Glenn Frey – 6 November 1948 to 18 January 2016 – R.I.P. – The Music Lives On

Glenn Frey – 6 November 1948 to 18 January 2016 – R.I.P. – The Music Lives On

Many good celebrities have departed this world in recent months. For this one, I decided to make a special trip to the library to use a free computer terminal to post this. I don’t yet have Internet access at my new apartment. Not the best of weather for getting out, but I got here.

I was born 5 March 1956. I turn age 60 on March 5 of this year 2016. So I’ve lived through the years when The Eagles and their songs were new.

My first profession was in electronics repair for about 10 years – mainly running service calls at bars and clubs to repair jukeboxes, pinball games, and video games. My social life meshed perfectly with that profession, spending some free time in some bars and clubs where I’d otherwise do service calls, enjoying the music while socializing and shooting pool (billiards). Of course, some of that music enjoyed over those years and beyond – even up to present time – was, has been, and still is The Eagles, and those by Glenn Frey after members of The Eagles went their separate ways. Do I have a favorite? Perhaps. Hard to say. All are good.

Most of all, music stimulates memories. Most of the memories stimulated by the music of The Eagles and what Glenn Frey later did on his own are good memories. Those memories help me to remember old friends, who shared the same interest in music as me, same kind of music, and were fans of The Eagles. I assume those old friends – those who are still alive today – are still fans of that music. Greetings to any who are reading this who remember me when I lived and worked in Wichita Kansas, such as repairing jukeboxes mainly 1976-1986. I sense my own departure date, a bit overdue, will be sooner than later now.

The music lives on with those still living. The music lives on with good souls who have departed this world, hopefully living on in a better place of the spiritual realm now.

~ Jim Harwood aka Jim Lantern (Internet pen name as an independent journalist and science fiction author)

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