Tent as Mosquito Net for Bed/Sleeping and for Energy Saver

Concerned about Zika Virus, mainly carried by mosquitoes? Maybe it is time to invest in a mosquito net for your bed. There is another option, much more effective…

Back during 2011, there was an invasion of bedbugs at the apartments complex where I lived. Various sprays killed the adults, but not the eggs. Only heat treatment – heating apartment to 135F for 7 hours – would kill the eggs. The first invasion was treated with sprays. I had to trash the infected furniture. Second invasion was treated with heat. I began to buy furniture that can’t be infected with bedbugs – such as patio furniture, lawn furniture, and camping furniture.

I considered buying a mosquito net for my normal bed – mattress and box springs. I found them to be too expensive and decorative than practical. Then as I was walking through Walmart one day, I noticed dome tents on sale. I started to walk on past, then thought perhaps I could use one to completely enclose the bed. Since the second invasion of bedbugs infected my new bed, I replaced it with an airbed. I discovered the bedbugs can’t penetrate an airbed. Putting the airbed inside the purchased dome tent, I discovered the bedbugs can’t penetrate the material of the tent – can’t get into the tent when zipped closed – unless carried in by me if already on me and my clothing. Anyway, it works. Not only keeping out invasions of bedbugs, but also roaches, spiders, ants, and other insects.

At my new apartment, I started using a dome tent and air mattress inside for a different additional reason – to save money on the gas bill for heating my apartment at night this winter (2015-2016). I can set the thermostat down to 60F for the apartment. Inside the dome tent I use a small personal heater with a 6-inch fan. I do not run it while asleep. Running it for about 2 minutes raises the temperature inside the dome tent (like heating a hot air balloon) to as high as 80F. It takes about 2 hours for the temperature inside the tent to drop to about 70F. I usually awaken about every 2 hours, and then run the personal heater for only a couple of minutes to re-warm the interior of the tent. Works well and is safe doing it that way. It is saving me some money on the monthly gas bill, up to about $30 per month.

This is also a fun option. Go camping inside the comfort of your home! At my new apartment, I’m furnishing the bedroom with what may be described as outdoor furniture – lawn furniture, patio furniture, camping furniture. I’ll be hanging nature landscape pictures and tapestries on the walls. The already brown carpet is a substitute for dirt on the ground. I’ll also be getting potted plants and hanging plants to add some real life to the room – the bedroom has a big bay window for the plants to get enough light during the days.


Photo taken with my cell phone.

Tent is a 7 x 7 dome tent purchased at Walmart. Inside is a queen size air mattress with a battery powered air pump, a sleeping bag on top of it, and a small personal heater next to it.

Most any kind of dome tent can be set up inside without using the stakes to hold it up and in place.

Dome tents with the rain cover on top, hold in the heat better than other designs and kinds. I’ll remove the rain cover and use a ceiling fan to keep cool at nights during the summer.

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