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Seeking new Contacts, Friends, and possible Roommate deal in Corpus Christi, Texas


Jim Lantern

11:30 a.m. Pacific Time, Saturday, 29 August 2015

This posting is intended for people who live in Corpus Christi, Texas, unless someone elsewhere can offer me a better deal for a new place to live – good climate all year, low cost of living, low-rent, and low crime rate.



Jim Lantern is my legal pen name for the Internet as an Independent Journalist and as a Science Fiction Author.


I was born 5 March 1956 in Wichita, Kansas. I lived in Norman, Oklahoma, from 3 May 2008 to 2 May 2015 – the apartments complex I lived at for 7 years was sold and razed. Loss of affordable housing caused me to move to a low monthly rent kitchenette motel in Reno, Nevada, managed by an acquaintance – having arrived night of 4 May 2015.

I will be moving to Corpus Christi, Texas, via Greyhound Bus – arriving on or about Saturday 5 September 2015. I’ll have a temporary low-cost place to live until I can find the right deal for a furnished studio or one-bedroom apartment for myself. I’m also willing to consider getting a two-bedroom apartment with the right person for a roommate deal, or some other kind of similar housing deal.

For health reasons, I’m moving to Corpus Christi for the better climate through the winter and all year long. Also for a lower cost of living and a lower crime rate than other options considered.

It would be good to have a new contact there, new acquaintance, or new friend, and as a kind of guide.

I’m single, age 59 now, have no children, parents deceased, no known living relatives. No criminal record. Never used any illegal drugs. I permanently quit drinking all alcoholic beverages when I got my first bleeding stomach ulcer in August 1986 when I was age 30, and I still suffer from those. I don’t smoke cigarettes (or anything else) because of life-long history of bronchial asthma. I’m presently surviving on $851 per month Social Security Disability benefits.

Some college, no degree. Past professions spanning about 30 years include electronics repair, parts inventory control, hotel night auditor and motel manager.

I spend some time now as an Independent Journalist and as a Science Fiction Author, mainly via WordPress. No income from those.

I’m basically a Universalist in religion, more spiritual than religious.

I average out to be Centrist in politics, and I’m an unaffiliated Independent voter.

Contact me via…

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