Cox Communications CATV – New All Digital Signal Service and Mini Box – Evil Greedy Scam?

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern

Business, Company, Product, and Service Review, with some Related History and an Idea

Written 10 May 2016 – Published 11 May 2016 + Updates Soon!

It is my opinion that the new “ALL DIGITAL” signal service and “Mini Box” of Cox Communications CATV is an evil greedy scam. It marks the death of basic cable TV as it has been known in the past. It caters to high-income people, shuts out low-income people or only provides them with a tiny useless CATV package with only a few local and junk channels. Customer service sales representatives lie about channels, packages, and cost, and/or accounting/billing will not honor deals made by customer service sales representatives by sticking customers with full price and extra charges plus fees and taxes. Apparently, accounting/billing believes the “EasyPay” paperless billing system giving them access to customer bank accounts gives them the right to charge whatever they want to and take it from customers whenever they want to.

When it comes to trashing a business, company, product, service, or all of those . . . I don’t mince words. After all, I’d not want to leave out anything important. Better to overkill the monster than to underkill it. Otherwise it might come back to haunt everyone like Walking Dead zombies. However, to be fair about it, I will include a brief report on the 7 years at the oasis of flawless Cox service after a history of bad Cox service and before the present Cox service nightmare from which no user is likely to awaken . . . unless taking the “blue pill” – or is it the “red pill” to escape into reality from the Cox matrix? Food for thought…

I heard on KOKC 1520AM News-Talk Radio, including the “Kim Commando” digital tech radio news-talk show, the news about thousands of people (maybe hundreds of thousands) cutting cable TV to go to less expensive options – including SmartPhones. Now I know why, especially regarding Cox Communications Inc and its new all-digital signal service with related requirements and costs.

Some background… I lived for 7 years at Bishop’s Landing Apartments, Norman, Oklahoma, 3 May 2008 to 2 May 2015. I moved because it was sold and torn down to make way for a new apartment building for Oklahoma University students. The apartment rent included all utilities, plus Cox basic cable TV and Broadband Internet. So the Cox account was in the landlord’s name (or rather Dowell Properties Management). It was the best apartment deal I’ve ever had. Loss of affordable housing and a new minimum income rule (not just here in Norman but also in other cities across the United States) at most apartment complexes, made it difficult for me to find another place to live, causing me to lose most everything and become homeless for a few months. I finally found an affordable apartment 7 November 2015…

Special notes… I prepay electric each month, and the gas bill (heat only) is automatically paid via my bank account. By the way, OEC for the electric service has where I can monitor my use of electric service – what it is costing me each 24 hours, which means the meter can send reports to OEC and its websites where customers can view their accounts. It’s just a matter of time until nearly everything we do at home is somehow monitored by external interests likely for business interests, rather than government intrusion – but not eliminating Big Brother watching you. Or maybe a variation of the HAL-9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey – “Is there a problem, Dave? I noticed you have been flushing the toilet more often than usual. May I recommend a product solution?” I have no doubt Cox is using its new “Mini Box” to monitor customer usage for ratings and other business interests, because an email from Cox in Atlanta warned me to immediately hook it back up after I disconnected (bypassed) it. “Usually, I watch TV – but sometimes the TV watches me.” – may be words for the near future if not already now. Ray Bradbury presented an interactive variation of that concept in the novel and movie Fahrenheit 451. Horror is what you feel when you see what the new Cox monster really is. Terror is what you feel when you realize the Cox monster is watching you . . . like a hungry drooling alien. Being eaten by an alien might not be the worst of it, but rather where you end up after digestion is completed…

Internet access… I’ve been using free computer terminals at the Norman Public Library, most recently the west branch about 2 miles from my apartment. Use is limited to two one-hour sessions, and up to two 30-minute extensions are allowed per session if terminals are still available for others to use. The library also has free Wi-Fi with unlimited use such as via notebooks, and recently began providing iPhones that can be checked out for two hours of use within the library. The 26-inch Magnavox TV that was given to me is probably about 10 years old and is not a flat-screen. I bought a DVD player, and have been buying or renting movies and music on DVDs at Hastings book store. I held off on getting CATV from Cox Communications (or any other means to access TV), mainly because it would be a new regular monthly major expense in my limited budget, and I still had other one-time purchase needs I wanted to get done first. For example, I recently bought a “Zero Gravity” recliner chair through Amazon for about $52 with free shipping.

