…And it’s not yet officially summer – First Day of Summer is Monday 20 June 2016 under a Full Moon. I should be fairly well off by then – having worked out a better deal with Cox Communications likely to start on or about June 10th. I’ll have the Economy TV deal (includes the current Starter TV deal) under the new “All Digital” TV service requiring special boxes (similar to the box required for CATV back during the 1980’s) for the new seven different payment levels for kind and number of channels. I’ll also get the Essential Internet deal with “Wi-Fi” – actually the usual Broadband Internet, but with a wireless modem instead of requiring a modem hooked up with an Ethernet cable. CATV and Internet will then cost me about $108 per month. My new HP Notebook is Wi-Fi only. I’ve been using the free Wi-Fi at the west branch of the public library since I bought it 3 May 2016. I now do most of my writing at home, and then upload to WordPress via the library. I can do that at the café of Hastings book store, too, where I buy or rent movies or music on DVDs in addition to buying some books.

…I’ve started writing this about 2:00pm CT Tuesday 24 May 2016 – will go to library tomorrow to publish this…

US Mail was just delivered. Received June coupons for Arby’s – I see there’s a good deal on roast creature – perfect for dinner under the next full moon. Arby’s is one of my occasional lunch stops on my way home from the west branch of the public library. I’m usually at the library from when it opens at 9:00am until about 11:00am, about twice per week, then to Arby’s – about halfway home. Other stops along the way may include Walmart (west side by I-35), Aldi grocery store (lowest price on food – especially milk), and of course Hastings book store at Main and 24th Street West. All those a mile north of my apartment, but for the library an addition mile west – just west of I-35 and south of Main. There will be fewer trips to the library after getting Cox Essential Internet (wireless) at home, but I’ll still go to the library to occasionally check out books.

My most regular shopping is done at Dollar General – the west location on Lindsey just east of 24th Street SW – about a 5-minute walk to the south from my apartment. I get food there for my new roommates, an old male cat being affectionately cared for by a younger female cat. She tends to fear humans, but accepted me after the male cat did so. They were abandoned about a year ago by former tenants who moved out and left them behind. They were being fed by a couple of neighbors – and still are to some extent (although one of those neighbors moved out a month ago) – I just started caring for them about a month ago. The female cat is apparently grateful I got the CATV hooked up (on the “Starter” deal). I noticed she likes to watch TV. The male cat looks like he has had a rough life with many cat fights – part of left ear gone, but for over-sized front paws looking like he is wearing boxing gloves so he must have won most of the battles. I’ve been calling him “Buddy” and her “Kitty” for lack of better names yet. Maybe “Max” for him. They both answer to “food” when I say it – they know what that means! They like some kinds of human food – mainly meat – beef, chicken, pork baby back BBQ ribs, turkey – occasionally in addition to the usual dry or wet cat food. I previously had a cat about 2 months old, given to me by the real estate lady who got the apartment deal for me, who I pay my rent to – she collects it for the property owner in Denver. The apartments and condos have different owners. There’s a HOA – Home Owners Association with a Board of Directors. Anyway, that cat went crazy, did some damage to my apartment and to me, so I ended up giving it away to a Spanish lady I encountered at Dollar General, conversing with here in the cat food and supplies section, who wanted to try to train the wildness out of it.

The threat of tornadoes and severe t-storms with hail, heavy rain, and damaging winds, is fairly high now through the Memorial Day holiday weekend – usually to hit the Norman and OKC area from early evenings, to last through the nights at least until sunrise. About 80F to 90F days with strong gusty winds, then 60F to 70F nights. Does it not usually rain on Memorial Day? It did in Kansas where I was born 5 March 1956, and more often than not does so here in Oklahoma – I noticed since moving here 3 May 2008.

Present temperature this Tuesday afternoon in Norman Oklahoma is 84F, heat index 90F with 66% humidity and wind SW 16mph gusting to 24mph. Inside temperature 80F on the gauge hanging on the south wall of my living room by the French doors to the balcony porch of my second level apartment. I have one of those doors open, and a fan on a nearby end table at the end of the couch on the east wall. I also have the front door open, as well as the bedroom and dining room windows facing south. I’ve turned the dining room – next to the entryway and kitchen – into my “home office” where I’ll now do most of my writing. I can see and hear the TV in the living room from the dining table – now my desk.

It doesn’t feel too bad in the shade in the breeze, as long as I’m not too physically active. I might adjust my schedule to take a siesta (nap) during the hottest time of days, and stay up later to watch a movie on TV/DVD during the cooler nights. I’m drinking a lot of ice water – must avoid dehydration, and the crushed ice is helping to keep me feeling comfortable enough. I’ve survived worse – remembering the worst I’ve ever experienced – August 1980 had 11 days of 111F and all I had then was a fan. Usually, I can handle the heat better than the cold. Occasional anemia makes me more sensitive to the cold. Each year my body goes through an adjustment to the cold or heat, before which it feels colder than it is or feels hotter than it is, and then does not feel as cold as it is or as hot as it is. I’m currently in the between zone – oddly sensitive to the cool nights and uncomfortable with the warm days – feeling hotter now than the actual temperature. The heat has killed my appetite – certainly for most cooked foods, but I’d like to have a cold BLT sandwich right now, and wash it down with a Dr Pepper!

