Government SNAFU – Earth Restrooms – Transgender Interstellar

Government SNAFU – Earth Restrooms – Transgender Interstellar

Editorial Article from special guest author Vox Liberta Antiqu (“Ancient Voice of Freedom”)

Earth Date 2016.05.16 Monday – “Methane Day” (Happy Methane Monday!) on the Interstellar Calendar – ask Mad Max (“Beyond Thunderdome”) about where methane comes from. Meantime…

First, a few related personal observations for background.

What in Interstellar hell has happened to the work ethic on planet Earth? Damn controllers working at Rent-A-Body probably only get any real work done about 15 minutes out of every hour. The rest of the time they are very likely taking cigarette breaks and texting on their cell phones. No wonder some Earth companies are moving jobs off-planet for better and less expensive alien labor. When I called the toll-free interstellar number for Rent-A-Body, I was put on hold for 9 months. How rude! It’s worse than the long TSA lines at the airports! After all, God “created the heavens and the earth in only 6 days” – on his personal desktop computer, so it shouldn’t take 9 months to get a body. By the way, cats don’t take as long as humans. I should have realized something was wrong after being on hold for a month. Idiots! Don’t they know? Life begins before conception! The body is like a car. The soul is the driver.

Why buy a body to own it? Can’t take it with you when you go! Therefore, all anyone can really do is to rent a body needed for transportation while visiting planet Earth. The controllers kinda frown on body snatching, but I heard it still happens by impatient soul travelers, such as homeless aliens and ghosts. Anyway, body renting is kinda like Earth humans creating avatars for their computer-generated virtual reality worlds. For spiritual beings in the spiritual universe, the physical universe is similar to virtual reality. Also, there is soul travel between inhabited planets instead of conventional space travel by starships, because being born into another world is easier for physically and socially adapting to life there. Like virtual reality created by human computers, physical universe reality is not without the occasional glitch.

Typical SNAFU. I wanted the body of a housecat so I could easily observe and study humans while visiting Earth. Instead, I was put into a human body. Then the controllers couldn’t even get the gender right! I had to go to a body shop to get that screw-up fixed. Well, at least by not being put into the body of a cat I’d not have to go through the extremely inconsiderate ordeal of humans removing my ability to create more cats. (Must be some irony in that now after the gender change.) Also, I’ve realized I can learn more about Earth humans by living the life of one. Then at the end of this physical life, when I return home to where I was before traveling to Earth, I can tell others about my great adventure here . . . with some risk of course. After all, Earth is still designated on interstellar mariner maps with the ancient warning: “There Be Monsters!”

Enough of my personal observations (until further on). So here’s The Big News Story…

Now there’s this bizarre restroom issue on planet Earth in the United States of America, crossing over into the Twilight Zone of the Outer Limits. It involves transgender humans. The Statist Obama Administration – Federal Government, now on the edge of becoming an Orwellian dictatorship – is trying to replace Common Sense with a new absurd law being forced on all states – all businesses and schools, under blackmail threat of withdrawing Federal Money if they do not comply. An increasing number of Governors of States are telling Obama and his Statist Federal Government to take the new Federal Law and shove it where light doesn’t shine.

Of course there are concerns about possible related crimes. Men posing as women to enter their restrooms. Less likely women posing as men to enter their restrooms. Reports of crimes against children. A retired police detective I heard on news-talk radio stated that “many” of the “perverts” caught in public restrooms – and especially those abusing children (including teens) – are politicians. Some are teachers in schools. Not transgender people. Just perverts.

In the past, the restroom issue was about race – racial – such as different restrooms for blacks and different restrooms for whites. Again I make the comparison of physical human bodies to cars. The body is like a car. The soul is the driver. Cars come in many different colors. Bodies come in a few different colors. There’s no discrimination against the color of car a human drives. Likewise there should be no discrimination against the color of human bodies (our souls occupy and drive)  or any other physical differences for that matter.

A more important issue is the drivers of cars causing accidents and deaths while distracted by talking and/or texting via cell phones. Also the minds and souls therein failing to properly drive their human bodies while trying to talk or text while walking on a sidewalk or anywhere else to then walk into another person or thing, or walking into the path of a car to end up being killed. Rent-A-Body does not do refunds for abused or damaged bodies. When you die, you’ll have to rent a new body, to be reincarnated, or return home to the planet or spiritual universe (heaven) where your traveling soul came from before visiting Earth.

I believe the problem is spiritual – the soul – not just a physical issue, and not just emotional and/or mental although there is emotional and/or mental impact. It’s female souls in male bodies or male souls in female bodies.

FUBAR. Well if the body shop were to get the job done right, how would anyone know what body gender a soul had before? You’d still see males going into the “gentlemen’s room” and females going into the “lady’s room.” Right? Unless it’s someone who hasn’t had the changes done yet and only dresses as the other gender. Or unless the body shop has failed to change everything over, which could cause some understandable confusion. Like it’s probably not easy turning a VW Bug into a Porsche 914, going from cute body to hot body, but both basically use the same kind of air-cooled engine.