Ancient history… I first got cable TV from “Wichita Cable” in June 1981 on the first day MTV (Music Television) became a cable TV channel, when I lived in Wichita, Kansas. I don’t recall the cost, but it was under $20 per month. No deposit. Free installation. A cable line from a wall to a CATV box on top of the TV and from the box into the TV. Customer service was excellent. Eventually, “Multi-Media Cablevision” bought “Wichita Cable” resulting in more channels offered for different price options. There was a slight decline in customer service. Good but not excellent. A bit less friendly. Then eventually “Cox Communications” bought “Multi-Media Cablevision” resulting in more channels, package deals, and they did away with the CATV box on top of the TV for direct line from wall into “cable ready” TVs. Customer service became noticeably unfriendly and dishonest to some extent on cost including fees and taxes, as well as an increase in various service problems and not getting quickly fixed. For comparison, the satellite dish option was much worse. I got to try that at an apartments complex I lived at for a year before moving to Oklahoma. The landlord included the service in the rent for all tenants. Good that it was free, but horrible that frequent storms to the south – the dish pointed toward the south – blocked the satellite signal from the satellite I was told is in geosynchronous orbit above Dallas, Texas. So even as bad as Cox CATV became, the satellite dish option was worse. Even so, while I lived at Bishop’s Landing Apartments here in Norman 2008-2015, the Cox service for TV and Internet was not just excellent, it was flawless for 7 years, and paid for by the landlord.

Recent history… On or about 5 April 2016, I visited the Cox Communications website. I found the right deal that appeared to match the service I had at Bishop’s Landing Apartments – channels 2 to 66 with a few digital channels above channel 100 such as where the three C-Span channels were moved to. The monthly charge including fees and taxes would put the cost at about $40 to $50 total, while Cox has been offering a bundle deal special for CATV, Broadband Internet, and phone service for $90 to $100 per month. I don’t want their phone service. I don’t want to return to their Broadband Internet service, which would require a modem and Ethernet port. I’m aware that the owners of the apartments complex (some condos here) are considering and might soon vote on getting a Wi-Fi security cameras service, and if so then might expand the deal to include Wi-Fi Internet service. I don’t know yet if it will be as an amenity, or if they will have a one-time access fee or monthly fee, or simply raise the rent to pay for it. As I’m now holding out for that possibility, on 3 May 2016 I purchased an HP Notebook for $199 at Walmart. It has Windows 10 on it, and a free one-year subscription that includes Word 2016, so I can work offline at home to create documents and write articles for my WordPress site. I can use the free Wi-Fi at the west branch library, or in the café of Hastings book store, to access the Internet for free and upload to WordPress. Anyway, I decided to delay a return to Cox for CATV to May 2016, to wait one more month, using the April 2016 budget for other needs and wants.

Presently, the Cox Communications nightmare on steroids in the Outer Limits of the Twilight Zone… On 3 May 2016, at the west branch library, I accessed the Cox website. I could not find the basic CATV deal for the $40 to $50 cost that I read there a month ago. I searched the website. I gave another deal a look and entered my address for it. The page failed to load. I tried other options. All failed to load. I kept getting the pop-up window for customer service online chat, so I finally clicked on it to give it a try. The first customer service representative claimed Cox does not provide service at my address. Wrong. I told her I’d seen Cox service trucks frequently on the property of the apartments complex, and that I know neighbors who have Cox CATV. Then she claimed Cox does not provide service for some apartments of some apartment complexes, which I thought to be absurd. I said the apartment I moved into is cable ready with a Cox CATV line from a box on the outside of the building to a jack in the apartment, and I know the former tenant had Cox for CATV service. She then transferred me to a customer service supervisor. He found my apartment address, confirmed Cox does provide service there, and offered to help me…

