Happy Thanksgiving Day! – November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Day – Holiday and Weekend!

Thursday 26 November 2015 – Sunday 29 November 2015


I’m thankful I’m no longer out-on-the-street homeless, or in a homeless shelter – even though the meals would be extra good from donations this holiday weekend.

I’m thankful I finally found and obtained an apartment, and thankful for the “Church In The Park” people and “Food and Shelter” [“for Friends”] people who helped me to find and obtain an apartment.

I’m thankful my physical health and mental/emotional health is improving as result of no longer being homeless.

I’m thankful I can use a free public library computer terminal to write this – could be a few months until I get a new Chromebook and get Internet access at my new home.

I’m thankful I’ll be inside this holiday weekend, with rain in the forecast – possibly changing to ice and/or snow Thursday night or Friday night or Saturday night here in Norman Oklahoma. I’m stocked up, ready for it.

I hope the holiday weekend will be good for everyone reading this posting!

~ Jim Harwood aka Jim Lantern (pen name)

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