Murder, Madness, Hate and Terrorism!

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern at Timeglass Journal

Soon after 6:00pm CT Tuesday 14 June 2016 in Norman Oklahoma with a high of 90F and heat index of 100F, but there’s greater heat elsewhere to report…


Hey, President Obama, we know who you are attacking, but who are you defending?!

“Not enough evidence to conclude the attack on a nightclub in Orlando Florida was a terrorist attack.”

“Not enough evidence to conclude the attack on a nightclub in Orlando Florida was a hate crime targeting gays.”

…As if Obama is the defense attorney defending Omar Mateen in a court of law. Attacking everyone who is referring to the attack as a terrorist attack and/or a hate crime.

My opinion: ALL terrorism – all terrorist attacks are hate crimes!

At the lowest level, mass murder – this time the worst in recent U.S. history.

“The victims at the gay nightclub are Americans. That they are gays is not relevant.” – member of the Obama administration.

Obama defends Muslims – denying there is “radical Islam.” Obama defends gays. So how does Obama handle the political spin for angry offended Muslims of “radical Islam” attacking gays who they hate and execute or murder in other countries and now in the United States of America? Americans were murdered, having nothing to do with gays and any religion? He and his absurd administration, and others at federal and state and local levels of government, as well as some people in law enforcement and a few members of the mainstream news media, refuse to refer to any of the victims as being gay. Likewise, they don’t want to refer to the shooter as being a “radical Islam” Muslim. So removing “Muslim” or “radical Islam” and “gay” from the equation reduces the event to simply mass murder.

Further, I must mention the bizarre new development that the shooter himself might have had a split personality mental illness between being a “radical Islam” Muslim on one hand and secretly being “gay” on the other hand. After regularly beating his first wife and then being divorced, he started visiting gay nightclubs. It’s a safe bet (my guess) his secret gay encounters included BDSM activities – Bondage and Discipline or Domination (with Submission), Sadism (likes to inflict pain) and Masochism (likes to receive pain), as do some bizarre religions include flogging for their faith, not just for sexual satisfaction. So what does it add up to? A kinky gay “radical Islam” Muslim goes crazy, murders 49 people and wounds 53.

President Obama, live on TV earlier today, had his own mental breakdown, temper tantrum, angry rant, to attack those who use the term “radical Islam” and who hold it against him that he has refused to use the term “radical Islam” to describe members of ISIS and other terrorists. Obama referred to the use of the term “radical Islam” as having been nothing more than a “political talking point” in the past, until now – because of this new event using those words is “a threat to national security.” He stopped just short of making it a crime for anyone to use the words “radical Islam” for any purpose. Fact is, “radical Islam” has never been just a political talking point by anyone. It is the truth. Denying the truth and engaging in mass censorship is another step toward dictatorship. An end to the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution – and because an assault gun was used in the attack Obama and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton want to abolish or limit the Second Amendment. Fact is, if it were not for the Second Amendment, then there would be no First Amendment. Also, Trump is right that if the members of the targeted nightclub had their own guns then the attacker might have got off a shot or two before the other potential victims would have blown his crazy shit to Mars! The police can’t protect us from terrorists and terrorist attacks – they can’t even protect anyone from mass murder that does not include terrorism and hate crime elements! WE The People MUST defend ourselves, as it is our legal constitutional right to do so. Also, Trump is right about restoring the U.S. military that has been gutted by Obama.

Not to make less serious the attack on the nightclub – 49 dead victims and 53 wounded victims, but Omar Mateen (and his second wife) had scouted Disneyworld as another target. Imagine if they had done that instead of him targeting the nightclub. No doubt the victims would have included families with children.