The deal… I explained about the history at Bishop’s Landing Apartments, and that I want the same basic service of about channels 2 to 66 that I had there, now for about $40 to $50, which I thought to be the lowest price deal. He understood, or so I thought. I believed he offered about 50 to 60 channels for only $30 flat-rate total including fees and taxes, no deposit, and no installation fee. Cox was offering a self-service installation for their new “Mini Box” for $20 or professional installation for $50. I inquired about the box and found out Cox is returning to a CATV box system, but the WHY of it was not explained to me during the online chat with the customer service sales representative supervisor. Also, on that date, it was not explained anywhere at the Cox website so far as I could see. It should have been easily found up front with a special notice and link to a page for the details. Anyway, he stated he removed the installation fee, so I’d not be charged the $50 and he would have a professional installer come to my apartment sometime between 8am-10am on Thursday May 5th. I made it clear to him that I’m on a very tight budget for May 2016 – need to know the exact amount and when it is to be paid. He assured me the total cost would only be the $30 monthly charge. He helped me set up the Cox “EasyPay” paperless bill option for the $30 per month to automatically be paid from my bank account, which should have eliminated any need for a deposit. He did not inform me that there would be a $50 deposit sucked out of my bank account by the vampires in accounting/billing. If I had been told I’d be charged a total of $119.75 for May 2016, instead of the assured $30 even total, then I’d have rejected the deal, but I wasn’t given the opportunity to do that. I was lied to in order to get more money out of me via the EasyPay system. At least with a paper bill mailed to me I’d have had a bit more control, and it would have been easier to refuse payment and reject the deal – the wrong deal I was misled into taking by blatant lies. I don’t understand why people in Big Business can’t be honest. It is as if dishonesty is the accepted norm now. The truth is just another lie not yet found out. Apparently they don’t care that it cost them customers and damages their credibility – totally destroys trust.

Installation… I recently discovered my cheap flip-phone and cell phone service via TracFone includes a barely functional browser, which I can use to check weather reports at AcuWeather, and to read but not respond to emails at my gmail account. I got an email from Cox to inform me that the installation appointment had been changed to 5pm to 7pm on Wednesday May 4th. I could not change the appointment or my dinner plans, so I hoped it would be done before I’d have to leave for dinner out. At 4:50pm I got a call from “Michael” that he is on his way. Fighting heavy traffic jams caused by construction in the area, he arrived about 5:15pm in the truck of a different CATV company – apparently Cox contracting some installations to outside service. I showed him where the box is on the outside of the building. It took him only a couple of minutes to do to it whatever needed to be done. Then in my apartment he hooked up the “Mini Box” to my TV. My TV was stuck on channel 124 – I don’t know why – so he did an internal scan for channels to reset it and select channel 3 for the use of the “Mini Box” and its special remote. The TV has to be set to channel 3 or 4 for the “Mini Box” to function, which is similar to the original boxes back in 1981. When he scanned for channels, he was surprised by how many channels the internal scan located. He explained Cox is no longer providing service by direct cable from the wall jack to the TV, and now requires the new “Mini Box” system, but like the sales person I communicated with via online chat he did not explain the WHY of it all. I remarked about the first time I got CATV in June 1981, being the same day MTV began. He replied “I wish we could get it back” – implying MTV is no longer included in the Cox basic cable TV channels but did not say why. The new “Mini Box” hooked up, I used the special remote to check the TV Guide by pressing the guide button on it. The TV displayed the channels and what is on at that time with detailed descriptions. Giving it just a glance, it appeared I got the deal I wanted. He finished and departed. I went out to dinner…

Discovery… Upon returning from dinner, I had more time to check out the TV channel listings to see what is on that I’d watch that night. I clicked on the Syfy Channel and then my jaw just about fell off. Instead of getting the Syfy Channel, I got an onscreen notice that the Syfy Channel is not included, requires more money and a subscription, and for me to call a certain customer service number to get it. I discovered other channels with the same notice, which previously were included in the basic cable TV package. Now they are premium extra-pay subscription channels! Then I noticed several other former basic CATV channels completely missing from the guide listings – such as no AMC, no CNN, no Fox News, no MSNBC, no MTV, no History Channel, no Weather Channel, and no TCM (Turner Classic Movies). Also not included is A&E, USA, TNT, and SPIKE. I discovered I only have 10 of the original basic CATV channels – such as ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and FOX. I found some odd channels I’d never heard of – for example the COMET Channel, which is a cheap rip-off of the Syfy Channel. Right then, it was showing episodes of the newer version of The Outer Limits – beginning with “The Sand Kings” two-part episode of the start of the new series. Then as I was watching it, there was a scene of an actress – character – taking off her shirt, not to become nude/topless, but just revealing her bra during the scene while changing her clothes. I was shocked by censorship blurring out her bra, as if like 1950’s-1960’s extreme prudish censorship of broadcast commercial network TV back then. Even after she put on a fresh shirt over her bra the psychotic censor continued to blur out her top! At that point the whole CATV situation was beginning to anger me. I wasn’t getting the agreed to deal. Just 10 basic channels plus some junk channels for $30 was not acceptable, and then discovering I’m being charged much more than that…

