Twitter Feed from Cell Phone – Special Note to WordPress Readers

Friday 13 May 2016

Note to readers at WordPress for my Lantern Timeglass Journal site:

I can now use the browser on my cell phone to access Gmail and Twitter, send email and post tweets, read email and tweets, but I’ll not get any alerts when receiving new messages via Gmail or Twitter. Probably Facebook too, but I’ve not yet tried that one with the cell phone browser. I can’t yet use it to post articles to WordPress, so I’ll still be using my new HP Notebook at home to write articles and then publish them to WordPress when I use the free Wi-Fi at the west branch of the public library. I might have Wi-Fi Internet access at home in the future. My WordPress site, Lantern Timeglass Journal, includes the feed from Twitter, which I’ve just moved to the top of the left column (under my avatar image), previously part of the footer columns. So when I send a tweet from my cell phone at home (or from most anywhere), then the published tweet will become visible in the Twitter feed at my WordPress site. Twitter users can reply to me. Now that I can use the cell phone browser to access Twitter, I will be making more use of it than I have during the past year when I only tweeted links from WordPress postings to Twitter. I am surprised to discover using the browser on my cell phone cost less than talk and texting. I rarely use the cell phone for talk. Only during the past 12 months have I embraced texting, like it, and prefer it to talking. After all, I’m more of a writer than a talker. Anyway, watch the Twitter feed  at my WordPress site for messages from me. I will be doing some tweets mainly for WordPress readers – especially  for my regular readers here. Also, when directly writing at WordPress I’ll now be writing more articles – much shorter than usual and of a greater variety of subjects.

Regarding this month’s bizarre nightmare with Cox Communications for my return to CATV, and regarding their new All Digital signal service being forced on all customers for CATV with its new 7 levels of packaged services – number of channels, kind of channels, and cost . . . I’m today in the process of possibly working out a new deal via Cox national HQ in Atlanta. I’d been lied to by customer service or they were overruled by accounting billing, to then jack up the cost and reduce the number of channels I was expecting, like a bait and switch scam. I might now get the right package for the right price. Further, in June or July I might be able to add their Wi-Fi service for Internet to then use my new HP Notebook for Internet access at home. I will not go back to Cox Broadband Internet requiring a modem and Ethernet cable and port – I will not buy a new PC. Anyway, it appears I’m finally getting back on track, and it feels good to be able to do so – I’m starting to feel alive again instead of like a “Walking Dead” zombie.

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