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Election 2016 Political Issues – Lantern Timeglass Journal and Presidential Candidates positions on Abortion + Planned Parenthood Controversy + POLL


Jim Lantern – Independent Centrist Unaffiliated Voter, Spiritual Universalist, and Science Fiction Author

9:00 a.m. Pacific Time, Thursday, 13 August 2015

Election 2016 Political Issues – Series of Postings

Lantern Timeglass Journal and Presidential Candidates positions on Abortion

+ Planned Parenthood Controversy


2016 Presidential Candidates positions:

Read about each presidential candidate’s position on the Issue of Abortion at the On The Issues website. Judge each for yourself.

Lantern Timeglass Journal position:

Most political issues only present two choices – such as Agree or Disagree, in Favor of or Against. Like a light switch for a light that is either On or Off. No middle ground. No true third choice or any additional choices.

However, this issue is like a light switch with a dimmer dial, so that the light is partly on at dim instead of full-on. The dial of such a switch might have ten levels of light – from barely lit at a 1 to full-on bright at a 10.  Zero – off – abortion is not allowed for any reason.

The further comparison is if you want to make abortion legal to save the life of the mother, then the dial is set to 1. Add to that abortion allowed for incest, sets it to a 2. Add to that abortion allowed for rape, sets it to a 3.

Far right Conservative Republicans and Fundamentalist Christians will not accept that, saying it is either On or Off, that slightly On is no different from On all-the-way. When a person is murdered, the death is not a partial death, unlike Walking Dead zombies.

Most Liberal Democrats want full-on, totally legal abortion.

Most left-leaning Centrists, like me – as an Independent unaffiliated voter, are willing to accept the dimmer switch for only a few special exceptions – such as to save the life of the mother, incest, and rape. Abortion should never be for convenience, such as an otherwise unwanted pregnancy. If the mother is unable to care for and raise a child, then the baby can be adopted by others who can care for and raise the child.

We can’t simply leave it at that – dimmed or partly on for those three exceptions. There are other factors, which must be considered.

When is the decision to be made? When is the abortion to take place? When pregnancy is confirmed, if the cause is incest or rape, then there should be no hesitation. The abortion should take place as soon as possible. Such a decision can’t be made to save the life of the mother until it is confirmed by a doctor that the mother’s life is in danger. Then the decision must be made quickly if not immediately. Is the mother’s life and the baby’s life in danger? Will both die without an abortion? Can the baby’s life be saved if the mother dies? Can the mother’s life be saved if the baby is aborted? The decision should be made 50% by doctor, 50% by mother – if able to do so – or spouse, or relative, or legal representative.

There is another issue, an exception, which might set the dimmer light switch to a 4 on the 1 to 10 scale. Abortion because of detected genetic defect, deformity, or otherwise a major disability, from which the child would experience great suffering throughout physical life. Such an abortion would amount to a legalized mercy killing. I’ve not included this in the POLL with this posting, because if a person is going to accept any of the other three noted exceptions, then the person is likely to accept this exception too. The POLL is for special exceptions together as an answer, or Pro-Choice, or Pro-Life, or not having a position on this issue. If I were a soul arriving on Earth, to be born into a new car instead of a new human body, then I’d want the car to run well – not end up with a lot of maintenance problems. An abortion to prevent such problems in the first place is a different issue from what may be referred to as mercy killings of children or adults who have major genetic defects, deformities, or disabilities, causing great pain and other kinds of suffering throughout physical life. Comparable to legalized suicide for people who have terminal illnesses and will soon die anyway. State-assisted suicide was an option presented in the movie Soylent Green for senior citizens who became too old to work – unable to work – and could no longer support themselves.

There is the related issue of the question of when life begins. With that is the legal issue of the question of if and when an abortion is a murder.

The issue of when life begins has so far been for physical life. There may be a larger picture to consider for when spiritual life begins – when the spiritual body of the soul is created and joined to the physical body. The legal position for the beginning of physical life may be at physical conception. Otherwise, when pregnancy has been confirmed. Detection of a heartbeat in the fetus is proof of physical life, and then especially the detection of brainwaves. There is no scientific doubt that physical life begins before physical birth.

Universalist Soul

As a Spiritual Universalist, I believe spiritual life begins long before physical conception. I believe we have a spiritual life within the spiritual universe before we have a physical life here on planet Earth within the physical universe. Further, I believe at time of physical death of the physical body we return to our spiritual lives within the spiritual universe. A reasonable comparison may be virtual reality created by computers, and therein the avatars we create and use. A person as an avatar can be “killed” in a virtual reality world, while living on unharmed in the “real world” – the physical world. Likewise, humans physically die here on Earth, while then living on unharmed within the spiritual universe. It is with some humor that I consider the possibility that God really did create the Heavens and Earth in only 6 days, by doing so on his personal desktop computer! Actually, I do believe in Intelligent Design, rather than basic biblical Creation or godless Evolution. God created and set in motion the evolutionary processes of physical life on Earth.

