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I almost feel like I’m living in the Pre-Stone Age, not B.C. – Before Cable (TV), but A.C. – After Cable (TV). I do feel somewhat isolated without CATV and Internet access at home. I’m presently using a free computer terminal at the west branch library here in Norman Oklahoma. I try to come here at least once each week, but also as I check out and return books. I sometimes also go to the downtown library location. As for TV, it is presently only hooked up to a new DVD player. I’ve been buying DVD music videos, and renting DVD movies from Hastings about a mile from my apartment.

I do have an old used AM/FM clock radio given to me by the landlady, for where I’ve lived here in Norman since 7 November 2015. I will soon buy a new AM/FM stereo radio with CD player and speakers I can spread out for better stereo sound when listing to music stations like KOMA 92.5 FM Classic Rock. I mainly listen to KOKC 1520 AM News-Talk Radio (same owner as KOMA), recommended by the landlady.

I’d abandoned AM/FM radio for news, weather, and music in May 2008 when I moved to Norman Oklahoma from Wichita Kansas. I became satisfied with news, weather, and entertainment via COX Basic CATV and Broadband Internet access included in the rent at Bishop’s Landing Apartments where I lived May 2008 to May 2015 – sold and torn down summer 2015. I thought CATV and Internet was enough. Not so. I now feel like I lived in ignorant bliss for the 7 years there at Bishop’s Landing, especially comparing CATV and Internet to news-talk radio as news sources – especially for major political issues – local, national, and international.

KOKC is mainly conservative talk radio. Such as Scott Mitchell (local for Oklahoma), Laura Ingraham (national), Chad Alexander (local for Oklahoma), and Michael Savage (national). So far, I agree with most of what I’ve heard them say. Perhaps I no longer average out to be a Centrist – by agreeing with Liberals on some issues while agreeing with Conservatives on most other issues – similar to Libertarians but not as far right and not as far left as them. Pushed further to the right from center by the Statists in government pretending to be Liberals – like wolves in sheep’s clothing. It is a surprise to me that KOKC, news-talk radio, is now keeping me better informed on most of the issues I care most about – need and want to know about, than CATV and Internet news sources I’ve used in the past – including CNN and FOX News (FNC). It is more of a surprise to me that most of their positions on major political issues are the same as my positions on those issues. They are doing a much better job of presenting those issues and our common positions than I’ve been doing in the past here at WordPress, as well as Facebook and Twitter for shorter postings. Further, each of them has hundreds – thousands – perhaps millions of more followers (listeners) than I have as followers/readers at WordPress, Facebook and Twitter under my Internet pen name of Jim Lantern – as an independent journalist and science fiction author. Even so, I’ll continue to write as Jim Lantern, or under my real name Jim Harwood (like this special posting), as long as I’m able to do so. I turn age 60 this coming 5 March 2016 (born in 1956), so I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to do this.

Presently, in addition to listening to KOMA or KOKC, I spend most of my time reading novels from the public library, mostly political thrillers now rather than science fiction. I spend some time watching movies and music videos on DVDs rented or bought at Hastings.

When I’m able to budget it, I’ll look for other means/services for accessing TV and Internet at home. I’d rather not go back to COX, or AT&T, or DISH. I might use a future means/service for accessing the Internet to also access TV from the Internet. Maybe I should eventually invest in an iPhone or something similar? I’m open to suggestions. I have thought about getting a new Acer Chromebook at Walmart, with Windows instead of Chrome OS so I can use it at home (offline) with Word or Open Office on it to create articles/docs, then use a thumb drive to move them from there to a public library terminal to upload to here at WordPress. So I’d do my writing at home, then upload it at the library. No Internet service at home – just use the library, or take a new Chromebook here where there is also free Wi-Fi to use my Chromebook instead of their desktop computers. Budget is tight, so I can’t afford much. I want to avoid contracts, fine print, and hidden charges. I just want a simple straight-forward pay-as-I-go deal for service, and to buy whatever new means I use – such as a Chromebook or iPhone. Comments are open, so let me know what works for you. If you are not already approved via past comments here, then allow a week for me to get back here to approve your comment for it to be posted under this article. Thanks.

By the way, still a Centrist, still registered as an Independent Voter . . . I plan to vote for Donald Trump, if he becomes the Republican candidate or runs as an Independent. I’m not opposed to Liberals – I’m opposed to Statists pretending to be Liberals – such as Hillary Clinton. It will be interesting to see if she survives the legal battles involving emails and violating top secret classified material to stay in the race and become the Democrat candidate. IF it becomes Trump vs. Clinton, then I have no doubt he will obliterate her and become the next U.S. President.

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