My Usage dot com for monitoring electric service at home (OEC)

I pay for electric service from OEC – Oklahoma Electric Cooperative – at my apartment.

Their website URL is:

The usage website URL is: It can be used to monitor my usage of electricity at home. So apparently the meter to the company has a connection to the Internet for that website to show usage. I have to sign in to my account to see it. [There is a possibility that such monitoring could result in violations of privacy and security by whoever else might be able to access it – criminals, government, hackers, police. etc. – and knowing when I’m usually at home per energy usage.]

Notice posted there: “Peak hours are June 1st through Aug. 31, the price of electricity is higher on weekdays between 3pm and 7pm.”

Checking my account there, I can see Current Balance [$49.41 as of noon Wednesday 8 June 2016], Last Payment [$40.00], Average Daily Charge [$1.59], Average Daily Energy Charge [$0.99], Last Daily Energy Charge [$1.50, and Last Energy Usage [11 KWh – rated at 13.64 cents per KWh].

I prepay my electric service like prepaying my cell phone. And like the cell phone showing remaining minutes, I can see how many prepaid dollars I have left each day, and how much is being spent each day. I can get an email alert or text message when my balance falls below whatever amount I set, like when my balance falls below $10 then I get an alert. I normally prepay $40 to $50 on the 3rd of every month, and so far that has been enough.

As I write this the air conditioner is being repaired, so I’m about to use it for the first time this summer today. Then in about 24 hours I’ll be able to see how much it has spiked the cost. When I hooked up the TV and DVD player, watched 3 movies rented from Hastings on a Saturday afternoon, it caused a 44 cents increase above previous day use.

Update  24 hours later: The past 24 hours cost me $3.18 – previous balance $49.41 less new balance $46.23. However, the new last daily energy charge is $2.52 compared to the previous $1.50 – and 11 KWh jumped to 19 KWh. This is for the use of the air conditioner about 10 hours, plus the use of the added electronics for CATV and wireless Internet via Cox Communications for a 24 hours period. I will later this month have to go to the nearby OEC office to pay additional prepay – I’ll wait a few days to see how it averages out so I can estimate how much more I’ll need to pay to cover it through July 6th.

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