Survived The Storm


9:45 a.m. CT Friday 23 October 2015

I found a barely good location for night outside. A vacated property (not Bishop’s landing) without any “No Trespassing” signs. So I was able to survive this first major rainstorm t-storm last night Thursday October 22 into Friday morning October 23. I stayed dry, and warm enough, due to a fairly good windbreak and lack of strong wind as well as lack of colder temperatures. Long-range forecast to become cold but not too windy, and with little or no rain during the first cold blast dip into the nightly lows below 50F with wind chills. So it appears to be survivable to November 1st opening of winter shelter at Food And Shelter location and/or elsewhere for overflow if needed. Also to November 3rd direct deposit of SSDI when I’ll be more financially able to get more accomplished for shelter and/or housing. Or depart via Greyhound Bus for a warmer climate, maybe Pensacola Florida, only for winter, as my emergency fallback plan. If I do that then likely then to return to Norman in April to maintain all else gained here recently for health care and other needs, and then continue to pursue shelter and housing. Only for health and survival reasons, shelter issues, affordable housing not yet found, will I do that emergency backup plan.

~ Jim Lantern [aka Jim Harwood]

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