“SURVIVE” – New Hat, New Selfie

7:00pm CT Wednesday 15 June 2016…

The following image is my second ever “selfie” photo taken with my cell phone.


The hat – a “ball cap” – was purchased at Hastings, a bookstore that has much more than just books. I usually go there to buy or rent movies or music on DVDs. The store also has a great variety of merchandise associated with music, movies and TV shows. The “SURVIVE” hat is from AMC TV for The Walking Dead. Considering what I’ve survived during the past year, I felt it to be appropriate, a good choice, although a bit expensive at $20. My previous “ball cap” was only $10 for a simple no emblem – blank – dark blue, and it finally wore out. Got a lot of use during my trek across the apocalyptic wasteland – during the two months I was out-on-the-street homeless. I feel it is amazing I survived that while in such bad health – a week in a hospital for bleeding stomach ulcers while I was homeless. The Walking Dead is my number one favorite TV series of all time. Being out-on-the-street homeless is nearly like being one of the walking dead. I missed most of the most recent season of The Walking Dead, and so I will soon try to get caught up by watching it at the AMC website, or wait for the next usual marathon just before the start of the new season in October 2016. The “SURVIVE” theme of the hat ties in with the poster “Daryl Dixon wants you to SURVIVE” showing actor Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead. My favorite character in The Walking Dead continues to survive – hasn’t been killed off yet…

…I also bought that poster at Hastings.

My previous “selfie” photo was my first ever “selfie” taken with my cell phone, of a different hat I bought at Walmart on 5 March 2016 – my 60th birthday!


…That hat is a bit closer to the “Jim Lantern” hat. All I need now is the lantern, and the adventure clothing like the Indiana Jones character the “Jim Lantern” image is similar to…

It is amazing to me that I not only survived, but finally have been able to restore most of what was lost – home and personal belongings – now back online with a new HP Notebook in my apartment, and having the new “all digital” CATV via Cox so that I can again watch The Walking Dead and other entertainment interests on TV – as well as news, weather, and sports.

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2 thoughts on ““SURVIVE” – New Hat, New Selfie

  1. I am so happy that everything is going well for you Jim!



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