Reality… I awakened middle of night to remember the installation man being surprised by the number of channels found by the internal scan of my TV. So I went into the living room, disconnected the “Mini Box” from the TV, and hooked up the CATV line from the wall jack directly to the TV. Then I did a new internal scan for channels. It worked. The result was access to channels 2 to 66 like what I had 2008-2015 at Bishop’s Landing Apartments for Cox basic cable TV service! The old system is still in place. Use of the new “Mini Box” limited my TV to only 10 of the old basic CATV channels, plus a number of odd junk channels I’d never heard of and would never watch – I’d certainly never again watch the “COMET” channel with such absurd prudish censorship…

Monitoring customers… Next morning, a new “no-reply” email from Cox customer service in Atlanta, Georgia. They had detected that I’d disconnected the “Mini Box” and they demanded I immediately hook it back up! So, apparently, with the new “Mini Box” system, Cox can monitor their customers. To what extent, I don’t know. Anyway, it’s not just a one-way signal from Cox, but a way for Cox to get feedback too. Even so, there’s much more to the new system than that. The email also explained the WHY of it all. It’s not just one simple new “Mini Box.” Some channels and packages require buying or renting an “Advanced TV Receiver, or Contour Receiver, or Cox-provided CableCard with a certified CableCard retail device.” By hooking the cable directly to the TV, bypassing the new box, I get the old basic CATV like what I had at Bishop’s Landing Apartments, because Cox has not yet completed the change to the new “ALL DIGITAL” signal service, expected to be completed on or about May 17th. I have refused to hook the “Mini Box” back up because the sales representative lied to me, or the deal he offered to me was not honored by accounting/billing. I did not get the expected (approximately) 50 to 60 channels – or the “TV Essential 50+” channels package deal of the new system. I am being charged the promised $30 but for only about 10+ channels on the new “Starter” package deal…

Inflated billing… Then at the west branch library, I used a link in the Cox email to access my new account page via their website – I signed in to see it. I was shocked by what I found there – a first bill for $119.75 to be paid on May 24th via automatic payment from my bank account! The customer service sales representative supervisor I chatted online with on May 3rd lied to me, or Cox accounting/billing refused to honor the deal he offered to me. The bill included a $50 deposit, and a $40 installation charge, and the $30 monthly charge was actually $29.75 total including fees and taxes for the “Starter” 10+ channels package. That’s $89.75 more than what I was prepared to pay this month of May 2016. I’d not have enough money in my bank account to cover it. Also, for the first time I got a look at the new page listing all of the seven new levels of package deals, number of channels and the monthly charges, as well as special equipment to be rented or purchased – required for access to certain channels and package deals. I tried to revoke “EasyPay” to stop payment of the $119.75 on May 24th, but Cox customer service would not cooperate with me…

