Remembering Christina Grimmie (March 12, 1994 – June 11, 2016) American Singer and Songwriter known for participating in The Voice on NBC TV

Christina Grimmie (March 12, 1994 – June 11, 2016) R.I.P

American Singer and Songwriter known for participating in The Voice on NBC TV.

Gunned down, murdered. On June 10, 2016, Grimmie was shot by an unidentified male following a “Before You Exit” concert in Orlando, Florida. The suspect committed suicide. She was hospitalized in critical condition, and pronounced dead hours later.

‘The Voice’ singer Christina Grimmie dies after shooting. – Associated Press.

CNN on TV is doing updates.

I remember her. I voted for her via Twitter during one of the live performance nights.

I got up early this Saturday morning June 11 to go do some grocery store shopping during the cooler hours, before coming storms in forecast and next week’s coming heatwave. I went online to check my bank account. As I did so I got the breaking news feed, and news of her death was at the top. Shocked, I could not believe the headline and what I read in the article.

Appears to be a murder suicide. The murderer has not yet been identified – up to the time I’m writing this about 6am CT. Also, no confirmed reason for the crime. My guess, a psychotic fan who somehow felt rejected. It’s happened before to other singers and other kinds of celebrities. Our world has become so dangerous and violent that I wonder if it is safe for anyone to go out anywhere in public. Whatever the reason, I hope the soul of the murderer will be obliterated in the Lake of Fire. Christina Grimmie was already an angle on Earth – now her soul no doubt is of an angelic being in the spiritual heaven.

Will the madness never end? It appears nothing can be done to stop unstable people from engaging in such willful evil. It’s not just a guns issue. The murderer could have used a knife or some other weapon. I’m not a gun owner, but I believe in the Second Amendment, especially for self defense, and if it were not for the Second Amendment then there would be no First Amendment – and no one would be free to sing whatever they want to.

Update 10:15am CT: Police news conference reported a white male age 21 traveled from another city in Florida, not in his own car [apparently traveled via bus rather than air travel to carry guns], with intent to kill the 22-year-old singer and then return – was not planning in advance to kill himself. He carried two small caliber handguns with additional ammo and he carried a hunting knife. Police are checking his cell phone, and apparently a computer where he lived. No motive determined yet. Police are not yet identifying him.

Update 4:00pm CT: Police have released a photo of the shooter…

…and have identified him as Kevin James Loibl, age 27 – not age 21 as reported earlier by police. Also reported earlier by police, the claim he did not drive a car, and implied he traveled by other means. The new report by police is he did drive a car to the scene of the crime from the city he came from – St. Petersburg.

Police are currently reporting that there is no known connection between the shooter and the victim.

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