Hard enough for the body mechanics. Now the damn politicians get involved. “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.” – famous quoted words spoken as those special gloves are put on. “Now drop your pants and bend over.” That’s what happens when Statists get elected. President Barack Obama isn’t a Liberal Democrat. He’s a Left Statist, pretending to be a Liberal Democrat, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing – not too unlike body-snatching aliens or ghosts. Hillary Clinton is worse, being like an Orwellian Statist on steroids. Dystopian Totalitarian Dictatorship. Left Statists are usually known to be Socialists. There are also Statists on the political Right pretending to be extreme Conservatives, who are usually known to be Fascists, and are more likely than the Left Statists to set up a Theocracy Dictatorship. You wouldn’t really expect a traditional Liberal Democrat to do the intrusive deed (figuratively) with the special gloves, would you? Certainly not a prudish traditional Conservative Republican. I’m really not opposed to Conservatives or Liberals. Donald Trump, who might really be more Independent and Centrist than being a Conservative Republican, might have a great deal for you. I tell you the truth. It’s the emerging Statists who are the control freaks. I am opposed to them. They probably became genetic rejects after they came to Earth and got their pork barrel spending bodies. Election 2016: A Toilet Odyssey. Being swallowed whole by a space alien (or black monolith) might not be the worst of it, but where you end up after digestion could be much worse.

Transgender should use the restroom of current sex, not the restroom one might prefer to use. That’s known as Common Sense. Even though some might prefer most men’s restrooms for “usually being cleaner than women’s restrooms.” Those who have the job of cleaning them would know – I was told by one. Maybe unisex restrooms are cleaner? Unisex single-toilet restrooms should become the new norm, with external sinks. Like a home or hotel room with a sink outside the toilet and bath/shower room. Be careful what you wish for, especially with Statist politicians involved. Public toilets could become coin-operated to pay for changes to restrooms to accommodate transgenders. More than just Dime-A-Dump. You know politicians love money. Pork barrel spending, too.

At least there are not unispecies restrooms yet, unless already in use at Area 51 in the state of Nevada. Homeless aliens move to Earth, demand their own restrooms or to be allowed to use human restrooms.

Can businesses and schools afford the changes to accommodate needs of aliens? You’ve probably seen some aliens drooling excessively. I assure you, what comes out the other end is much worse. (Could be some friends of mine who went missing.) Anyway, by comparison, accommodating transgender people should be easier than accommodating aliens.

Are there aliens on Earth, or at least humans with alien souls? I’d expect that to be obvious. Science fiction authors, for example. Where else would they get such amazing ideas and stories, if not memories from a previous life experienced by them on another world?

A few more personal observations…

How easier my life would have been, and to take a dump, if only I could have got the requested body of a cat instead of a human. Just dig a hole in the ground, use it, and then cover it up. Politicians should understand that. After all, they are good at cover-ups. Especially that kind. Usually of their own making, no doubt. Some humans go outside like cats do – the people who go camping, for example. Also, it is known that from human charity most homeless humans get plenty of food. Good people are happy to donate food, but they don’t think about the . . . end result. Like what goes up must come down. Gravity. Physics. What goes in must eventually come out. People are quick to offer food. Not so quick to offer use of restrooms to homeless people. With some not having 24/7 access to public restrooms, or banned from using them, some homeless people have to go on the ground outside, like abandoned castaway cats or discarded dogs.

Could have been worse for me upon arrival on Earth. Abortion is a huge inconvenience for soul travelers visiting planet Earth. Travel all the way here. Reserve a body rental in advance for transportation after getting here. Then one or more humans interfere by means of an abortion. Stranded like a ghost on Earth, to then have to wait to take the next available new body – hopefully the right gender.

I have yet to see any customers of Rent-A-Body return a body to then be rented to a different customer. Who would want a used body, other than for used parts via Dr. Frank N. Stein? Walking Dead zombies? I expect Daryl Dixon would recommend great caution entering any restrooms these days – or nights, considering WHAT rather than WHO you might encounter therein. Perhaps I should buy a crossbow like the one he has for protection against zombies. My advice: Don’t worry so much about transgender people using public restrooms. Could be much worse, and soon. According to the U.S. Constitution, the term of President shall end at noon on the 20th day of January. For the next election, 2016 November 8, that will be 2017 January 20. Then, depending on who wins Election 2016, the new President could start the Zombie Apocalypse – also partly depending on how many dead people get to vote this time. If enough registered voters are already deceased, it could happen. Common sense. Physics again. You know what zombies eat. Like what the drooling space aliens like to eat. Eventually they have to use a restroom. Trust me. You don’t want to go into a restroom being used by an alien or a zombie. Or to encounter in a restroom a politician of the kind of government that tells you where you can and can’t take a dump, even though such Statist politicians are experts on that subject. So here’s an idea: “Flush Statists from Government  Join The Bowel Movement!”

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