Big Brother Cell Phones are Recording You!


Jim Lantern

Editorial Article and Special Report

1:30 p.m. CT Wednesday 23 September 2015

I was at Broadway and Murdock in Wichita Kansas near noon Thursday 17 September 2015. SW corner, tent set up by sales agent for free Kansas Lifeline cell phones – Government Lifeline Program [pushed by President Obama and NSA by the way], Selectel Wireless. I got one, and so did a street friend – presently we being among the many homeless and/or low-income people here. I still have my TracFone cell phone, but it ends on September 30 with no mans to pay another month until next SSDI benefits direct deposit on October 2nd.

Earlier that morning I had a blood test for anemia at Hunter Health Clinic near there – branch at 9th and Market. A nurse happened to see me on the corner getting the phone. She stopped to warn m my hemoglobin is down to 6.5, to rush over to Via Christi Hospital emergency room to get a blood transfusion. My street friend walked with me over there, jut about 3 blocks away. As we walked, we talked about our plans for the near future. Maybe a roommate deal for October for an apartment neither of us can afford alone but can together splitting rent, or temporarily a low weekly/monthly motel kitchenette.

After blood transfusion, being scoped both ends, and other treatment, I was discharged about 1pm Monday 21st. Previously on Sunday afternoon, I got Voice Mail on my TracFone – 2 messages. Caller ID blocked – unidentified caller – no number listed. The 2 messages were recordings of the conversation my street friend and I had and the background sounds of us walking from Broadway and Murdock over to Via Christi Hospital. Only two ways that could have been done – a remote distance microphone used by a person observing us, or one or both of our new free government cell phones are bugged to record or monitor activities near those phone. Giving out free cell phones in a bad neighborhood, which are bugged to gather intelligence on possible criminal activities, could be done by local police as well as government such as NSA or DHS or FBI.

Food for thought. I’m not a paranoid conspiracy nut – just reporting the facts of the event. But why send me 2 recordings? A warning? Someone wanted me to know we are being monitored or the new cell phones are bugged? I don’t know the why of it, but I know it happened.

UPDATE 10:10 a.m. CT Thursday 24 September 2015…

I discovered that the free cell phone is very used, barely refurbished, some of previous user’s data not deleted, and the charger is broken – I can’t recharge it. Sales agent at tent denies this and refused to replace it.

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