Fighting back… I rushed from the west branch library over to a branch of the bank I have my account at. I talked to a teller and then the branch manager. They too would be terminating Cox CATV for similar reasons – as what has happened to me has happened to them and many others. The teller and branch manager recommended two options to prevent the $119.75 payment, since Cox was not cooperating with me revoking my authorization for “EasyPay” to pay the bill. I could close my bank account and open a new account with a $50 deposit, which Cox would not have access to. Or I could pay a $25 fee and do a Stop Payment on the $119.75 as a way to block the “EasyPay” May 24th payment. I did not want to close the account, mainly because my apartment rent check had not yet gone through, and I still had an automatic payment to the gas service company due on Friday May 13th. So I paid the $25 fee for Stop Payment. If that were to fail to stop Cox, then on or soon after June 4th I’d close the bank account and open a new bank account to prevent any further payments via “EasyPay” to Cox. After leaving the bank, I went home and wrote letters of complaint with request to terminate my Cox account, disconnect the service and return the “Mini Box” to Cox, which sent in U.S. Mail to the Cox home office in Atlanta, Georgia, and to the branch office (Cox store) here in Norman, Oklahoma – which both should get on or about May 10th. Meantime, I’ve stopped using the service, my TV no longer hooked up to Cox. It is my intention to never do business with Cox ever again. It is my opinion that they are dishonest, evil, and greedy. Even with thousands of people cutting cable TV to go to less expensive and better options, Cox continues to jack up cost, with less service for the cost, and to pursue the new “ALL DIGITAL” signal service in part as an excuse to charge more money for channels. It has become like a classic “bait and switch” scam – a kind of fraud. I expected the same basic simple low-cost deal as in past years. Instead, I got burned. $119.75 for 10+ channels is absurd. Cox can’t be trusted for CATV service. That’s my opinion – my conclusion. The bottom line: Cox is no longer offering the basic cable TV of channels 2 to 66 that has existed for the past 35 years. Very disappointing. While bypassing the “Mini Box” to have direct access to the old system, I got to check some old favorite channels, and there I saw previews of new TV shows I’ll probably never get to see now because of Cox greed by changing all of them to premium extra pay channels in special high-priced packages with additional equipment I have to buy or rent. What a scam!

Rejected option… I will not consider the AT&T option, for which I’ve been getting ads via U.S. Mail. When I lived in Wichita during 2003, I had MSN dial-up and was using Southwestern Bell Telephone with AT&T. At the end of that year, I laid out the monthly bills on a table. I was surprised to count 13 bills instead of 12. So I gave them a closer look. I checked the coverage dates and billing dates. Four weeks each instead of month to month. The deal was for a certain amount per month, not every 4 weeks (28 days). A year is 365 days, divided by 28 equals 13. I called customer service. The lady I talked to said SW Bell and AT&T “defines a year as having 13 months of 28 days each” instead of 12. “What’s the name of the 13th month?” I asked. “We don’t use the old traditional month names.” She answered. Then I terminated the service. SW Bell and AT&T had redefined a year to get an extra payment – a 13th payment – out of a year instead of 12 payments. That’s nearly like violating weights and measures standards accepted by the rest of the world. What a scam! Totally dishonest. Greed rules! So I’ve never forgotten or forgiven how SW Bell and AT&T ripped me off – and hundreds of thousands of other customers. No doubt they had the justice system, government and politicians, in their pocket, so that they could legally get away with it. The previous scam was when SW Bell stores sold the special design phones, like the remake of the classic candlestick phone, but in plastic and with the new touchtone phone system parts in it. Turns out the fine print stated I only paid for the shell of the phone, not the internal parts still owned by SW Bell. So I got a knock at my door one evening a few months later by a SW Bell employee, who demanded the immediate return of the internal parts – but I could keep the $80 (useless) shell I bought. He removed the bottom, pulled out the guts, and handed the empty shell to me. It is that kind of gross dishonesty in business that I suspect Cox Communications is now embracing.

Response… I’m awaiting reply to the letters I sent to customer service management at Cox in Atlanta and here in Norman. If they send someone to disconnect the service, pick up the box, and don’t try to charge me anything, then I’ll be satisfied enough and believe that this bizarre nightmare is over.

Back to Plan A… Some of those TV shows I’d be missing out on I can buy or rent whole seasons of episodes on DVD at Hastings book store. So that’s my plan now for TV, as well as continuing with buying or renting movies and music on DVD. That was my original plan for TV at my new home before deciding to give Cox a try.

Idea… I believe a possible solution is to combine TV and Internet by a means similar to what was first referred to as WebTV and then MSN-TV 1998-2002. A normal TV was used in place of a PC to access the Internet via a dial-up service over the phone landline, with the use of a terminal box similar to a VCR but with a wireless keyboard. I had one of those and liked it before I bought my first PC in 2002. Further, to make selection of TV channels and shows a kind of alacarte system or online buffet, like pay-per-view. By that means you pay only for what you watch, rather than a package deal to force you to include paying for odd channels you would never watch. I call those junk channels. So I’d want that option for TV shows and movies, as well as perhaps for a music videos service and for sports events. However, not for news and weather channels, which should be part of the basic service. I’m not opposed to turning the system into also being a wireless video phone system with choice of service sources.