By the way, the fact that he got married (to a woman) a second time, and went to gay nightclubs, indicates he might be bisexual – not gay. Maybe he and his wife liked “3-ways” – he and his wife having BDSM or just sexual encounters with bisexual or gay males. Or to include lesbians or bisexual woman. What would make him suddenly decide to target a gay nightclub? As his visits to gay nightclubs increased in frequency, so did his visits to a mosque – as well as trips to Muslim countries. Similar to a Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde split personality, but rather two kinds of Mister Hyde on-the-side (gay and “radical Islam”), while as Doctor Jekyll being a security guard (who wanted to be a police officer and was rejected). From news reports of his confirmed claims of who – which terrorists – he supports, he is confused – claiming to support different sides- different Muslims – who are fighting and killing each other. Is it possible, as some in government and news media have suggested, that he perceived himself to be like a super-spy 007 kind of person with license to kill, or under cover agent, to pretend to be gay to infiltrate gay nightclubs and the gay community, while being a true “radical Islam” Muslim with intent to kill the hated gays? Doubtful, but possible in his twisted mind and bizarre fantasies therein.

I’m not anti-gay. I’m not anti-Muslim, but I am opposed to any “radical” religion that calls for the execution of all nonbelievers. I strongly believe in “each to their own way of life” – as long as it does no harm to others. It may be described that my liberal side is anchored in science fiction, and my conservative side is anchored in science. I average out to be centrist by agreeing with Democrats on some issues and agreeing with Republicans on some issues. I am registered as an Independent voter. In religion, I’m a Spiritual Universalist – and I believe in some of the “Ancient Aliens” theories presented on The History Channel. It ties in with actual Mormon beliefs on which some of “Battlestar Galactica” was partly based by creator Glen A. Larson – a Mormon. One of my favorite past science fiction TV shows is “Babylon 5” – involving a variety of aliens and humans aboard a massive space station mainly being used for diplomatic purposes. If we humans can’t learn to get along with each other, then what will happen when we finally do encounter aliens from other planets – whose ways of life are truly alien? Will we end up killing each other to death and beyond in an interstellar war? Or will we engage in peaceful trade – mutually beneficial business for profit? Food for thought, as you go vote on Tuesday 8 November 2016 – to vote for a future dictator of an Orwellian dystopian world, or someone who knows how to conduct business and make deals to get the job done. I’m not totally comfortable with Donald Trump, but I believe Hillary Clinton is certain doom. It is possible that the Libertarian option could be a reasonable third choice, so that we are no longer limited to the lesser of two evils. I’ve always believed current or former governors of states make the best presidents. Even so, maybe the time has come to give a “businessman” a chance to do the job.

Note added 8:00pm CT Tuesday 14 June 2016: During President Obama’s rant on TV earlier today, for the first time I saw real anger on his face – not just the acted anger kind. Trump, speaking later after that today, remarked that Obama appeared to be more angry with him (Trump) than with the shooter – Omar Mateen. I believe that’s true. I realize now, during the rant I saw something else I’d never seen before on Obama. I saw FEAR in Obama’s eyes. Not only did the “radical Islam” issue and Trump cause him to become extremely angry, but also SOMETHING ELSE caused him to feel FEAR. It wasn’t just the mass murder terrorist hate crime at the gay nightclub in Orlando that caused his anger, and his FEAR, but clearly SOMETHING ELSE. Not just FEAR, but a haunted look in his eyes. What could cause that? He had a look like one I’ve seen before – both real and acted in movies, when a person of power is dealing with a major threat – in this case Trump, and dealing with a much higher power demanding he do something about Trump or suffer consequences greater than what Trump can inflict. Like a Roman emperor sending a general to destroy an enemy, and telling the general to kill the enemy or don’t come back alive because what the emperor would do to the general for failure would be worse than what the enemy could do to him. If I’m right, then this raises the question: Who does Obama answer to who can threaten him with punishment greater than anything Trump can do to him – or to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton? My guess: A religious leader. In this case, probably not a Christian, or a Jew. Safe bet it’s a leader of one of the Muslim countries who Obama is on friendly terms with. Obama has been ordered to silence all of the “radical Islam” talk, or suffer the consequences. That’s what I believe.

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