I am seeking an apartment in Norman Oklahoma – seeking landlords, apartment managers, and possibly potential roommates to contact me – Jim Harwood


James Charles Harwood – Jim Harwood – aka Jim Lantern (Internet “pen name”)

31 October 2015

I am seeking an apartment in Norman Oklahoma – seeking landlords, apartment managers, and possibly potential roommates to contact me – Jim Harwood

Email me jimlantern1956@gmail.com

When/if possible I usually check email twice daily Monday through Saturday and once on Sunday afternoon via free use computer terminal at Norman Public Library.

Seeking Apartment – Preferences:

“Room for Rent” (such as in a house for example) – low monthly rent, share bath and kitchen.

Studio Apartment or Kitchenette Apartment – prefer furnished but will accept unfurnished.

One-Bedroom Apartment – prefer furnished but will accept unfurnished.

Two-Bedroom Apartment – with a roommate (if I can find the right person and deal), who already has the apartment and is seeking a roommate, or who like me is seeking a roommate deal.

A legal and safe campsite – with access to public restroom, fresh water, place to dispose of trash, near a Walmart or major grocery store or convenience store for shopping, preferably with access to an electrical outlet, such as a location for a tent – willing to pay a low monthly rate for location – could be an official campsite, or on commercial/business or residential property with approval of property owner/manager – but not visible from public street or public sidewalk.

My Limits on Rent:

$300 to $400 per month base rent not including anything else.

Prefer rent include all utilities, including electric (OG&E).

Bishop’s Landing Apartments was $585 per month for a one-bedroom, all utilities included in rent + Cox basic cable TV and Broadband Internet service. I’m willing to pay up to $600 per month for same deal, or deduct $100 if cable TV and Internet access (cable or Wi-Fi) not included for up to $500 per month for rent + any utilities (such as electric), and deduct another $100 if utilities (electric) not included for $400 per month maximum base rent.

About me:

Former motel manager, now surviving on $851 Social Security Disability benefits via direct deposit on 3rd of every month – when I always pay apartment rent. I was never late paying rent at Bishop’s Landing Apartments – 7 years there – 3 May 208 to 2 May 2015. It was sold and scheduled to be torn down. Lack of affordable housing and a new 3x rent minimum net monthly income rule caused me to become out-on-the-street homeless. Tried other cities, traveling via Greyhound Bus, staying in low weekly rent motel kitchenettes but too expensive for long term. Now back in Norman Oklahoma and staying at Salvation Army shelter – extended stay at least to November 9th. Also getting meals and other services at the “Food and Shelter” day shelter. No car – a bicycle is now my main means of transportation.

Single white male age 59 born 3/5/1956 in Wichita Kansas.

Live alone, no pets. No known living relatives. Social life is dead because of lack of money to socialize, no car, and fluctuating physical health makes it difficult to plan anything.

No criminal record, no history if illegal drugs use, do not smoke because of history of bronchial asthma, do not drink alcoholic beverages because of history of bleeding stomach ulcers, and did not serve in military because of health reasons.

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