God, The Infinite


2 November 2015


A Short Religious Editorial Article

by Jim Lantern (aka James Charles Harwood of Norman Oklahoma)

I believe in God, The Infinite.

“God, The Infinite” may mean different things to different believers of different religions and different kinds of Christian churches, such as multiple definitions for different meanings of the same word. All are true. None are wrong. They are simply different. To be different does not automatically mean one is right and another is wrong or one is right and all others are wrong.

For this writing about my perception of “God, The Infinite” I’m focusing on the ability of God to be anything – even multiple things at the same time – to infinity!

I overheard two men talking at a recent church meeting. I believe one is associated with the church, and the other was a guest. The church associate was talking about the one God of Christians. The guest was talking about believing in multiple gods. So, there is that difference of opinion. Which of them is right? What if both of them are right, in an unexpected way? This is more of a theory than a written-in-stone belief of my own.

  • Suspecting something requires no proof.
  • Believing something only requires enough proof to convince myself.
  • Knowing something requires enough proof to convince others.

In recent past years I watched “The Vikings” series on The History Channel on cable TV. It included the first clash between Christians and Vikings.

What if the multiple gods of the Vikings and the one God of the Christians is the same God?

If it were to serve God’s purpose, then God could present himself as multiple gods to such a group of people. Who are we to say God can’t do that. It doesn’t have to make sense to us. It only has to make sense to God. Perhaps God has determined that what he wants to present to a certain group of people can best be presented as multiple gods. Then, at some point in history after doing so, God may reveal to them by other means that all of those gods are him – the one God.

Food for thought, and hopefully friendly intelligent debate.

As for me, more specifically, I do believe in the one God, but that the one God is a kind of holy trinity. Not the well-known “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit” (or “Holy Ghost”) of Christian Trinitarians. I believe in a different kind of holy trinity. It is the Great Maternal Spirit for all female life, the Great Paternal Spirit for all male life, and the Holy Spirit (for lack of me thinking of a better title at this time) for all genderless kinds of life – “life” being physical and spiritual. This belief is closely tied to my strong belief in the equality of men and women, especially spiritually, and that they should be seen as equals in the church – any church. I’m opposed to those religions and churches that consider women to be anything less.

Further, pursuing the male-female theme, while I do believe that at one time in the history of the spiritual universe there was one Son of God – one Creator Son, who lived a life in the flesh here on Earth as Christ Jesus, I do also believe as time has passed there are now multiple Sons of God as well as multiple Daughters of God, each assigned to a different inhabited world. I believe Creator Sons and Daughters were sent to all inhabited worlds of the physical universe, not to die for the sins of physical beings, but to liberate their souls (of which I’ll write more about in a future posting). Even so, make no mistake about my belief – that I do believe the sin issue was handled in a different way – rather than as any kind of sacrifice of an only Son by and of God.

I believe this ties in with The Gospel – meaning, The Good News – meaning, The God News. Gospel = Good = God. It is my hope that more churches will focus more on The Gospel – The Good News – the positive elements of The Life and Teachings of Jesus  – the liberation of our souls by having such knowledge given to use by Christ Jesus. He liberated us with knowledge – via his teachings – such good knowledge we previously didn’t have.

Let us focus more on the reward – rewards – of accepting his teachings, rather then the intimidation and threat of punishment for failing to do so. Most churches focus excessively on the punishment issue – such as burning in hell for all eternity. I’m a believe in the saying that negative input results in negative output. Likewise, positive input results in positive output.

I personally do not believe in the concept of a place for endless punishment, such as by burning. I believe in a just, loving, and merciful God, who wants to give us every possible chance. As a Spiritual Universalist, I believe salvation is designed to be automatic. Consider it in this way – as a kind of comparison example – that we start out with 100 points, which equals automatic salvation. So we start out at birth having been saved, then by bad choices during physical life end up being unsaved. Thus, most of us need to be saved again – not just born again spiritually. When we do wrong, points are subtracted. When we do right, points are added back. I believe basic sin is like a misdemeanor crime, which calls for limited punishment and forgiveness. This is to say our sins may be forgiven, and there may be some kind of limited punishment. I believe (what I refer to as) willful evil is like a capital crime calling for the death penalty, no forgiveness. I believe condemned souls/spirits are executed – instantly obliterated – cease to exist without suffering – in what may be known as The Lake of Fire. The concept of hell might have come from that. As there is matter and antimatter, I believe there is life and antilife. I believe antilife is like a virus. I believe willful evil is a symptom or result of that virus. An example in history would be the extermination of Jews by the Nazis. I believe we are now facing in present history a new wave of antilife-produced willful evil, worldwide and here in the United States, which could be perceived or misperceived as the so-called end times presented in the bible.

I believe the energy of the cells of the physical body produce the unconscious mind and id. The energy of the cells of the physical brain produce the conscious mind, subconscious, and the ego. The energy of the cells of the superphysical body of the spiritual soul produce the superconscious mind and the superego therein (that which we infinitely are – having spiritual life before and after physical life here on Earth). The physical body is like a car. The soul is the driver. We spiritual beings need physical bodies for transportation while just visiting this planet.

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