Breaking News: Body of 2-year-old boy snatched by Orlando Florida alligator recovered

4:00pm CT Wednesday 15 June 2016


“Dive teams on Tuesday afternoon recovered the intact body of a toddler snatched by an alligator in a Disney World lagoon, the Orange County sheriff confirmed during a news conference. There is no doubt the alligator drowned the 2-year-old boy.”

CNN, FNC, MSNBC briefly covered the news conference for this Breaking News.

What a horrible nightmare for the parents – the family from Nebraska – as it happened. It will no doubt fuel the nightmares during sleep at night – when sleep is possible. As some children find out about this event from various sources, it will likely fuel their nightmares during sleep for many nights.

This shows how alligators are still a threat to humans in Florida. Not even safe at Disney World. I expect they will compensate the family before it becomes a lawsuit.

The people of Orlando, Florida, as well as visitors, have had a lot of bad luck recently.

Famous singer Christina Grimmie (age 22) from NBC TV “The Voice” murdered – gunned down in Orlando after a concert by a psychotic man (age 27). I remember I voted for her during the live show via Twitter when she was on “The Voice” on NBC TV.

Then the hate crime terrorist attack by Omar Mateen on Pulse – a gay nightclub in Orlando, murdering 49, wounding 53. By the way, Mateen considered attacking Disney World instead, which has been at the top of the list of targets by terrorists. If he had done so, then no doubt he would have murdered children too – whole families.

Next came the stunning news story of an alligator taking and drowning a 2-year-old boy as he wadded in shallow water along the shore of a Disney World lagoon.

Psychotic stalkers, terrorists, and alligators. The monsters are real.

What’s next for Orlando? Alien invasion? Asteroid impact? Hurricane? Nuclear attack? Vanishing in a global warming flood from rising ocean water?

Pray for the people of Orlando and their visitors.


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