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Cold Bones at Seven Bells – I’m Still Alive, Wednesday 30 September 2015

Lantern Timeglass Journal

Jim Lantern

Writing from free computer terminal at Wichita Public Library, Wichita Kansas

1:00 p.m. CT [One Bell rather than Thirteen Bells] on Wednesday, 30 September 2015 – final day and night of September


The church bell across the street rang seven times for 7:00 a.m. CT, the time when the “Drop-In” Open Door Homeless Resource Center opens its door for coffee and donut, then options to do laundry and/or shower, change clothes, use restroom, get fresh water. Lunch from about 11:30 a.m. to about 12:30 p.m.

It was my cold bones at seven bells when the temperature was about 55F with a slightly lower wind chill thrill factor. Out-on-the-street homeless, I slept outside all night, partly out of the strong wind but not the cold. A person associated with an Interfaith Ministries location nearby gave me a free blanket. I got water, used restroom, and disposed of trash at a nearby Quick Trip. Out of cash, bank account money, and food stamps, nothing more I could do there this time. Same again tonight, and maybe again tomorrow night – but about 10 degrees colder – could drop to 45F with a wind chill by seven bells tomorrow morning.

SSDI normally direct deposited 6:00 a.m. CT on 3rd of each month, except when 3rd is on weekend or a holiday, will be done Friday October 2nd, but could happen tomorrow – Thursday October 1 – I hope. Then I get a low weekly rent kitchenette motel room for 1 to 3 weeks. With other needs, I can’t do a full month, so I will be out-on-the-street homeless before end of October – until November 3rd SSDI direct deposit. If I can, finding a lower rent studio apartment will eventually break the cycle.

I’ll get the minimum food stamps October 4th – much more for November after I provide October rent receipts.

Dinner at Lord’s Diner – located on Broadway at Central – tonight. I hope it is good and hot.

Even with cooler night temperature lows now, I still got more bug bites – mostly mosquitoes [I hope not something else]. Painful. Long time healing. Out of bug “Off” spray, but still have some skin cream for bites – helps some.

Left knee x-rayed at Via Christi St. Francis yesterday afternoon – possible lose bone chip causing pain. The free walker cart with seat and basket I got from MERN last Monday afternoon is very useful. Not just pain in left knee and my back from a lot of walking and heavy backpack. Worse is the dizziness while walking and standing too long, one of the symptoms of H.pylori bacteria/virus attacking my esophagus and especially my stomach where thee is ongoing bleeding caused by the bacteria/virus. Already on two drugs for treatment, then test showed H.pylori resulting in two additional drugs prescribed – but I have to wait for SSDI direct deposit to be able to pay the co-pay, then get them Friday or Saturday, or Monday latest. Will take 2 to 4 weeks to cure, if drugs are successful. Two pints blood transfusion at the hospital last week and then last Friday night in critical care didn’t help to improve my condition, but kept me alive. I have a new doctor [MD] now at Hunter Health Clinic, doing a good job on my case.

Neighborhood where I am at night is rough, high-crime, much illegal drugs and related crimes. I found a place partly out of sight, no signs for No Trespassing or No Loitering, some protection from wind, some roof overhang for partial protection from rain.

My old cell phone has expired – no money to keep it active after deadline and before next SSDI direct deposit. However, new [recycled] cell phone from government – Kansas Life Line, with 500 free minutes per month, is now in use. Also, I’m finally learning and getting good at texting.

I will buy a bicycle and winter clothing at Walmart with some of October’s disability benefits. I will use rent receipt to get a Kansas ID, to replace my Oklahoma ID to expire October 31st.

[Jim Lantern aka Jim Harwood – James Charles Harwood.]

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