It sounded like a bomb went off out on the parking lot driveway outside my apartment between apartment buildings.

I was just about to get comfortable, ready to watch America’s Got Talent on my 26-inch TV, while monitoring CNN or FNC or MSNBC on my 13-inch TV for news of the final Super Tuesday primaries of Democrats and Republicans, and perhaps to tweet about both interests at Twitter or do some writing about those subjects here at my WordPress site.

Exceeding the speed limit, an apparently drunk driver lost control of her car on the parking lot driveway, hit a parked car, and then tried to get away. Other tenants enjoying the warm evening outside witnessed it, and stopped the driver from leaving. She had jumped out of her car and tried to run away on foot – leaving behind her car and one passenger. She appeared to be white or Hispanic, a tiny female who looked to only be 16, surely not over 21, wearing very skimpy summer shorts and top. The passenger, an older black male, was the only person to be injured – just a mild head bump – not bad enough for the ambulance to take him away. Police took away the driver after she couldn’t do the walk test, arrested not only for suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs and exceeding the speed limit but also attempting to leave the scene of an accident. The owner of the parked car that got hit is a new neighbor who was inside her apartment when it happened. Both cars still drivable. Looked like someone dropped off the arrested female’s mother, who took her daughter’s car, and gave the passenger a ride to wherever he needed to go.

Watching from my second level private balcony porch, visiting with neighbors down on the sidewalk, and exchanging phone texts with the landlord, I missed most of AGT, but it will be repeated on NBC TV Friday night June 10. I stayed up to midnight to get the California Primary results. Then watched more whatever time it was Bernie Sanders gave his speech that he is not yet giving up – even though Hillary Clinton has enough votes to become the nominated Democratic candidate to go against Donald Trump – expected to be the nominated Republican candidate. So the evening began with a BANG and ended with a whimper.

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