Just another observation, by the way… All of those channels that are now premium extra pay subscription instead of part of the old basic cable TV package, have commercials – an increasingly excessive number and length of commercials – about 20 minutes out of every hour now – so the actual episode is only 40 minutes of an hour-long show. Long ago, broadcast network commercial television was free to watch – just buy a TV and an antenna for VHF (and a loop antenna for UHF channels). Then the government put an end to that, by taking over analog and pushing digital on the general public, so now we have to pay to watch what used to be free. Most of the primetime TV shows of the original ABC, CBS, and NBC, as well as FOX, have become so full of left-wing liberal political propaganda and political correctness that I can no longer tolerate watching any of them. On the somewhat new cutting edge are some of the shows of AMC – the best of all, such as The Walking Dead and Hell On Wheels. Also, shows like “Vikings” as an excellent historical drama on The History Channel. When the newer version of Battlestar Galactica was on the Syfy Channel several years ago, that was a combination of drama and science fiction at its best. Might be worth it to watch all of them again by buying or renting them on DVD from Hastings. However, like the ending of the series of LOST (on ABC TV), I didn’t like the ending of the Battlestar Galactica series – the original as well as the newer version. The original was created by Glen A. Larson, a Mormon, who based part of Battlestar Galactica (background) on actual Mormon texts, and tied it in with the book “Chariots of the Gods?” and the “Ancient Astronauts” (or Ancient Aliens) beliefs and series on The History Channel. Anyway, a good thing about watching TV, movies and music on DVD . . . no commercials – except for other shows and movies but that’s acceptable. I was born 5 March 1956 (age 60 now), so I grew up with original broadcast commercial network TV, and I experienced the transition from black-and-white TV to color TV. I especially was a fan and collector of TV opening theme music, such as Hawaii Five-O by The Ventures. In turn a fan and collector of movie theme (show tunes) music, such as Raiders of the Lost Ark music. Of course, movies such as American Graffiti. My sister, 8 years older than me, lived through those times. It was my sister who introduced me to science fiction – when the original version of The Day the Earth Stood Still was first broadcast on TV. The real aliens rarely visit Earth, because of the ancient interstellar mariner warning on galactic maps marking planet Earth: “There Be Monsters!” Truth be known, we have found the aliens and they are us! No doubt, some science fiction authors are aliens. Where else and from whom would such ideas come from? Which of all is just fiction, and which could be truth posing as fiction? God – the ultimate science fiction author, and we are just characters in God’s novel about a planet known as Earth? Or maybe God created us within a virtual reality universe on his personal desktop computer! (Having borrowed a bit of humor and variation from the ending of The Men in Black movie.) It is a pleasure to consider it and other imaginings to be possible. For religion, I am a Spiritual Universalist. It is a bit disappointing John didn’t mention the new version of Cox in the Book of Revelation as a coming plague, perhaps worse than the Zeka Virus. Maybe the new version of Cox will mark the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse by turning all users into zombies. Or maybe time spent watching the new version of Cox CATV will count as time already served in hell, when judged at the end of this present life…

