Once Upon a WordPress

3:00pm CT Tuesday 7 June 2015

I’ve just returned to the Internet – Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc… now having access at my new apartment, with my new HP Notebook, via Cox wireless service. Also, upgraded from the useless new Cox “Starter” Digital TV deal to new Cox “Economy” Digital TV deal – most similar to the discontinued “basic cable TV” offered by Cox and most CATV sources in the past. The “Essential” wireless Internet service is slower than the Broadband I had with them in the past, but faster than old dial-up, maybe nearly DSL – about same speed as the browser on my cell phone and about same speed as Wi-Fi at the public library. At least now I can again write here at home any time of any day instead of traveling to the public library to use one of their computer terminals or taking my HP Notebook there to use their Wi-Fi.

I now have an old 26-inch Magnavox, and a 13-inch Daewoo given to me. A new DVD player hooked up to the 26-inch. I had to get 2 new digital receiver boxes from Cox for the new “All Digital” service being forced on all customers now. About half of the old “basic CATV” channels have been switched to require use of a digital box, no longer possible to get them via direct CATV line from wall to TV. Soon all other channels will be switched. The old Magnavox does not fully mesh with the box and the remote for volume control, but I will buy a new 26-inch flat-screen TV on August 3 or on September 3. I use the smaller TV to monitor (sound usually muted) news or weather or sports while using the larger TV to watch main interest. For example, tonight I’ll watch America’s Got Talent (NBC) on the 26-inch, while monitoring on the 13-inch the final Super Tuesday Primaries voting results (especially California) being reported on CNN or FNC or MSNBC. Also, using the new wireless at home with my HP Notebook to post live real time comments at Twitter, maybe Facebook too, and perhaps a few short postings here at WordPress. By the way, here at WordPress my postings from now on will be much shorter but more of them and more frequent with a variety of subjects.

The Cox deal has cost me $30 for the “Starter” TV deal during May, plus $50 deposit. The upgrade this June has cost me $50 professional installation (justified and worth it – even he had problems and had to call tech support – and accounting screwed up my account again had to be fixed). The “Economy” TV (for 2 TVs – only $10 for the second TV) and “Essential” Internet with wireless modem, total including hidden fees and taxes, about $118 per month.

Also, I bought a $10 ONN keyboard at Walmart to use via USB port on my HP Notebook. I tend to wear out keyboards in about 9 months. Wear out the notebook keyboard , I have to buy a new $200 notebook. Wear out the added keyboard, just replace it with another $10 keyboard. I’ll use it at home. I’ll use the notebook keyboard when using the notebook elsewhere.

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