the qualities we need in a President right now and in the future. Election 2016 has so far been like grossly immature children about age 6 fighting in a sandbox at school.

With the renewed and growing rift between Trump and the RNC, Trump again threating to go it alone, there could still be a major revolt at the RNC convention July 18-21 with the RNC dumping Trump for a better Republican candidate or even supporting an Independent candidate – if Trump himself does not leave the GOP to become an Independent candidate. I predict there will be bloody violence at the Republican convention. With Bernie Sanders unwilling to drop out of the race, to concede to Hillary Clinton, there could be an attempted revolt at the Democratic convention July 25-28, which could also include some bloody violence. There’s a rift between Sanders and the DNC nearly as bad as the rift between Trump and the RNC. I predict Sanders will go on as an Independent candidate, if he can get on the ballots in enough states to proceed and have any chance of winning. The threat of violence in Election 2016 and the two conventions in July might be worsened by any potential threats by domestic or foreign terrorists. I’m concerned about the possibility – however remote, that the violence could spread across the country to such extent President Obama declares Martial law and suspends the election – to then remain in office beyond January 2017. If it all comes down to Clinton vs. Trump, with Johnson barely showing 10% this time, then I predict Clinton will win with about 60% of the vote, Trump 30%, Johnson and any others taking up to but not more than 10% of the popular vote on Tuesday 8 November 2016.

Trump and Clinton have not yet announced who will be their running mates for Vice President. The choice for Vice President could make a greater difference this election than any past elections. I’d feel better about it if Trump were to pick Chris Christie – Governor of New Jersey. It would be a mistake for Trump to pick Mary Fallin, Governor of Oklahoma (where I live), who has run the state deep into debt. Also, Oklahoma has more people in jails and prisons than any other states (and some countries), with many of them being nonviolent criminals who have been given excessive sentences – costing the taxpayers a significant amount of money. Oklahoma is nearly a police state now. I don’t know who would be the ideal VP for Clinton. Sanders, to heal the rift, has already been ruled out.

As for the guns and terrorism issues, what about terrorists using bombs instead of guns? As far as terrorism is concerned, guns are not the problem as claimed by Obama. However, I do believe “assault rifles” should be restricted – not banned – with better background checks. It’s like a lock on a door that keeps the honest people honest – but the reality is such a lock will do nothing to stop criminals from breaking in – likewise terrorists.

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