Babylon… The huge apartments complex where I live – apartments and condos – should be named Babylon. Not just for the city of that name in ancient history. I was a fan of the “Babylon 5” science fiction TV series long ago. Great diversity in language, nationality, and race of tenants. Here as a white male age 60, single and straight, no children, I have become the minority as the demographics have greatly shifted from white majority since February 2016. Now I feel like an alien, a “Stranger in a Strange Land” (per the title of the Robert A. Heinlein novel), or rather I’ve become a stranger in my own land overtaken by aliens. So far, mostly good aliens – good neighbors. Police haven’t shot any of them, yet. I feel like I’ve left friends and relatives behind on another planet, to become a shipwrecked “Cast Away” stranded on island Earth. With my liberal side anchored in science fiction, such diversity should appeal to me. It has in other settings including past professions – especially when I was a motel manager and hotel night auditor. Even so, as far as “home” is concerned, I prefer to be with my own kind – no offense intended against the others – and I expect most of them feel the same way. It’s become rare now to encounter my own kind anywhere, except perhaps for KOKC – hearing others of my own kind on that news-talk radio station. Such as Mitchell in the Morning (local), Chad Alexander (local), Laura Ingrham (national), and especially Michal Savage of The Savage Nation (national), as well as Kim Commando for digital tech subjects (national, perhaps international, and quite possibly interstellar). I agree with most of what they have been preaching, so I’m in good company with them – and some or most of their other listeners as well as some who call in to the shows. By the way, Oklahoma, and Norman, is shifting from conservative political red to liberal political blue with political correctness on steroids. As a centrist, Independent voter, and nationalist patriot, I’ve had some fantasies about getting CATV and Internet at home to help me to escape at least mentally from such isolation here…

Passing time… Meantime, back to the routine of usually listening to KOKC 1520AM News-Talk Radio about 6am to about noon, Monday through Friday, but for the mornings I’m at the west branch library about 9am to 11am. I usually go to Walmart, or Arby’s, or Aldi, or Hastings on the way home from the library. Most of the afternoons spent reading novels from the library or bought at Hastings, or writing articles on my new HP Notebook for my WordPress site. I’ve shifted from reading mostly science fiction to reading mostly political thrillers – for which I especially recommend the very timely novels by author Brad Thor. The U.S. Mail usually gets delivered at home about 2pm, but I don’t get much of that anymore – although a few surprisingly useful ads and coupons each week for nearby restaurants and stores. Back to listening to KOKC about 4pm to about 9pm. The Michael savage show of “The Savage Nation” is my favorite, 6pm to 9pm (recorded from the west coast broadcast in Pacific Time noon to 3pm where he broadcasts live from). As a centrist, independent voter, and nationalist patriot, I agree with most of what Savage says, and presently I plan to vote for Donald Trump for U.S. President in Election 2016 – November 8th. The majority of Republican voters support Trump, but the party itself is divided and the politics-as-usual RNC still opposes him. The internal Republican conflict is likely to result in Hillary Clinton becoming President – then an Orwellian dictator. The Republican Party has been stuck on stupid, putting forward bad candidates who have little or no chance of winning – allowing Democrats to win in 2008 and again in 2012. I try to take a break from the bizarre political landscape during the weekends. The Kim Commando show is on the weekends for digital tech subjects. Otherwise I usually spend weekends watching bought or rented movies on DVDs from Hastings. Even so, I’m out of money now in my budget to do that the rest of this month – although I might be able to rent a couple of movies on the Memorial Day holiday if I still have any money by then. What else is there to do here at home to help pass the time? Feed the cats. Water the plants. Talk to the cats and plants. Visit my doctor in the refrigerator . . . a can of Dr. Pepper always knocks down my depression, makes me feel better, the only effective doctor in today’s totally screwed up health care system. That would be a good commercial for TV, as long as I don’t have to pay extra to watch it on a Cox premium rip-off channel. KOKC has a sister station, KOMA 92.5FM Classis Rock, which I sometimes listen to. Time traveling – via music-triggered memories of what I experienced during those days and nights long ago, not so far away.


Monday 16 May 2016: Regarding this month’s bizarre nightmare with Cox Communications for my return to CATV, and regarding their new All Digital signal service being forced on all customers for CATV with its new 7 levels of packaged services – number of channels, kind of channels, and cost . . . I’m in the process of possibly working out a new deal via Cox national HQ in Atlanta. I’d been lied to by customer service or they were overruled by accounting/billing, to then jack up the cost and reduce the number of channels I was expecting, like a bait and switch scam. I might now get the right package for the right price. Further, in June or July I might be able to add their Wi-Fi service for Internet to then use my new HP Notebook for Internet access at home, but I’m having trouble getting needed feedback and information about that service. I will not go back to Cox Broadband Internet requiring a modem and Ethernet cable and port – I will not buy a new PC. Anyway, it appears I’m finally getting back on track, and it feels good to be able to do so – I’m starting to feel alive again instead of like a “Walking Dead” zombie.

[More Updates to be added here to this posting if/when any.]


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