Crazy weather! Quazy cats! Quasi politics!

4:00pm CT Tuesday 14 June 2016…

My previous posting was the forecast for Norman Oklahoma from yesterday to Monday June 20 First Day of Summer. There was only a 20% chance for rain here last night into morning. So I was surprised when I awakened to the sound of heavy rain and distant thunder. With a couple of cats at the side of my bed giving me the “I WANT MY BREAKFAST NOW!” look.

The two cats were left behind by a former tenant at least a year ago. One young female who follows the older male everywhere. With at least two or three neighbors, I share keeping the two cats well fed. I had to stop feeding them outside my door, as the warmer weather and food was attracting bugs and other creatures of the night. Stairs go to the 2nd level landing outside, I share with one neighbor – who happens to be moving out this week. I might have a new neighbor in the apartment under my apartment briefly vacant. The tenant of the other ground floor apartment is a security guard who works nights and speaks a foreign language so I don’t have a lot of contact with him.

I modified my dining room window and screen (low next to my door), slightly open and rectangular screen turned vertical to create an opening in the lower left corner. The cats use it to come and go when they want to now, as I keep their food and water inside. A small curtain inside covers the opening to help keep flies out and reduce airflow. However, I have the air conditioner vents to the kitchen-dining area closed, and a bed sheet for a curtain hanging between living room and kitchen-dining area. Only air conditioner vents to living room are open now. I closed off the bedroom and put my new bed in living room to furnish it like a studio, and reduce cost of heating and air conditioning by cutting off bedroom – I’ll use in future for a different purpose.

I wasn’t expecting rain or t-showers turning into a severe t-storm with heavy rain, hail, and strong winds. Could be a few more of those unexpected pop-up storms early mornings during next 10 days. I was expecting the first dry heat wave, and it has arrived as the pop-up storm departed the area. To be 90F by 5:00pm CT with a 100F heat index – what it will feel like. So good thing I got the air conditioner fixed last week. Norman Oklahoma currently under its first Heat Warning this summer today.

The cost of air conditioning only my living room from about noon to about 10:00pm CT, 10 hours per day, is costing me an increase of about $1.00 per day. I use to check daily usage. My meter and OEC is connected to the Internet for that website. Average electric usage was costing me a dollar per day, so added use of air conditioner has doubled that. Also, my electric usage went up by about 50 cents per day when I added all of the electronics from Cox to start using my TVs and have Internet access at home. I have my tiny HP Notebook on a small desk against a wall. To my right is my 13-inch TV (on shelves), used to monitor (usually with sound muted) news, weather, or sports. To my left is my 26-inch TV (on a table made for holding a TV and other electronics like DVD player and CATV digital receiver box), used for watching primary interest such as movies and other entertainment. However, right now I have FNC (Fox News) on the big TV and CNN on the small TV for the ongoing breaking news events and updates on major news events.

It appears CNN, an Obama fan since 2012, has abruptly turned a corner today – since Obama’s live angry rant on TV today, and so is no longer an Obama fan. Even MSNBC is being kinder to Trump than to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders now. And since Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump ended their conflict, FNC has turned in favor of Trump. Even so, Hillary is getting much better with her speeches, and sounds like she’s had a “born again” experience – but in politics rather than religion – as politics and government appears to be her religion. Not the old Hillary who looked worn out in 2012 when ending her run as Secretary of State. Full of energy and looking younger, her speeches are knocking the ball out of the park – although I don’t agree with all of their content and will not be voting for her. I might vote for Trump if he picks a good VP running mate, like Chris Christie. I believe current or former governors of states make the best presidents, not current or former members of our useless Congress. The Libertarians have got two former governors of states now for presidential candidate and VP running mate, so I am giving them serious consideration. There could be revolts (with violence likely) at the RNC (July 18-21) and DNC (July 25-28). Sanders to meet with Clinton later today – the last primary for the Democrats in DC, might avert disaster at the DNC. Ultra-conservative Republicans might blindside Trump at the RNC to support someone else – an Independent candidate or replace Trump with a different more conservative Republican.

I’ll watch America’s Got Talent on my big TV tonight on NBC, while monitoring CNN or FNC or MSNBC on my small TV – for results of the final primary in DC, and updates on the bizarre combination hate crime and terrorist attack in Orlando Florida that resulted in the death of 49 victims and 53 wounded. Now the wife of the shooter is under investigation for having known in advance about the planned attack on the gay nightclub. They were also apparently considering an attack on Disneyworld. Much of Obama’s angry rant earlier today was about him failing to use the word “radical Islam” when referring to ISIS and related terrorists. He so strongly rejects those terms, I believe he came very close today to making it a crime for anyone to use those terms, claiming that doing so is no longer just a political talking point but is now a threat to our national security. “Radical Islam” was never just a political talking point. It’s the truth.

No wonder aliens avoid planet Earth as much as possible. Galactic maps designate Earth with the ancient interstellar mariner warning: “THERE BE MONSTERS!”

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