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Roanoke Virginia Murders – More Misconceptions Targeting Guns and Mental Illness


Jim Lantern

5:10 p.m. Pacific Time, Friday, 28 August 2015

Editorial Article

Roanoke Virginia Murders – More Misconceptions Targeting Guns and Mental Illness

Earlier this week…

Good news came in a confirmation via email by end of Tuesday that I will have a place to live in Corpus Christi, Texas, when I arrive there on or about Saturday 5 September 2015 – and will be given a ride from the Greyhound Bus station to where I’ll be living. So I was in a better than usual mood with some great positive emotional relief.

And then…

Even though I had good news by end of Tuesday, I then experienced a very unusual kind of severe depression during all of Wednesday and into part of Thursday. At first, I didn’t realize what was causing it. Then, each time I focused on the ongoing Breaking News – on CNN, FOX News, and MSNBC – a new wave of depression hit me. It was the murder of the TV news journalists in Roanoke Virginia by a former co-worker who got angry, got fired, and held a grudge against the local station and personnel. I’ve seen many news stories of worse crimes and other worse events, but none ever caused me to feel severe depression. So why did this news story have such extreme impact on me?

The mainstream news media immediately focused on two different but partly related issues. The gun issue and the mental illness issue. The man who did the murders and then killed himself as he was being caught, had an anger management problem, but was never diagnosed with a mental illness. There was no legal reason to block him from buying a gun. Only a tiny percentage of people with a mental illness are violent and have a history of violence with a criminal record. Problem is, the mainstream news media implies all people with mental illness should be assumed to be dangerous violent criminals and treated as such – especially to stop any of them from legally buying a gun. The relentless ongoing attack on people with mental illness for something only a few do is unacceptable to me. Also, the man who did this crime wasn’t mentally ill, but the mainstream news media and their “experts” as well as friends and relatives of the victims are suck on blaming mental illness and easy access to guns for causing the crime.

It’s not just guns. For this kind of crime – involving so much anger and perceived revenge, I’m surprised the killer didn’t use an ax, or a baseball bat, or a knife. Not all murders, and not all mass killings, are done with guns. Some are done with bombs, like terrorists. He could have tossed a bomb at the intended victims, or worn a bomb and blown himself up with his intended victims. Even so, we don’t see in news people wanting to ban axes, knifes, baseball bats, and bombs, or try to prevent bad people from buying them – mainly people with criminal records, but also with mental illness. Religious fanatics hijack jets and fly them into buildings killing thousands of people. Is that mental illness? Or perhaps what I refer to as willful evil? Think the terrorists are Bipolar? Had a mood-swing one day and decided to visit the Word Trade Center and Pentagon? More gun control would not have stopped them, even if they had used guns instead of jets. Laws don’t stop evil people from engaging in willful evil. It is in fact part of their nature to violate laws of life – because they are antilife.

I fear how good people with a mental illness will be treated because of this ongoing and increasing misconception of them. Especially the ongoing attack on people with Bipolar Disorder – of which a tiny percentage have anger problems, are violent, and engage in crimes. Not all people with an anger management problem are mentally ill. Further, it wasn’t just a look of anger on the face of the killer in an image as he murdered the TV journalists. It was a look of willful evil. The look on the face of one of the victims, the young woman, of which there is also an image as she was shot, was one of utter horror – as if she had looked evil in the face. Yes, she did look evil in the face. Willful evil. It wasn’t an act of mental illness. And it wasn’t just an act of anger. It was an act of willful evil. There is a difference between evil people and people who experience normal or even abnormal anger for an anger management problem. Evil is more than just anger. There is a greater difference between willful evil and a mental illness. If people who engage in willful evil are wrongfully treated as if they are mentally ill, then they will to some extent get away with it.

My fear – of how mentally ill people will be treated because of this and other similar crimes – became transformed into severe depression. It’s what I refer to as situational depression. The kind of depression I normally experience is associated with hypoglycemia – low blood glucose, and anemia from iron deficiency and bleeding stomach ulcers, causing low physical and mental energy. What I normally experience is more physical than emotional. The kind I experienced on Wednesday was emotional – caused by a situation, rather than a physical cause impacting my body and mind. My usual remedy, drinking a can of Dr Pepper – which works better than any drug or any other means to knock down depression – failed to make any difference. I had to quit watching the news on TV – CNN, FOX News, and MSNBC – Thursday morning, in order to stop the input that was causing my severe depression.

Related news story…

Willful evil is a real threat like a virus upon our world. Proof? “Here be monsters.” The monsters are real – presented in news stories every day, all day long, into the night – sometimes under a full moon.


Good news is my bleeding stomach ulcers of this year – partly triggered by the loss of my home in Norman, Oklahoma – have subsided – no pain from them so far this month, so I’ve not had to spend a lot of money on milk – as an “old home remedy” to aid healing and reduce pain. Likewise, I’ve not had any migraine headaches so far this month, or any severe bronchial asthma. My physical health is better, but I still feel slightly weak with occasional dizziness – perhaps with some anemia and/or slight hypoglycemia. I’m still alive…

Dead man walking
Dead man talking
Dead man whispers
Dead man writing
Ghost of me

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