In the hallway between the bathroom and bedroom, where the thermostat control is on the west wall, the temperature is 84F (same as outside reported by NWS. Next to it is a door to the air conditioning and heating system. Gas heat worked well this past winter since I moved in 7 November 2015.

The air conditioner is broken. Apparently expensive to fix, so the landlord is not in a hurry to fix it. However, I have seen a service company man fixing, or replacing air conditioners – the fan thing on the ground outside. He hasn’t got to mine yet, working at a rate of fixing or replacing one per day or evening. At least a dozen so far. At least 160 apartments here – some of them are “condominiums” but I don’t see much difference other than number of bedrooms and who owns them. Some of the owners of some of the buildings in turn rent them out rather than live there. The owner of the building I live in lives in Denver, visits his sister here in Norman for about 1 week out of every month – and that’s when most of the maintenance gets caught up or done – by him – not just the maintenance crew. At least he has a good work ethic – I’ve even seen him walking the property picking up trash in addition to working directly on some of the major maintenance projects. I first met him when he was replacing a broken closet door in my apartment first week of November 2015.

Not a good sign – the maintenance crew just put a cover over the swimming pool, and I heard it was kept closed last summer. I expect it will be missed more this summer than last summer if it is again kept closed. The demographics has greatly changed here since 1 February 2016 – more families have moved in – most of them black, with lots of children. I’ve become a minority here as one of the white tenants, and being a single male – age 60 now. My opinion, the best new tenants are Hispanics – not just from Mexico, who appear to have the best work ethic and never cause any trouble here. There are other nationalities and races living here, but African Americans have become the majority of tenants now. It’s about 50/50 – half of the EMS and police calls appear to be black tenants and half are white – both mainly being domestic disputes and violence. I’m very concerned that the heat of the coming summer will increase the need for police here on crime calls, as well as EMS mainly for heat-related health problems.

As I continue to write this – now 3:53pm – I could see a couple of police cars just pulled up. The officers went to an apartment west of my apartment in the same building. Each external entryway goes to two ground floor apartments and has stairs to two second level apartments. I believe all those in this building are 1-bedroom apartments like mine. Hopefully the present call isn’t for the elderly white woman, who reportedly was attacked last month by two black males, who broke in and stole her prescription drugs. During the past few months I’ve seen indications of illegal drugs trafficking and use by a few tenants and their visitors, including abuse of prescription drugs, as well as some indication of prostitution – the various crimes by blacks and whites, males and females. Now 4:01pm, the cops have departed without incident, and apparently no need for EMS this time. Most of the bad white males, who appear to be buying and selling drugs – who have moved in since about 1 April 2016 – are about age 30, with tattoos, ball caps on backward, and wearing the kind of pants that show their underwear. The State of Oklahoma tried to sue the State of Colorado for legalization of marijuana in Colorado causing more sales of it in Oklahoma. The U.S. Supreme Court refused to allow it. And now that “red” conservative Republican dominated Oklahoma is quickly turning “blue” liberal Democrats for new majority, the legalization of medical marijuana in Oklahoma is likely to be on the November 2016 ballot.

I have one other roommate, so far. Not just dropped in to hang around like the two cats, but does hang around – from the ceiling. A “Golden Pothos” I bought at Aldi. Grows the green leaves that hang down like vines. I plan to decorate my living room with more of hanging plants. Also nature landscapes – cloth wall hangings. And a few movie posters. I bought a “Zero Gravity” recliner chair this month from Amazon and got free shipping. I don’t like using the bedroom as a bedroom, so I’ve turned the living room into being part bedroom like a studio apartment – which I’d have preferred but they have none of those here. A few reasons why I don’t like sleeping in the bedroom – mainly environment and noise from outside and neighbors. Surprisingly quieter in the living room and better air circulation. I might eventually turn the bedroom into a den, TV room, hobby room, or for a larger home office. It has a south facing bay window and gets lots of sunlight.

Now 5:00pm as severe t-storms and at least one tornado moving across Oklahoma, but none here in the Norman area yet. The cats will refuse to stay inside here when the storms do arrive. They long ago found a safe place, where they will rush off to and remain until the storms are over and heavy rain ends.

Reports on TV of large tornado near Dodge City Kansas, plus other tornadoes and severe t-storms across Kansas. More are springing up on radar for Oklahoma now forming just east of Norman to OKC to head away toward the east-northeast so not a threat here.

Forecast, next storm threat Thursday night into Friday morning. Good weather Saturday and Sunday. Scattered t-storms for Memorial Day Monday May 30 through Thursday June 2.

My next posting here at WordPress is likely to be after I get the Cox Essential Internet (wireless) hooked up week of June 6-10.

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