First post via Wi-Fi at Library with my new HP Notebook

Wednesday morning May 4, 2016…

Yesterday Tuesday May 3rd, 2016, I purchased a HP Notebook for $199 at Walmart. It has Windows 10. I can work offline at home to create articles and documents, and then upload them to Internet via free Wi-Fi access at the public library (and a few other locations nearby like the café of Hastings book store where I buy/rent DVD movies/music). I’ve been using the free computer terminals at the west branch of the library, but access is limited to two 1-hour sessions, although each session can get up to two 30-minute extensions if not reserved by other people. So I can now get more writing done at home when convenient for me, and my “loud” keyboarding will not bother anyone nearby. Also I can save docs on my HP Notebook that I could not save on the library computers. The owners of the apartments complex where I now live might soon get Wi-Fi security cameras service via Cox, and if so then maybe also new Wi-Fi Internet service via Cox. If/when that is done, then I’ll be able to access Internet at home. Meantime, I have ordered Cox basic minimum cable TV for a special flat rate of $30 per month, and free hook-up Thursday May 5th.

Update – Cox emailed notice installation will be today, 5pm-7pm! Wahoo!

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2 thoughts on “First post via Wi-Fi at Library with my new HP Notebook

  1. thank a lot for your site it assists a whole lot.|


    • Thanks. I eventually upgraded Cox CATV, and added Internet at home with a wireless modem. The previous CATV level didn’t include my favorite cable channels including AMC and The History Channel, as well as CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News. All included in the higher level deal more expensive. So now CATV and Internet via Cox add up to $114 total per month including fees and taxes. If I had taken advantage of a special a while back to include their phone service with CATV and Internet then it would have cost less than what I now pay just for CATV and Internet. Cox has made some new offers similar, but I really don’t want their phone service – not even if it were to be free.

      The new CATV boxes for the higher level are massive – like the old VCRs years ago. Also they have a hard drive that is as noisy “chatters” like the old Compaq personal desktop computer hard drives did in the past. The “Power” switch is a scam – not cutting off power at all, but only the connection from the box to the TV. So it’s hard drive “chatters” all night, making me wonder what it is really doing in addition to the known service. I had a conversation in my apartment near it. Suddenly one of the products talked about began to show up in tailored ads when I’d access the Internet. There’s a microphone in it somewhere for a voice command option instead of using the remote. So I can imagine how much worse their phone service would be, violating privacy like that.

      Further, I had to cover the camera on my HP Notebook, as well as the two microphones – one on each side oft he camera. I’ve been getting the target symbol on the bottom bar to warn me I’m being hacked, as well as popup warnings when someone is trying to access my camera and microphones. I doubt Cox has live people monitoring what I say and do. All done by a massive computer listening for key words to fit possible interests. That’s how the NSA computer at Utah works, and the most powerful one on earth at Alan Texas created and owned by Experian. At NSA, only when certain key words are red-flagged does it result in a review by a liver person there. No cell phone is safe. Never were. An hour after getting a Lifeline cell phone free from the government, I was walking down a sidewalk with a friend having a conversation. I’d not yet given out the new number. I got a call, 2 voice mails, ID of caller blocked. Both 30-second recordings of the conversation as we walked down the sidewalk. That was spooky!

      Privacy vanished long ago, and security along with it. Edward Snowden didn’t reveal anything new. It was reported on CBS News 60 Minutes and The History Channel about 16 years ago…

      Now it’s not just the government – Big Brother – spying on Americans. It is Big Business,like Cox.



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