There is a larger picture than what I’ve so far presented. By interfering with spiritual life goals for physical life here in Earth, we might in turn be interfering with intended physical life progress here in Earth. A spiritual being comes to Earth to make improvements, but instead is aborted. What if Albert Einstein had been aborted? The loss would be significant.


Further, I believe travel between inhabited planets by conventional means – such as starships presented in science fiction, is unlikely because of the vast distances, although not impossible. I believe in another possibility. I believe travel between inhabited worlds make take place via Soul Migration and Soul Travel. I believe Soul Migration is natural reincarnation between inhabited planets. I believe Soul Travel is deliberate travel between the inhabited planets by intelligent beings. They leave their physical bodies on one world, to then be born into a compatible life on another world, live out a life there, and then return to their home worlds to be reincarnated. What does such an expedition gain? It isn’t possible to engage in physical trade by that means, but traveling souls can bring knowledge with them for trade, and then return with new knowledge. By being born into life on another world, it solves the problems of culture differences, language differences, and physical world differences such as atmosphere and gravity as well as food sources. Imagine a spiritual being traveling to Earth from another inhabited planet, who brings with him important knowledge to help improve life here on Earth. He is born into Earth human life. Perhaps such is soul was the visiting soul who became Albert Einstein! It wasn’t his physical human brain that produced the knowledge, but rather his alien soul having brought it with him to Earth.

The energy of the cells of the physical body produce the unconscious mind and the id. The energy of the cells of the physical brain produce the conscious mind, subconscious, and the ego. The energy of the cells of the superphysical body of the soul produce the superconscious mind and superego. Like matter, supermatter has mass, and therefore weight in gravity. At the time of physical death, with the departure of the soul, the physical body loses about 21 grams. The “E = mc2” equation in Albert Einstein’s “theory of special relativity” showed that the increased relativistic mass (m) of a body comes from the energy of motion of the body—that is, its kinetic energy (E)—divided by the speed of light squared (c2). This equation expresses the fact that mass and energy are the same physical entity and can be changed into each other. I take this into what I refer to as Spiritual Science – a legitimate real science involving supermatter.


Spiritual life begins before physical conception. The physical body is like a car, and the spiritual soul is the driver. We need a physical vehicle for transportation while living on a physical world. Physically, we are the avatars of spiritual beings. Imagine traveling on a jet to a distant city. You will need transportation when you get there, such as a rental car. It would be a huge inconvenience, if when arriving you find out the rental car you reserved has been destroyed, and no others are available at that time. Abortion, for whatever reason, is such an inconvenience for arriving spiritual souls in need of physical bodies for transportation.

As a Spiritual Universalist, I consider sin to be like a misdemeanor crime calling for limited punishment and then forgiveness. I consider what I refer to as willful evil to be like a capital crime calling for the death penalty. I do not believe in the existence of the place Christians and others refer to as “hell” as a place for endless punishment. As a basic Universalist, I believe in Universal Salvation. I believe in a merciful God. Therefore, for the act of willful evil, I believe there is a place known as the “Lake of Fire” where condemned souls are instantly obliterated – an immediate spiritual death without suffering – they cease to exist. Further, I believe as there is matter and antimatter, there is life and antilife. I believe willful evil is like a virus, which is carried and delivered by antilife. There is no cure, except for the ultimate spiritual death in addition to physical death.

Planned Parenthood Controversy:

Mass killings – mass murders, such as for example the Nazis killing millions of Jews, is evidence of antilife and the willful evil virus. In recent news, there is the controversy involving Planned Parenthood’s top doctor, Deborah Nucatola, who is reportedly seen in an undercover video discussing how local abortion clinics go about selling hearts, lungs, livers, and other body parts of aborted fetuses — an act potentially punishable by federal law. I conclude this isn’t just murder, but rather murder under special circumstances, such as people paid to engage in murder for profit. I consider that to be evidence of antilife with the willful evil virus. There is no doubt that such an act amounts to willful evil, not just basic murder.

“Planned Parenthood” for abortion is a kind of Orwellian “Doublespeak” or “Newspeak” as in George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. Or otherwise “political correctness” language used more by Liberals and Statists. For example, in that novel, the “Ministry of Peace” engages in war. Opposite meanings. Abortion, for any reason, does not lead to parenthood. Pro-Choice means you can get an abortion or be a parent. Pro-Life means you will be a parent, or the child will through adoption acquire a different adult to assume parenthood.

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