Anti-gun Obama targets and ties Social Security to Second Amendment


Editorial Article by Jim Lantern

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Republished 31 July 2015  from 21 July 2015 posting…

Anti-gun Obama targets and ties Social Security to Second Amendment

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  • The Obama administration wants to make sure that seniors on Social Security are mentally sound before they are allowed to purchase a gun, according to a new report from the Los Angeles Times.
  • If people in the Social Security system are unable to manage their own affairs because of “marked subnormal intelligence, or mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease,” the Times reports, those people might find it difficult to purchase a firearm, if that information is reported to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.
  • At this point, Social Security is not required to submit information to the background check system, but agencies including the Department of Veterans Affairs do, causing problems for veterans who now have their Second Amendment rights taken away after they have been deemed mentally incompetent.
  • “If the Obama administration attempts to deny millions of law-abiding citizens their constitutional rights by executive fiat, the NRA stands ready to pursue all available avenues to stop them in their tracks,” Chris W. Cox of the National Rifle Association said in a statement reacting to the proposed regulation.
  • According to the Times, the Social Security agency “has been drafting its policy outside of public view.”


Comments at that article website, and other news websites for the same subject, are mostly against Obama’s plan, as well as being presented with right on target political humor.

How many retired senior citizens are terrorists trying to crash their wheelchairs into potential targets and then open fire on victims with machine guns?

Facts are facts. If the assessment measurement is to include “marked subnormal intelligence or incompetency” then that would prevent most government personnel and the entire Obama Administration from being gun owners. Good. Let’s keep guns in the hands of Americans and out of the hands of an oppressive Obama Statist government!

Maybe the answer is to allow Democrats and Liberals, who are anti-gun, to pass a law to prevent Democrats and Liberals from owning guns.

I believe in “each to their own way of life.” Unusquisque in Viam Suo Eorum ~ each in their own way. A way of life (or death) should not be forced on everyone. Democrats and Liberals can live without guns in their own “blue” states. Republicans and Conservatives can be in gun heaven in their “red” states by passing a law requiring all citizens in their states become gun owners. So it becomes a state-by-state issue, not a federal government issue. What about “purple” or “swing” states? Majority rule? Perhaps. Or, find a “centrist” way to split the difference. Maybe county-by-county, or per city.

Perhaps, in the not-too-distant future, computer chips will be installed in guns to give the guns a kind of artificial intelligence. The gun will have the programmed intelligence to assess a threat, to determine if it should fire at a target or not, or otherwise be programmed strictly for defense. It could be possible for a gun to be programmed to fire only within a person’s home or property for self defense during a home invasion, so that we at least have the right to use a gun in self defense within our own homes. If the gun owner tries to take the gun from the home or otherwise off of the owner’s property, then the gun becomes electronically disabled. If guns can be given artificial intelligence, then we should be careful what we wish for. Artificial intelligence could lead to guns becoming self-aware, and likely without Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics. Then we could have a Terminator scenario. Humans who want to ban guns could end up being banned by the guns in self defense. Guns defending themselves from human threats. So someday guns will ban all humans, and Earth will become the Planet of the Guns!

Should the assessment measurements noted in the related news articles only apply to ownership of guns? What about cars? Excerpts from a Forbes article 20 January 2015…

  • This is an interesting observation no matter how one interprets the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.
  • Thanks largely to evolving safety regulations and stronger state laws with regard to drunk driving, seatbelt use and graduated licensing of young drivers, traffic fatalities are at an all time low. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 32,719 people died in traffic crashes in 2013, the most current statistics available, which represents a 24 percent drop in highway deaths since 2004. That number is expected to continue its steady decline as high-tech accident avoidance systems become widespread and, eventually, autonomous driving cars begin populating the nation’s highways.
  • One curious byproduct of this fortunate happenstance, as pointed out in this month’s issue of The Economist, is that gun fatalities–primarily by suicides, accidents and domestic violence incidents–are likely to overtake car crashes this year as being the leading cause of death among those 25 years or younger in the U.S.

This new issue of Social Security benefits and guns is being partly overblown to include all people receiving Social Security benefits – retirement benefits as well as disability benefits. The truth is it so far only targets those who have already lost their right to manage their own benefits. Most receive benefits via direct deposit into the bank accounts, and are then free to manage their budget to save or spend the money as each decides for their own needs and wants. Many others, who are unable to do that, do not directly receive their benefits, which might go to an attorney who then puts the disabled or retired client on a kind of allowance or otherwise pays all of that person’s bills.

That’s the plan . . . so far.

It could easily be extended to apply to all people receiving Social Security Retirement benefits or Social Security Disability benefits. By the way, not all disabilities are emotional or mental, but can be just physical. Also, some retired seniors are surviving only on Social Security while others have additional income from investments for retirement. Further, what about the seniors who are past normal retirement age, but continue to work and are well enough to do so? Apparently, age is not yet one of the assessment measurements, but could be in the future. Obama could decide that anyone over age 70 is not allowed to own or possess a gun.

Obama has already contracted Experian to handle ID confirmation and security checks for most government agencies including the Social Security Administration and the US Military. It will be – or already is – easier for Experian to block a gun purchase via credit check than can be done by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System – NICS.

Consider history of military and weapons. Those who controlled the land controlled the world. Then those who controlled the sea controlled the world. Then those who controlled the air controlled the world. The next logical step would be for those who control space (earth orbit) to control the world. However, if Experian has its way, partly thanks to Obama, then those who control the flow of money in the US and worldwide will control the world. If cash is banned, and an electronic money system is used with ID confirmation, then Experian will be able to control authorization of all purchases, including guns, as well as basic needs such as food and water. The “mark of the beast” is upon us all, and the name of the beast is Experian.

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