New Home Found: The Year-Long Nightmare is Now Ending

Greetings all:
After finding out in November 2014 about the plan to sell and bulldoze Bishop’s Landing Apartments here in Norman Oklahoma, the loss of my home of 7 years, the year-long nightmare and search is finally over!
If all goes according to plan, I should be able to move in Monday November 9th, if not sooner or later. Landlord needs a couple of days to get it ready. Offer was made to me via email very early today – Thursday 5 November 2015 – and I have accepted the deal. Details to be worked out and lease to be signed soon. I’ll be living in a $500 per month one-bedroom near West Lindsey and 24th SW. I pay electric. Unfurnished.
I’ve set aside about $630 in this month’s budget (from $851 SSDI), but April at Food & Shelter has offered to get a grant to pay the $500 first month’s rent. I’ll pay the apartment and electric deposits. There will be other kinds of aid from Food & Shelter (giving me a recently donated MW oven for example), and some aid from The Salvation Army via Leona – I’m presently living at their shelter to November 9th – leaving sooner if apartment ready sooner, or staying longer to when apartment is ready.
This deal would not have happened if not for some help from an important friend when I returned to Norman from 4 months in Reno – followed by a month back in Wichita where I was born in 1956, and then a brief stop in Corpus Christi.
The truth about Corpus Christi is I was doing the last item on my “Bucket List” as I was then still bleeding out internally from a stomach ulcer and did not expect to live this long. Thanks now to the Wellness Center of COCMHC excellent service for physical health needs, I could end up living in Norman for another 7 years!
This deal would not have been possible if not for help from and/or contact with Food & Shelter, Salvation Army, and Church In The Park.
The Church In The Park people saved my life, in more ways than one, for which I’ll always be grateful. Fact is, if not for them, I’d have killed myself about 3 weeks ago – not just from severe depression but from extreme frustration. Further, one of their leaders just did what I thought to be impossible in Norman now, which will result in me having a new home here.
I forgive all who stood in the way of me finding a place, lied about and denied the property sale of Bishop’s Landing, and those evil greedy soulless vultures who caused the loss of my home in the first place without any concern for me and other tenants.
My travels since May 2nd departing Norman have been a soul-shocking eye-opening experience, to have witnessed horrible suffering of hundreds to thousands of homeless in other major cities I visited – such as Dallas, Denver, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Wichita, Corpus Christi – with 51% of homeless in the USA now due to the loss of affordable housing nationwide. Getting a home again will not cause me to turn my back on those who are still suffering. I will find ways to help as I’m able to do so, and will of course write about it at my WordPress site – Lantern Timeglass Journal, under my Internet pen name of Jim Lantern.
~ Jim Harwood (James Charles Harwood)

Me in a local video by Church In The Park at Andrew’s Park by the Norman Public Library…

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One thought on “New Home Found: The Year-Long Nightmare is Now Ending

  1. Glad to hear everything is working out….
    Take care Jim.



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