Still Alive Saturday 26 September 2015

Pain and nausea, after dinner at Lord’s Diner, and after leaving public library, caused me to return to Via Christi St Francis Hospital. Throwing up blood on ER floor got me admitted real quick to the ICU for a night, then a normal room for a night – discharged late Saturday morning – now 12:30 p.m. CT Saturday 26 September 2015. I now have prescriptions in correct form – easy to carry caplets instead of heavy big liquid bottles. I can get a free walker cart at MERN 3033 W. 2nd when I can get a ride over there or get SSDI Oct 2 to have money for bus. I’d like to have my left knee x-rayed for loose bone chip problem if Hunter Health Clinic doc can order it. No new blood transfusions while at St Francis this time – treatment was same as before, but not scoped this time. They wanted me to go to Transitional Health Clinic for follow-up instead of Hunter Health Clinic but I plan to keep Tuesday’s appointment with Hunter doc 9:30am Tuesday Sept 29.

Out-on-the-street homeless until next SSDI direct deposit Friday 2 October 2015 (or maybe a day sooner), I must survive at least 5 more nights, or more likely 6 nights. I am considering getting a low-rent kitchenette motel room for a week to a month here in Wichita Kansas, or go on a Greyhound Bus down to Gulfport Mississippi for warmer climate this winter.

~ Jim Lantern aka Jim Harwood, Lantern Timeglass Journal, 26 September 2015

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