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Lantern Timeglass Journal position on Health Care issue for U.S. Election 2016


Editorial Article by Jim Lantern

12:30 p.m. Pacific Time, Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Political Issues – U.S. Election 2016


Health Care Coverage is NOT Health Care.

Health Care Coverage ONLY helps to PAY for Health Care – it DOES NOT PROVIDE Health Care.

ONLY doctors PROVIDE actual Health Care.

As is.

So the Affordable Care Act – aka ObamaCare – is about money, not health. It’s MONEY CARE.

Greed rules. Money first. Health Care last, if any at all.

As is.

Medicare. Sucking the life out of taxpayers like a bloodthirsty vampire. It cost taxpayers nearly $600 billion last year – 2014, and will cost over $600 billion this year – 2015. Of that, 5% to 10% goes to fraud – I estimate about 8% for about $50 billion in fraud. Medicare fails to pay good doctors what they are owed, while paying fake doctors for fake patients engaging in fraud. Good doctors are dumping their Medicare patients because Medicare seeks ways to not pay doctors what is owed, and further treats good doctors as if they are the criminals instead of those who are engaging in actual fraud.

As is.

Some doctors work directly for the government by working at the Veterans Administration to treat military personnel. They get paid directly by the government as government employees, such as hourly or on a salary plus benefits. Fraud in personal income as a government employee is unlikely. The V.A. however has a different problem, which is failing to provide all needed services. The people who are responsible for that need to be fired.

Similar to providing health care for military personnel, there needs to be a Civilian Health Care Administration, where doctors are directly employed by the government to provide health care to any American who wants to receive health care from them. Each doctor has the choice of working for the government or in the private system, and may change at any time. Likewise every American has the choice to pay into and use the government system or the private system. The government system would be totally separate from the private system. If you pay into Medicare then you are in the government system. If you pay for private health care insurance then you are in the private system. It is likewise possible some doctors could be directly employed by some insurance companies for a salary plus benefits. This new Medicare system means the government then does provide actual health care. It eliminates 100% of all Medicare fraud – saving taxpayers at least $50 billion per year in fraud. By being on a salary with benefits, the Medicare doctors always get paid what they are owed, can count on it, set a budget, and have a more stable life to plan a future.

I miss the good old days when I could pay cash. In 1986 at age 30 I could go to my doctor on my lunch hour break, no appointment needed, be seen within 20 minutes, be treated within 5, get any prescriptions at the next-door pharmacy within 5 minutes, and still have a half hour for lunch to go to a nearby drive-through fast food restaurant. The doctor office visit charge was $30, shot in the butt $10, and prescriptions $40, for a total of $80 for that February’s winter throat infection. Don’t need Health Care Coverage for that and similar illnesses, which should be paid for with cash. It is my opinion that Health Care Coverage – Medicare or Private Insurance – should be for health care cataclysms – major health care problems most normal people can’t afford to pay for within the budget of a month’s net income from employment.

Health Care should not be a Vulture Culture.

So I’m looking for a Presidential Candidate in U.S. Election 2016 who agrees with all of this and can make it happen.

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