Breaking News: Missing EgyptAir Flight 804 – Wreckage has finally been located!

3:30pm CT Wednesday 15 June 2016


“CAIRO (AP) — An investigation committee in the crash of EgyptAir Flight 804 says it has spotted the plane wreckage.”

This was just briefly reported by CNN on TV. There’s so many different Breaking News stories and updates on Major News stories that CNN has not yet been able to cover this further. I’ve been checking their website and other news sources via Internet search.

Finally! Perhaps now – soon – they can recover the “black boxes” and data therein to help determine what happened to that flight that caused it to crash.

UPDATE 9:45am CT Thursday 16 June 2016…

“CAIRO (AP) — The cockpit voice recorder of the doomed EgyptAir plane that crashed last month killing all 66 people on board has been found and pulled out of the Mediterranean Sea, Egypt’s investigation committee said on Thursday. The development raises hopes that investigators would find clues as to the cause of the May 19 crash. The Egyptian committee said the so-called black box — one of the two on board the plane — has been damaged but that the vessel searching for the wreckage managed to safely pull the memory unit which is the most important in the recorder. The recorder was retrieved in several stages, the committee said, and is currently being transferred from the vessel, the John Lethbridge, which pulled it out, to the Egyptian port city of Alexandria. Once on shore, it will be handed over to the members of the committee who will unload and analyze the data.”

My reaction to this news: The “black boxes” are made so strong – to survive a normal crash – that it must have been a significant force that caused the cockpit voice recorder to be broken up into pieces. Even if fuel tanks exploded and the jet had crashed into the side of a mountain the two “black boxes” should have survived intact. The jet didn’t just catch fire, explode, and fall from the sky into the sea. With the cockpit voice recorder found in pieces, and considering the time exposed to the elements at the bottom of the sea, I’ll be surprised if any voice recordings survived in the so-called memory unit. I expect it will be early next week before they announce what if anything has been recovered. They still need to locate the flight data recorder, probably from the tail section of the wreckage if they can find it, which should provide important information that could reveal what happened to the jet that caused it to crash.

UPDATE 1:20pm CT Friday 17 June 2016…

The second “black box” containing the Flight Data Recorder has been recovered. Now, if the data has survived the crash, the investigators should be able to use it – in addition to the Cockpit Voice Recorder – to determine what caused the crash. Still, it might be sometime next week before any conclusion is reached and announcement for it is made.

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